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  1. Find out where he lives and what issues he faces in his area so he can relate.
  2. If you want to live do not go with IMSS or SP. I saw friends die using these facilities and if people need proof I'll give names.
  3. Thank you very much. I appreciate the help. It may now be possible to visit as a snowbird.
  4. A friend is planning on retiring at Lake Chapala but they have serious chronic pain issues which require opioid medications. Are there chronic pain specialists in Guadalajara who will prescribe these medications and could anyone please share their experiences. Thanks for any help.
  5. A true loss for skating and the art world. Toller was amazing at everything he did. He had the most marvelous 15 bedroom home in San Miguel De Allende and hundreds of friends. He will be missed by Canadians who remember his glory days on the ice and who loved his eclectic art. So very sad to die at such a young age.
  6. It's sold at the Pharmacy at my doctors office. You buy it for $20 and then the doctor does the injection. Just to be sure I'll check it again this week.
  7. Boy that vaccine is expensive there. In Canada it's $20 and it's only 50% effective.
  8. I used to get Naltrexone at Pharmacy Christina in the Bugambillas Plaza. You can ask them to order it for you. Back a few years ago it was around 1200 pesos. I used it for fibromyalgia and it worked really well. A 50 mg pill disolved in 50 ml. of water is how I used it. No compounding needed. As for Behnwau, I suggest you check the research being done at Stanford University on this old fashioned anti-opiod inhibitor. It's garnering much research these days.
  9. I too recommend Julie Ray. If you have a problem, Julie will work overtime for you. No website is going to do that.
  10. Are you leaving the country or posting for someone else?
  11. I remember your pictures and videos and now have to enjoy them from the frozen north. Life you, we returned for medical reasons and really miss Mexico. It's hard moving back and trying to establish friends again. Not easily like it is at lakeside. There are pluses and minus no matter where you live but I miss my home in Mexico.
  12. Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, one of Mexico's most-wanted drug lords, was arrested in a joint Mexico-U.S. operation in Mazatlan, Mexico, a U.S. official told CNN. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/22/el-chapo-guzman-arrested_n_4838080.html
  13. Sad in a way as they were going to pay the City of Chapala $5,000 US a month if the sign was put up.
  14. Did you get all the help you needed. Money, blankets towels....etc.?
  15. A female doctor in the area near the Pemex station diagnosed me with a heart murmur. On two separate visits I had her check it again. Still hear the heart murmur. She wanted to run tests in Guad. Since we were on our way back NOB I decided to wait until home. Visited the doctor the other day and asked him to check. No heart murmur at all. He checked all over three separate times and said there was definitely NO heart murmur. Be careful.
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