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  1. That's common and one reason we pay so much for electric to make up for all the theft.
  2. Really? It was obvious to CFE who cut the line from my meter to the bandito's house. The thief yelled at me because CFE cut his electricity that was hooked up to my meter without giving him a notice. You know who this nut job is if I told you but he has since moved back to whatever redneck town in Appalachia he came from. The second one was another house that became obvious after she moved next door to me her meter never moved and my bill was 4 times what it was before. After I moved out, she went crazy with the electric and stuck my landlord with a $5000 peso bill that he couldn't pay so he
  3. If you have a higher bill than you think is possible, turn off everything electric and look at your meter. See if it is still recording electricity. Twice I have had neighbors stealing my electricity. Both times it was foreigners who thought stealing was OK.
  4. Sure, but when they sleep at night did it stop the demons from raping them? https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/report-texas-doctor-who-went-viral-with-unproven-covid-19-cure-believes-in-demon-sperm
  5. Currently almost 9,000 people have Covid in Chiapas. https://coronalevel.com/Mexico/Chiapas/https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/09/180925075108.htm It has been proven that the cures you claim do not work, but they do get rid of demon sperm which is very dangerous. Ivermectin is used for head lice and other parasites. Those are not caused by Covid. If any doctor tries to treat you with these drugs, run.
  6. The test showed he had Covid antibodies. He had Covid but he is young, felt under the weather but not horribly ill. It has taken him weeks to recover from a mild case. It might take weeks more. This not a virus to take lightly.
  7. There is a test for antibodies that shows if you had Covid. A Mexican told me he had the test and it showed positive for the antibodies. He thought he had a mild case and temporarily lost his sense of smell and taste plus he was very tired for a few weeks.
  8. Amazon.mx: shorturl.at/syJL8 Mercadolibre: shorturl.at/fnA68
  9. Another copycat recipe. Looks easy to make: https://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/520/Low_Carb_Kraft_Thousand_Island_Dressing39430.shtml
  10. Ruben at Tomza speaks native English and will blatantly steal from you. He owes me $2000 pesos. Telling Tomza won't do any good. They act interested and do nothing about it.
  11. " SpaceX is working on getting authorization to operate in Mexico."
  12. Isn't PayPal using Xoom to transfer money and pay bills in Mexico? Should you contact Xoom? https://www.xoom.com/
  13. I doubt the animal poisoner is mentally ill and is just plain mean. A mentally ill person who becomes violent is not in control of his actions. Most mentally ill people never harm anyone.
  14. https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/dog-pain-medications#1
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