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  1. Another vote for Veronica at Integra . She's great.
  2. Here's the link to make an appointment https://citas.jalisco.gob.mx/transporte/client/locationList.
  3. Driving a 2 wheeled bicycle or motorcycle is not the same as driving a car, even if only because it's been shown that other drivers do not recognize them as they do other vehicles .... have to be doubly alert to not being seen when riding any kind of bike ... https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/01/180105082243.htm According to human factors/ergonomics researchers Kristen Pammer, Stephanie Sabadas, and Stephanie Lentern, LBFTS crashes are particularly troublesome because, despite clear conditions and the lack of other hazards or distractions, drivers will look in the direction of the oncoming motorcycle -- and in some cases appear to look directly at the motorcycle -- but still pull out into its path
  4. I have been a patient of Dr. Moya for years as well. I do not believe I am overcharged and I know dr. Moya will come to my home whenever I need him - I have him on speed dial and have his contact information ("for any time of day or night, if needed") .... I don't believe in second hand gossip and I would encourage everyone to find out for him/herself what they think of his care. I am totally happy with the care and attention I continue to receive from him and very happy not to have to drive to Joco to get it ...
  5. How about we all we all do what our own moral code dictates? So, if you were lucky enough to be born Canadian and have access to amazing health care and pay your taxes, can you decide you are "entitled" - even if the rules/guidelines (for the sake of the greater good and in order to maintain and fund this) say otherwise - if you can "get away" with something at someone else's expense - that's OK? I believe we all live according to what we believe to be "right" or "wrong" .... if you can justify living in Mexico and circumventing the guidelines put forth by the government which is trying to provide a better life for those who live in the country - I guess that's your choice. I choose my friends according to their beliefs and behaviour. My code is to do whatever you want - as long as you aren't hurting anyone else. Do you think you might be abusing the system? That's the question.
  6. Paid through to end of October so she doesn't have to ride the bus or answer any questions about her "essential" outing in order to have the $$ she needs right now Maybe I'm being opitmistic that November will bring a different situation
  7. I think I would miss feeling "thank goodness that isn't my country" - the more I see what the US is having to deal with, the more I appreciate not having to
  8. I guess if you're in need then it will be a wonderful support for you. If you aren't in need, I don't think it's an entitlement. This is a time when everyone is giving to everyone else who can't survive without the generosity of our fellow man - the government is taxing the "general man" in order to help those in need - that is why I am glad I pay taxes and contribute to what needs to be done in order that everyone has food and roof
  9. the wonderful Mexican people who have taught me so much about what's important
  10. "If you build it, they will come." I have had a bicycle here for 13 years and it is only now that I am considering using it as my primary "go to" source of transportation when needing to get somewhere within 5 or 6 miles of where I live. One less car on the carretera and a huge time saver with no worries about where to park.
  11. Luis has moved from Lazaro Cardenas - he told me he is now near Walmart but I haven't seen his new location so can't be more specific.
  12. "If you build it, they will come" Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the locals could use bikes or trikes instead of automobiles? I am using my bicycle now and it is one less car on the road.
  13. Me too .... found PIA a few years ago, after trying many others - first app to perform with no problems and has an IOS app as well - sticking with it forever or until it stops working so well
  14. I have had Ron install both solar water and electric - I absolutely recommend and would always go to him for anything I might need for the future - he's excellent and offers immediate and caring service should you have questions or any kind of problem ... Seren
  15. Are you just trying to alienate Canadians? Stir up trouble? Looking for feedback?
  16. I'd love to know the answer to this question as well. Can you send me a PM?
  17. I wish I were able to remember to lock my doors - it should be a habit, but maybe I can't develop the habit because my doors lock themselves ... whatever ... as long as we can all stay safe and be aware 😊
  18. "a real pain when you're trying to unload groceries" how about: a real lifesaver when you could be a carjacking victim! It was very recently a horrible experience for a 75 year old woman on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of Ajijic - please lock your doors! and appreciate it when they self lock -
  19. That TelCel store (one next to the 2nd hand store) is notorious. I learned not to deal with anyone there over 10 years ago but they are still in business.
  20. Thank goodness I don't have first hand knowledge, but I have good friends who do and they are extremely well satisfied. I will certainly continue to pay the (rising) premium every year because it helps me sleep at night and I haven't heard anything like what your friends are saying - I would certainly be most interested to hear of their experience
  21. Join "Boomers in Paradise" and you can get a group catastrophic plan with Best Doctors that covers you all over the world except the USA
  22. Oh, I don't think the good weather months start in March! In my experience I have found that April and May are the worst - hot, dry and dusty. When the rainy season begins (mid June) it is perfection until October more or less.
  23. I have an IPhone 6s and this is a known issue with the battery. Apple service is offering a replacement for $29.00 US until the end of the year, I think, but I'm not sure. I took mine in to the Genius Bar at an Apple store NOB and they replaced it with no questions asked, even though it's not under warranty or Apple Care. I think the only Apple store that will do this is in Mexico City - go online to apple.com.mx or call them. There is no Apple Store, as we know them, in Guadalajara
  24. You're right I didn't see that. It's a confusing thread if one starts at the top
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