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  1. On 9/11/2021 at 12:22 PM, ShaneHobbs said:

    Google is the best place to find such locksmith experts in any location, why to search them here?

    Because Google doesn't give actual experiences. Yes, there are reviews, but who writes them? Friends? Enemies? The owner? I use Google to get some names and then follow-up with folks that have actually used that person/facility.

  2. 2 hours ago, bmh said:

    No area is closed in Mexico and you can go wherever you like ,is the answer since the government is not responsable for anything, you are pretty much on your own for the better and the worse.

    Isn't that called adulting?

    On a more serious note, just obey the rules (masks indoors, etc) and you should be fine. I follow the philosophy of obeying the rules but taking the mask off the second my feet hit the outdoors so I can breathe the fresh air and get some sun on my skin. YMMV.

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  3. I saw the title of this and was expecting to read about some rip-off restaurant that was trying to pass off chayote in a recipe, not something where the chayote WAS a part of the recipe! lol...it's been a long day.

  4. Thanks for the info, happy...I don't know why we haven't tried Magnolias yet since they're so close. I'll definitely get some to-go in the next few days and report back.  

  5. I was looking to post our experience at the local AM (Bugambilias Plaza) when I noticed that the previous post was hijacked, so...here's a new one.

    Frankly, we were disappointed, big time. I ordered a vegetable based dish and it was tasty, but came with no rice or anything, just a dish of sauce, veg and THAT WAS IT. It was like eating a thick soup.  Hubby ordered lamb something-or-the-other and it came as a huge rice dish with BITS of lamb mixed in. Served properly, it should have been like mine--lamb in a sauce, accompanied by rice. It was like all of the rice that should have been served at our table was dumped at the last minute to cover up the fact that lamb was now a valued commodity to be mined like gold. The yoghurt sauce that accompanied the meal (sorry, brain is on hold tonight and am forgetting names) was one step away from water. It was nearly tasteless. The nan bread was a star, but bread doesn't make up for a third-rate meal. The waiter was pretty incompetent...couldn't say what did and didn't make up a dish,  etc. 

    The Indian offering at the Laguna food court is far superior and I think of it as "Indian Light" (fast food style)--not gourmet, but still pretty decent for a quickie, relatively cheap meal.

    This wasn't fun to write because I really had high hopes for Al Meraj. Maybe it was a new waiter (doesn't explain the food) or maybe we just came at a bad time, but someone really dropped the ball with our meal.

  6. 11 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    Hilarious. Incredibly foggy "treatment" options, including what, a single study about your golden calf remdesivir during the last ebola outbreak, and a few Chinese trials for --I say again-- treatment, that showed no statistically significant clinical benefits.

    The only proven prevention is being careful and getting a vaccine. Why would you you want to be treated for anything when you can use prevention instead? Duh.

    Of course, this is why the Sinovac has been shown to be so effective, right? Yes, for some, this is better than nothing, but maybe some folks have a very healthy skepticism after all of the conflicting information the CDC and Fauci have been giving. Is the wind blowing to the east today? Masks not needed. Oh, damn! It's west...get those masks on! 

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  7. The little chonk of cutness has a new home! Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and care.



    During my very early morning walk, I stumbled over a puppy that was desperately trying to get my attention by clinging to my legs. He was wet, cold, and very hungry (he's now dry, warm and full). We absolutely can't keep another dog, so if anyone would like a little chonk of cuteness, please contact me at 332-617-3588. He is your typical mix and should grow to be a medium-ish/slightly larger sized dog (but this is just a guess). (sorry, not the best pics)




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  8. And while I got blasted for it many months ago, this is exactly what Rod Serling predicted in The Twilight Zone (The Monsters are Due on Maple Street). I have no problems with you doing whatever you feel will keep you safe from whatever you think may harm you, BUT I have a real problem with you telling me what I have to do. If you're right, then Darwin will win out and there will be at least one less to argue with. If you're wrong, nothing lost. Meanwhile, I've barely changed my basic routine and haven't had so much as a sniffle. Hmmmm...maybe diet, exercise and lots of fresh air and sunshine help? Imagine that! (Of course, I wish I'd figured that out years ago, but...)

    So what do we do with those who are medically unable to take the shot? Cage them? Make them wear a nice yellow star on their chests? Follow them down the streets yelling, "Unclean! Unclean!" Euthanize them? Some of you seem so caught up in this that it's getting scary...and some seem to have appointed themselves as our compliance police. 


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  9. OK, if you decide where it is in the States you're going (ie, Laredo), pull up the closest pharmacy. I found Walgreens was the easiest to use. Anyhoo...hit the Covid vaccine button and tell the site which zip/town you want and it will give you all of the pharmacies in that area and which vaccines each one carries. It seems like Moderna/Pfizer are usually together and the J&J will be on its own. Then, you can hit the button for the date and pick an appointment time. Hope that helps.

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  10. Glad to read that Max is doing better. I've heard very good things about Dra. Mayra. Another good one is Dra. Lulu. 

    FWIW, the first time I met Hector, I was underwhelmed by his attitude (and this was quite a few years ago). The second time I went there, my opinion went down; however, everything I've seen and heard is that he is a very good vet; he's just not for me.

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