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  1. I think it all balances out. I live in Mexico full time but own a house in Canada and pay a lot of income tax there. When I file my return, there is even a section that is telling me how much I owe for my contribution to the health care system. I don't use any of the benefits that you are talking about but I do get my Canada Pension, which is not a handout but a pension I paid into all my life. So, I am paying for people who are using the system, just as there might be people who are using the system and not paying. I feel lucky to be in this position at this time of my life. Canada has been good to me and no, I'm not "tired of paying for them".
  2. Yes, I know one of them as well and he's to be avoided, for sure. We had a bad experience with him and maybe it's the same one.
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