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  1. I'm so jealous! I wish they serviced my area.
  2. I didn't change my post, i did mention Rich, etc, etc, and asked about mytv and black boxes. Go back and read what I wrote, not what you think you read. I do appreciate your black box input, but FS has been flogged to death. Again, I am asking about mytv and their black box While we have good internet speeds compared to some, we can't get Total Play or any of the other zippy companies...yet. So...has anyone actually tried mytv here?
  3. LET ME REPEAT: WE HAVE FS. WE HAVE USED, AND LIKE, RICH. WE STILL HAVE BUFFERING. Please, I don't want to hear about the FS. IF you have the service from mytv, I would appreciate your experience. If not, please stop beating the dead and bloodied horse. Thanks.
  4. We have the FS, etc, and buffering is still a problem. I appreciate the comments about the FS, but that doesn't answer my original question. We have it, we've used Rich (great guy!), etc, etc, but I have actually seen the black box work well in a very remote location and wondered how it worked here. So...honestly, I'm not wanting to be rude, but I just would like to hear from anyone that has actual experience with the black box.
  5. Has anyone ordered this? How good does it work with the local internet? I went to the website and saw that it was supposed to be good at speeds over 7mbs and also saw one in a very remote area, but...it just sounds too good to be true. Any input would be appreciated. TIA! We have Firestick, but even with our slightly better speeds, there's still a lot of irritating buffering. We've got super range extenders, the firestick thingamabob, etc, etc, but the buffering is still a problem.
  6. So's the video, but I was trying to avoid pointing out the obvious. I love the song, but those dancing guys...I need to bleach my eyes.
  7. Let's just say that a LOT of men will find it makes them uncomfortable (males in raincoats and bikinis, need I say more?)...still, it's a great song.
  8. I know this is off-topic, etc, etc, but does anyone else have the song "It's raining men" running through your brain every time you see a few rain drops? Cheesy video, but a fun song!
  9. I am not saying it is this group/hospital, but a reg. $800mxn specialist charge was billed the equivalent of $9600mxn and many, many services were double billed, but insurance caught before payment. Those that are happy with HSA will stay and those who are not will leave. My only suggestion is that if you use insurance at HSA, then be sure to have a back-up plan if it suddenly is yanked. JMHO.
  10. Holy crap, I just nuked a fortune yesterday morning when there were thousands of them on the sidewalk in front of our house!
  11. No. Most of the time, it's just us grousing about minor inconveniences, but it's grousing because we can. This situation is inherently dangerous and it appears that squat won't be done until there's a serious accident...and I am afraid that it's a question of when, not if. I've written this before, but I nearly got wiped out because someone coming from Ajijic towards Riberas (sorry, I'm directionally challenged) didn't know about the double lights right by Wally's World and nearly plowed me down because he didn't stop until the very last second. All I heard was a loud "screeeeeeeeeech" and my heart stopped. I followed the lights and waited an extra second before going when it was my turn (green) and still nearly got hit. I don't even blame the person because those lights are really #$%^&* up. So, keep talking about it, folks...PLEASE!!!
  12. Sadly, they are limited in where they service. I just spoke with a guy installing it at a local hotel in Chapala and it's not available our way (Chapala Haciendas)...hopefully, one days these companies will wake up and realize there is a large number of folks in this area who would sign up in a NY minute if it ever became available.
  13. I don't think folks are getting their jollies by constantly complaining, but are simply frustrated by what actually happens instead of what could be. You can enjoy what we have, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be more...and then to see such half-assed efforts get awarded "Pueblo Magico" ...
  14. About a week ago, I posted on how impressed I was by the selection and variety of items at Pancho's. I hadn't gone back to the restaurant because we'd had several bad experiences there and didn't want to repeat. Anyhoo, we liked the changes in the store so went today to give the restaurant one last chance. I'm glad we did. While the food was pretty much the same (consistent and enough of a deli-type variety for most folks), the service has improved 1001x. The staff were friendly and quick to respond. I just have one very minor recommendation/complaint: the music station on the TV is great, but could you please notch it down a few decibels? It was a bit hard to talk, even though we did like the music (and one of us, cough cough, is going slightly deaf). Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
  15. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I really don't see Ajijic as a Pueblo Magico when compared to others.
  16. When we went past today, there was a female cop directing traffic...and she did it beautifully. No back ups, no problems. Of course, this can't be allowed to continue!
  17. Can we? Yes. Will we? Nope.
  18. I recently went shopping at Pancho's for some of those oddball things that are a little hard to get since, well, they're odd. Normally, I only go in for a paper and one or two items, but yesterday I decided to do a little exploring since they've expanded. Wow, it's definitely worth the trip! Before, the place always seemed a bit cramped and not well organized, but now that it's expanded into two sides, it's all super-clean and tidy. There was a small, but varied selection of frozen vegan & vegetarian meals, lots of veggies, decent amount of frozen goods, and the usual imports and/or Costco run items. I wasn't much of a fan when it first opened, but if you haven't been there in a while, I really recommend it. The only negative (and it's not a biggie) is walking between the diners when you go from one section to the other. The restaurant section was quite busy, so I think I'll give it another try. If it matches the shopping, well, they'll have another loyal customer.
  19. Probably, but when you're friendly, polite and simply expect him to do the job he promised and it's half-assed, well...that sort of shoots that theory. I'd love to be more specific about just how bad something was, but this is a small community...
  20. I'd love to have a name, too. We've had several that start out doing a great job and then .... It would be nice to know of someone who provides consistent, professional quality work.
  21. Let's be honest...the new set up is one big cluster f***. If you're new to the area, you get to try to leave the libramiento to Ajijic and guess what you're supposed to do. If you want to go to Wally's World, you have to go into the left hand lane and then wait for the traffic light...but the rest of the traffic doesn't seem to understand that it is NOT a two way lane into Ajijic and will blast their horns at you for waiting for the light to go straight across. I nearly got creamed by some driver (and I don't blame him/her) who didn't stop behind the light and was going to pull in behind the car in front...blocking the entrance to WW from the libramiento. I had the light (after pausing a sec or two for safety, thank goodness), went to cross over and heard the biggest squeal of brakes as the driver came close to adding me to his hood ornament. The problem is that a lot of drivers don't realize they have to leave that space open, light or no light, and end up making it a mass mess. What truly scares me is that someone is going to get hurt there and no one will be surprised.
  22. First, just because you are not in a rush to get the shot doesn't mean you're "anti-vaxx." I choose not to take the shot for my own personal, STRONG reasons and getting called an anti-vaxxer or a right wing nutjob (wow, show that love to your fellow posters!) is not only offensive, but just flat out wrong. Your car analogy is just weird. I can control my actions behind the wheel, I can't control yours. So, does that mean I stop driving? In your version, since you know there are others that you might meet who haven't had the vax, do you stay indoors 24/7?
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