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  1. I won't go into details, but we used him several times. First few, he was good. Next ones...well, we won't be using him anymore. Bisbee is right, so when you find a good one, keep the name under lock and key.
  2. If anyone is interested, you can order the adapter through amazon.com.mx and just pay a few $$ more than the US site...$350mxn. Before I posted this, I ordered it, just in case others do, too...lol. (Late edit) You can order this through the US site, but it's currently out-of-stock and you can't have it sent to a Mexican address. If you use a forwarding service, you're going to pay through the nose. For a few bucks more, the Amazon MX site is well worth it...and fast!
  3. Go to a local nursery. A lot of times you can buy a huge pot for about $20mxn. It doesn't get any fresher than that! 😉
  4. FWIW, we use Rich and are 100% happy w/his services. He's very good about follow-up, when needed, Yes, you can buy a Firestick direct, but unless you're tech savvy, why take on that headache? In all honesty, we've learned a lot via the internet (YouTube, etc), but it's so nice to have someone come in, install it, check to make sure it works and save us a lot of time. In fairness, there is a LOT of info available online and we do use it for updates, but once in a blue moon something will pop up that is beyond our basic abilities. We went from paying $140/month for Dish to $0 and get all of the stations that we had before and then some (a LOT!). The one downside is that when the internet is wonky, this will affect the reception; however, a little irritation is northing when saving so much money. JMHO
  5. And we all know that mainstream media is so unbiased...sheesh...
  6. No. It was totally appropriate, but whatever floats your boat.
  7. So, you tell him that using "religionists" is unfair, blah, blah, blah, but then you label a "group" (what effing group???) "vaxholes." Hypocrisy, thy leader is a panda.
  8. For those of you that insist that we're either "pro" or "anti" (or however you want to describe it all), it really isn't a case of denying what's happening in the world, but seriously questioning how it's being handled and reported. If you have relatives (or are yourself) in the medical field, you know that a LOT of numbers have been manipulated. Folks that were ill with cancer, diabetes, etc, etc, die and are reported as COVID being the main cause. It wasn't, but it makes for good stats. My sister's BIL died and it was reported as COVID. Ummmm...he was 79, overweight, had diabetes and was already in poor health and close to kicking off when this all hit. COVID was just that last straw. Had it been the flu, he probably would have gone from that. (Sorry if I seem a bit disrespectful of his death; that truly isn't my intention.) For me, I know that this is a super-virus and completely understand that some folks are more vulnerable than others. I will continue to respect your choices and keep my distance, but your issues are not mine. I wear the mask because it's required and I will always respect local regulations; however, the second I'm outside, I rip it off because I think fresh air and sunshine beats the **** out of breathing stale air. When I'm outside, I don't put it back on (walking, riding a bike) until I'm about to go back into an enclosed environment. I take vitamins, exercise, and try to eat a sensible diet (been fat, don't want to go back). I haven't had so much as a sniffle the last two years since I got serious about my health. I understand that many of you have issues that can't be addressed so easily. While some laughed at Mainecoons when he mentioned zinc, vit c, etc, in another post, what does it hurt? Finally, I have yet to take the shot and I will say this: for me, it's too soon and there have been a lot of glitches in the production. While every vax has a small percentage of reactions, I don't like what I've seen so far, but understand why others are eager to take it. Just stop calling me an anti-vax or a denier because you don't agree with my decision.
  9. One other thing to consider: how often do you take pure ground burger, cook it, and then add absolutely nothing else other than a bun? No, most folks salt & pepper their meat or use a spice combo. So, the plant-based burger may start out heavier in salt, but it doesn't need much, if any, after that. The burger, on the hand, is going to be bland without something. Of course, there are some fantastic sodium-free spices out there, but those take practice to find what works.
  10. All I've done is attack? Man, that was a really vicious attack. This is truly my last posting TO YOU because you're so intent on your agenda that you name call, insult and get furious that we don't goose-step with you and have the temerity to fight back when you do so. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the opinions of others such as SnowyCo and Ferret (and so many more) because they back up their opinions by hard data and not just their mood for the day. I may or may not agree with their conclusions, but I will always seriously consider what they've said because they give me valid reasons to consider other angles. I also found Tom Gates' comment on zinc and Vitamin D interesting because of some related articles I've read. Meanwhile, I actually feel rather sorry for you because you sound like a very bitter, angry old man and life is just too damned short to be angry all the time. I don't know you, nor do I particularly dislike you, but I do dislike the rage that seethes in all of your postings. I'm just sorry that I let it get to me. I still wish you well and hope the vaccine is all that you think it is. "Stick a fork in me; I'm done."
