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  1. Went there for my bday, food was delicious, not overpriced, my kind of music and a decent view, good service and was not crowded which was nice. Plus the owner was there and was very friendly.. Would go there again for sure!
  2. Bernardo

    Peter Pandora

    Hi dancing queen, first I want to say how cool your name is, second is yes Peter lives in Monte Coxala, we use to rent their house when they were in Sweden and my wife Noelle worked at La Vita Bella and baked all sorts of breads for the restaurant. We then moved to Ajijic west and started selling bread and cakes at supermarket La Huerta and the Monday Market at Hole in One. Now we live in Tlachichilco and own a bakery specializing in artisan sourdough bread if you are open to taste our bread drop us a line at greendoor.foods@yahoo.com or on facebook: Green Door Foods or give us a call at 331 305 6263 or visit us at the monday or tuesday markets. We also do home deliveries. Thanx.
  3. Hi austinx, we are Green Door Foods and do sourdough bread home delivery and are at the monday market now moving to tobolandia waterpark and at the tuesday market. I just started a topic on this forum about this. Facebook: Green Door Foods. email: greendoor.foods@yahoo.com. cel: 331 305 6263. We are the first sourdough bread at lakeside and one of the best! Stronger sourdough than Peter's or Armando's.
  4. Hi everyone, we want you to know about our new company Green Door Foods specializing in 10 different kinds of Sourdough Bread and Probiotics like kefir, sour kraut, pickles and ginger beer. Kenn and Sandra Quinn started this 3 and a half years ago just on the tuesday market and now my wife, Noelle and I are partnering with them and expanding the business, we've been doing home deliveries in Guadalajara for a couple of years and want to offer the service now lakeside. So if your to busy or can't make it to the tuesday market, or just want your bread another day of the week and delivered to your home give us a call at cell no. 331 305 6263 or send us an email to greendoor.foods@yahoo.com, Check out our page https://www.facebook.../greendoorfoods and place an order or leave a comment. We are here to serve you with health and love!
  5. Thank you Irish Gal, I have tried it but to contact the people you need to subscribe and it costs like $100dlls.
  6. Hi, my name is Bernardo Partida, we are a young family living in Tlachichilco, east of Chapala and we are looking for home exchange preferably or to rent our house for 3 months during the fall or winter. We want to go to Kansas City, MO, USA for 3 months during the last days of September until mid December 2013 or January through March 2014. Is there anybody out there that might be interested or have ideas on how to help us? Thank you for reading.
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