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  1. Amazon.mx: shorturl.at/syJL8 Mercadolibre: shorturl.at/fnA68
  2. Another copycat recipe. Looks easy to make: https://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/520/Low_Carb_Kraft_Thousand_Island_Dressing39430.shtml
  3. Ruben at Tomza speaks native English and will blatantly steal from you. He owes me $2000 pesos. Telling Tomza won't do any good. They act interested and do nothing about it.
  4. " SpaceX is working on getting authorization to operate in Mexico."
  5. Isn't PayPal using Xoom to transfer money and pay bills in Mexico? Should you contact Xoom? https://www.xoom.com/
  6. I doubt the animal poisoner is mentally ill and is just plain mean. A mentally ill person who becomes violent is not in control of his actions. Most mentally ill people never harm anyone.
  7. https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/dog-pain-medications#1
  8. They are sold all over the internet: https://store.underwoodgardens.com/Espelette-Pepper_-Basque-Pepper-Capsicum-annuum/productinfo/V1360/ https://thehippyseedcompany.com/product/piment-despelette/ https://www.southdevonchillifarm.co.uk/online-shop/chilli-seeds/espelette-chilli-seeds/
  9. Now they call to tell you what they don't have and immediately refund the money. No waiting. The delivery fee is based on your location and how much you spend. I am a long distance so if I spend less than $1500, I am charged $39 pesos, more than $1500 that the delivery is free. They new system allows for pieces such as 3 tomatoes instead of guessing weight. I had a new person who brought 4K of tomatoes instead of 4 tomatoes. I think the driver pulls the orders he will deliver. It's not easy training the people.
  10. Only the consulate notary is legitimate. A US notary is not legitimate outside of the US. If it is ever challenged, and you did not use the consulate, you will lose.
  11. They have never developed a vaccine by for other coronavirus and this one is mutating fast, so don't bet money on a vaccine ever being found. Developing a natural immunity after being exposed to it like with other viruses appears to be doubtful.
  12. Shop around or bargain with doctors and hospitals like Mexicans do.
  13. I doubt it. This virus attacks blood vessels and it is already mutating. People who tested positive for the virus lose immunity a few months later. This might be our Andromeda Strain.
  14. Buy time online. Here are a few. https://undostres.com.mx/ https://www.recharge.com/en/mexico/telcel-top-up https://www.xoom.com/mexico/mobile-reloads/telcel
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