  11. I regularly buy both the Beyond Meat and Don Farms (?) veggie burgers from Costco. The Beyonds are actually very close to regular burgers and the DF ones are just really nice tasting patties that aren't trying to be burger, but a nice patty. If you do it right, you can crumble the Beyonds patties into crumbles for a taco salad or... While I haven't gone completely vegetarian (close), it's nice to have something that is quick to make and pretty tasty for when others are biting into burgers. Since I don't salt any of my food unless absolutely necessary (and that's rare), I don't sweat the sodium. Of course, I also don't eat them at every meal. I guess it just boils down to what your reasons are for eating them. Added note: having seen a couple of comments that were posted as I was writing this, I should add that my reason is that I am now genuinely turned off by the taste of most meat since I first started eating healthily and exercising regularly over 2 years ago. It's not something that I planned or even wanted, but as my diet changed, my taste buds did, too. Obviously, these are also great for those who are veggie/vegan for ethical reasons. On a funny note...I started to abbreviate both products by their initials...and then are realized that Beyond Meat would be BM. Oops.
  12. I know it's a bit of a pain, but Home Depot (both) has the river rock. I wish I could tell you the size, but I do know they offer a variety, too.
  13. Andy, I've more than explained myself, but maybe someone can put it into smaller syllables for you. In all sincerity, I hope the vaccine works for you and that it gives you peace to have had it. As for me, I am just as much at peace with my decision.
  14. Let's see...you attack and insult all those who disagree with you and then basically threaten that it's your right to go social on those who dare express an opposing opinion. The only one who has made this personal is you with your nasty, childish attacks/name calling. There are several here who have stated opinions that I disagree with, but they have given me reasons to listen and, quite possibly, learn. Sometimes, I change my mind; sometimes, I don't. The difference is that they use valid data to support their argument while you have done nothing but attack. So, forgive me if I find most of your comments quite humorous and/or sad. BTW, on a slightly different note, they're now recommending that the JnJ vaccine be temporarily pulled due to clotting issues.
  15. Oh, this is priceless. First, Andy blasts us because we don't fall in line with what he believes; only his opinion is valid. Then, when a truly qualified professional gives an opinion, BASED ON RESEARCH/MEDICAL TRIALS, etc, he grudgingly admits said professional has some "cred, " but a writer for a paper with a major agenda trumps all. Yeah, those Pulitzers really come in handy when treating patients. SMH. FWIW, please continue giving us facts, Snowco. While I stand by my decision not to have the vaccine at this point in time, there are those of us who truly do read and consider all sides. I don't take this stand lightly, but nothing I've seen so far has erased my just-as-valid choice.
  16. All indications are the virus is from China and they couldn't control it/keep from it being released. So, I'm to trust their ability to give us a safe, effective vaccine? Ummmm...no, thanks.
  17. Because your comment came across like a school kid telling the teacher that Johnny cheated. You're right, of course, that it was corrected after your post and after mine, but it was the tone of yours that got to me. Having said that, this isn't a hill that we need to fight over. Now back to our regularly scheduled squabbles over the vaccines, etc 😁
  18. Ummmm...no. As dicosalocua said, she went back and edited what she had written, but before that happened, I had gone in to use the quote button to give an emoji via comment box since I'd run out regular emojis for the day. Double check before you accuse someone of misquoting. FWIW, I took her original posting to mean what she actually meant as opposed to what was written. Sheesh.
  19. I am one of the hesitants. I'm not going to go into my reasons here, but they're many and as valid as those you have that make you pro-shot. If you have a compromised immune system, are obese, or have other health issues, I absolutely understand the choice to take the shot and would probably do the same; however, I AM relatively young (for here! lol), take my health seriously by diet and exercise, and go maskless as often as I can to take in the fresh air. So far, I've been as healthy as a horse (but thankfully, not the size of one!) I honestly believe that staying shuttered indoors is the worst thing we can do to ourselves, but JMHO.
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