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  1. I checked the app and there wasn't a car available. I made other arrangements. I found out I was charged when a week later I was checking my PayPal account. I have been fighting Uber over the charge for days and filed a complaint with PayPal. I can prove I didn't take Uber but that doesn't make any difference to them. Beware. If you look for a car, you might be charged anyway. Good luck getting your money back.
  2. I was charged for a ride because I looked for an Uber and no cars were available. Watch because if you look for an Uber and none are available you might be charged anyway. Use the local cabs.
  3. It takes over a month to get here by mail from Swanson's or have it shipped to Alex at his Laredo address to bring here. https://www.swansonvitamins.com/q?kw=Glucosamine+Chondroitin+with+MSM Amazon MX has it: https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=MSM&__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&ref=nb_sb_noss
  4. Yes, I am morally superior. I think people should have healthcare.
  5. Red states are debtor states. They receive more federal money than they pay. They have the lowest education rates, lowest life spans, poorest health and score in the bottom of all states for anything that makes life better. Maybe their lack of education causes them to think that accepting the most federal help, food stamps, welfare, etc., is why they don't understand Medicaid? There is a reason you only hear the term, "Liberal Intellectual" and not "Conservative Intellectual." https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/201003/why-liberals-are-more-intelligent-conservatives
  6. Red states leave billions sitting in the table for Medicaid and refuse to expand it. This is Tennessee https://www.healthinsurance.org/tennessee-medicaid/
  7. You have to use the US Consulate notary. A Notario has a similar name but is an attorney not a US Notary Public. When the consulate is at LCS the notary is also.
  8. The bank can't alert you if your phone or email was hijacked by a hacker. The hacker gets the notice, not you. Check your security information regularly. If you can get a 2 step authorization code. These free apps will receive a code on your phone to authorize a log in. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=authorization apps&c=apps&hl=en
  9. Email the manufacturer and ask if they have vendors here or how much shipping is to MX or ship it to a Laredo address to be brought here. https://www.shadeforplants.com/
  10. Texas farmers are worried because it will cost them billions. They expect Mexico to retaliate with like tariffs. It will also hurt other big farming states who are already almost bankrupt because China found other soybean sources. US farmers are not happy at all.
  11. Every time I buy something on Mercardolibre or Amazon.MX, Banco Azteca calls or sends an SMS to confirm a purchase. It did irritate me until my US accounts were hacked last week. From now on I will patiently respond to them.
  12. I spent all last week changing security information on my US bank, PayPay, eBay, 3 money transfer companies and others. The money transfer companies always send an email confirming a transfer. They didn't last week and neither did my bank. The hacker got into my accounts and changed my email address to his address so he was sent the notices. It was a Russian sending my money to Poland. He bought gift cards from eBay and other companies I have used so he could cash the gift cards. Download a two-step security authentication app for your phone or computer https://www.login.gov/help/signing-in/what-is-an-authentication-app/. I thought I could count on my bank and other companies to notify me but they couldn't because the accounts were hacked.
  13. Those should be earthworms, not red wigglers.
  14. You didn't get the joke.
  15. Where is johninajijic when we need him?
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