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  1. 2 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    Details here, https://www.facebook.com/AlegrateChapala/posts/2130573017096265

    Announcement also on FB pages of local newspapers Pagina and Seminario Laguna. 

    I am no longer going to provide texts from FB for non-users.  I did that yesterday and it turned into a pizzing contest and I deleted the thread that I had started.

    I like to be helpful but not to the point where the messenger gets shot.  


    I'm not sure in which post that occurred, but I'm sorry that happened to you since I don't get FB and appreciate it when others clue me in (because I'm usually clueless!).  

  2. I stand by what I said, mod. I pointed out a website that would probably be overlooked due to its rather specific topic. Yes, the TOPIC of vegan is cocina, but a WEBSITE recommendation is a bit different. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, but it's not my board so I respect your decision. 

  3. Matt, I can't say I know what you're talking about, but FTR, I just wanted to give some info to others who might be interested. If you're not interested in a particular posting, such as mine, I have a suggestion:  ignore it. 

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  4. I'm slowly dipping  into a plant-based diet and have bought a few frozen items locally but wanted more.  I'm trying to learn to cook things to stay more natural but my cooking skills are not exactly impressive. Purely by accident, I found Mr. Tofu (http://www.mrtofu.com.mx) and browsed the site. Wow!  I was amazed at the sheer quantity and variety of items, some known and some new (to me). I won't go into a long story, but there was a glitch with my e-mail (security setting) when I placed my order and MT went waaay above and beyond to calm this grumpy gringa and get her order to her...especially impressive when you consider that the fault wasn't on their end.  Not only did the order arrive quickly but it was well-packed in a styrofoam container loaded with freezer packets to keep everything cold. I also thought that the prices and shipping costs were very reasonable. FWIW, there is also a branch in Zapopan if you're in Guad shopping, etc. 

  5. I know this is probably more of the cocina topic, but I just wanted to catch the eyes of anyone that is vegan and doesn't want to cook or is like me, really bad at it  (still learning) and doesn't normally check out the cocina topic for obvious reasons. I will put up an in-depth review there, but I just wanted to pass on this website:  http://www.mrtofu.com.mx . I just got my order and I'm super impressed.

  6. 10 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

    Tingting, I hope your husband continues to make a good recovery.

    But.. Is it only me who finds your story very confusing, the vauge references and use of initial to identify hospitals goes over my head. Now for many members who have (frequent) use of the medical services at Lakeside seem to understand what it is, who it is you are referring to, but for a newcomer etc they must be scratching their heads and saying who,what??

    Oh, sorry about that, but since my title was Ribera Medical Center, I just assumed folks would work out RMC as them. As for the rest, I don't want to confirm or deny which place I was referring to (although I think it's pretty obvious) for the reasons already stated. Regardless, I hope it didn't confuse folks too much because when it's your life on the line, and in this case it was my hubby's, things can get confusing as heck.

  7. Lexy, please don't worry about it...I've been called worse! 😃 I don't want to name the place for a variety of reasons but mainly there are some crazies out there. It should just be a case of my opinion and all of that, but people get strange when they feel they have to defend something. I would have taken hubby to Clinica Ajijic but it wasn't an option. Unfortunately, he's still not too good, but at least we have an idea of what's happening and what is needed next.  

    Bisbee, you're right about the parking, but we used the ramp up to get him in and then I parked below.  I'd still rather fight a bad parking situation than deal with "X" again, fancy/easy parking and all.

  8. I'm going to keep a few details vague, for soon-to-be-obvious reasons, but yesterday, I had to take hubby to RMC for an MRI. As much as a visit to a hospital can be, it was great! The tech was very thorough in his questions prior to the MRI (if you've had one, you understand). The staff from the guard on up were all incredibly kind and helpful. Folks were actually smiling and acting like they enjoyed their work (as compared to...) . There were plenty of folks who spoke English (yes, I speak Spanish, but hubby, the patient, does not). 

    I really recommend you go check them out if you're searching for another choice. They offer several different membership tiers for those who are interested, and also take international insurance. If you're TRICARE, though, I don't believe they do, but that's kind of the norm. Of course, if you use FB, you can look them up (we don't.) I was impressed and so grateful that they're there...especially when I saw that they offer a particular specialist that would normally be a Guad drive and not available anywhere else.

    Oh, and another nice one was that our regular doctors are the father/son at Clinica Ajijic, Drs. Rodriguez (we are huge fans of them both, especially the father) and they work well with RMC.

    The part that I must keep vague is that we had an emergency last week. Due to the situation, we went elsewhere because we knew nothing about RMC and it wasn't the time to dither. A few days later when it was clear that the situation remained serious, I phoned the first place for help. I phoned several numbers (spoke with one lady who only lacked smacking gum to show how bored she was), left messages, even tried the doctor's direct line, AND NO ONE EVER CALLED BACK. I eventually physically went to this other place after several hours had passed with no call back and felt like I was an inconvenience for being there. I just walked out and went to talk with Dr. Rodriguez (son) .   I gave him the background, the current situation and some alarming test results and he immediately advised me on what to do next. We returned the next day for follow-up tests, including the MRI, and saw Dr. Rodriguez (father) who gave a more thorough exam in 20 minutes than hubby got from 8 hours in the ER at the first place. It's safe to say that I will never give this unnamed other place a third chance. 


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  9. 5 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    Do you not have to go to some office here to sign up? Is this the only guy doing the installations? I am in SAT and would like to give them a try.

    No office, but they are ALWAYS in the entrance area of Wally's World on Saturdays (I think it's just to torment me for not living in an available area! :P)


  10. OK, I was there yesterday and there was a closed sign on the outer door (in English) and only one ATM...it had a sign that said there was no money in the machine. The other two machines weren't there. So...the big question for me is what did people see today? If the machines are back in place, maybe it was some sort of massive maintenance? The signs didn't say so....enquiring minds want to know!

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  11. 23 hours ago, court0503 said:

    Home recommendations are most welcome… however well-intended general  commentary on the topic and judgements are simply not helpful at this point 

    Court, your heart is obviously in the right place and you make a fair point, but please think about the community at large when they respond. It may not work for you, but it gives "food for thought" or ideas to others. Sadly, I've seen a lot of folks come down here based on outdated books or videos that tell them they can live like kings and queens on just dollars a day. Those recommendation usually don't mention the very real scenario your friend is now in. I wish I had a solution for you because you sound like a very caring friend and we all can use more of those. Please let us know what you find.

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