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  1. I love it! I can finally ride my bike into town and leave my car at home. That must benefit more than myself? One less car taking up a parking space on the carretera, for sure. Plus, by parking my bike in centro and walking through the village, I get healthier. I can see how this won't work unless the numbers subscribe to it, but, if they do, it will give us all a healthier experience. Most of us don't really need to drive and then park as close as we can to where we want to go. No one can do that anymore, anywhere, really - so it's time to give it up, let it go and understand what the future is bringing us. If you are incapacitated and can't ride a bike, take Uber that will drop you off right in front of where you need to be - these are the times we live in and thank goodness the Chapala government has recognized this
  2. I highly recommend Dr. Moya . He has an excellent reputation and a cardiology clinic in Jocotepec: http://www.lakesidecardiology.mx/
  3. La plus ça change, la plus c'est la même chose ... whatever ..... it will be what it is for whoever comes or goes ......
  4. No - it's not closed down at all! It is newly opened and a wonderful resource for us "bikers" .... please go and check it out - closed on Wednesdays
  5. Leaf Blowers pollute with a very high level of noise while blowing dust, dirt and exhaust into the air which we then breathe. They haven't been banned by the government yet. On the contrary, more and more gardeners in the area are trading in their rakes for the gas monstrosities. They are using them without masks or ear protection. It is hard to stand by and watch them blowing a few leaves or flower petals around while doing damage to themselves.
  6. Why would you post a statement of fact if you don't know?
  7. That's weird - I've been here 11 years and, as I remember it, Superlake has always been open on Christmas Day. Perhaps Pancho could tell us
  8. Where are the local Breast Cancer organizations? I have been wanting to find one locally
  9. I think it's a great idea to give cyclists and pedestrians and wheelchairs? a chance to use the roads in relative safety. The traffic is only getting worse and another lane of cars won't do much to alleviate it but it would do a lot to concentrate the pollution in the air we have to breathe along that stretch. This kind of change is happening all over the world and the cities that implement it have benefitted greatly.
  10. I think what MarkEliot was trying to say is that we don't need any more expats or others of any sorts coming here - the place is full up ... find somewhere else .... we want to enjoy the paradise we found without any more infiltration. So - it's very dangerous and don't even think about it!
  11. I think it's important for people to research their "facts" There are some people I know who were stopped, blew .02 (one beer) and were left to go on their way. So "a small trace of a drink" does not seem to prompt a fine or a detention from what I can tell. Do you have evidence of someone blowing .02 who was "abused?"
  12. I noticed it last week in the produce section. Actually mouldy grapefruit, old apples, and I went to Walmart looking for better stuff which has never happened before
  13. I was a regular for 3 years and very happy with Maria Theresa at Panache until 6 months ago when she handed me an extraordinarily high bill which I paid but I haven't been back since. Since then, I have tried various others, in different price ranges, and the one with whom I have been the most satisfied proved to be the least expensive - Edith on O'Campo. I was very surprised and, needless to say, delighted! I have come to believe that the only way to find the right person for each individual is by trial and error because each person has different requirements and what's right for one is not necessarily right for another.
  14. Those thoughts will poison her, not them. This, of all weekends, should be a weekend for forgiveness and understanding. I am sorry for anyone who feels this kind of hostility, whether she expressed it or not. Peace.
  15. the best I've found is at the old Sony store location - south side of the carretera nearly across from Oxxo/Intercam (or in that vicinity). It has parking out front if you find it is difficult to park at the aforementioned place
  16. I get the speeds you are showing with my TelMex prodigy $599 plan. With my TelCel hotspot on my phone, I just got 52.95 download and 4.99 upload - what a difference! I have a 4 gb a month data plan for 399 pesos a month on my cellphone plan with TelCel.
  17. I mean that it becomes more desirable to be a maid or a gardener, working for those who come from the US who are receiving double the income they were 10 years ago and feel the need to double their employees' income accordingly, to not go on with their education to become professionals. Why would they when they can make so much, work for themselves, set their own hours ..... ? I am paying my wonderful maid $50 pesos an hour and, because I love her so much, I give her extra $$ for "occasions," always with the understanding that the $$ is a gift, not her salary. What is everyone going to do when the exchange rate goes back to 9 or 10? We are in Mexico and the currency should be that of this country - I have never lived in a foreign country where the prime currency was USD and not the currency of the country.
  18. No one is upping the pay for teachers or policemen or - ? etc because of the exchange rate. You upset the economy if you start overpaying because you are suddenly richer with US dollars.
  19. Mercado Libre has athletic tape which you can wrap just like the strips and is much cheaper. Farmacia Cristina has 4 strips for $114 pesos (expensive)
  20. Do you still need the TelMex router and then add this one or does replace the TelMex version?
  21. Febreze. It works well, without any smell.
  22. I've been here 15 years and I think Ron Magen is the best. All those mentioned are probably all good?
  23. Please, can you let me know who this doctor is. I need the surgery and I am seeing an ophthalmologist on the north side of the carretera.  I would like to know it's not him. Thank you, Seren

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