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  1. Another plug for Dr. Barragan and his staff. Although he is not my "regular" dentist, I had had a horrible experience (pain) with a previous root canal. My regular dentist is fantastic, but she doesn't do oral surgery -- and that's when I had the awful experience with someone who came in from Guad. The next time I needed a crown, there was no way I was going to use that guy. I made an appointment with Dr. Barragan and had the root canal done by his recommended specialist. I was scared spitless because the doctor looked about 20. He was absolutely fantastic and the first dentist I've ever had who used a numbing agent for the numbing shot! He was so thorough that I felt almost nothing at all when he did give me the shot. While this wasn't Dr. Barragan's work, it was his recommended specialist, plus he and the staff just impressed the heck out of me.
  2. Don't worry about the general comments. You're always going to have naysayers, regardless of the topic. It's normal to compare prices to the US since that's your home country. Eventually, you'll find a balance. Shop around, check out the various docs and go where you're comfortable. You'll see high end for here (specialists out of Guad, usually) and low end and everything in between. When we need routine care, we go to Ajijic Clinic (Clinica Ajijic). We absolutely love Dr. Rodriguez. His fees are reasonable, the care is excellent, and he's very, very patient-oriented. For anything more specific (cardio, ortho, etc), we're really lucky in that we have access to all sorts of specialists here. If one isn't available, Guad isn't that far away.
  3. Due to an ever-changing eye prescription, I have a collection of 2.0 reading glasses that are in excellent condition. Obviously, I don't want to ditch them, so if someone reading this is a contact point for a local cause, please contact me and I'll drop them off. I tried looking for Casa de Ancianos, but couldn't find it. I also have unopened packages of balms and creams and a few other things that would be good for sensitive skin. Thanks in advance!
  4. The one just off the main street in Chapala is very good and she speaks English, if necessary. You get the photos immediately and the price is under $200mxn. I don't remember the name, but it's close to the Veterinaria, on the left hand side as you go through Chapala towards the malecon. There's usually a small sign on the sidewalk.My photos were done a few weeks ago and my passport has already been issued. . Hope that helps.
  5. Zeb, Please don't let the snarky ones get to you. While I don't necessarily agree with your views, I also don't disagree w/them. When I was much younger, I bought the standard medical treatment as the be-all, end-all (didn't help that both parents worked in the medical field). Now, I find that I'm a lot more open to the alternatives that are out there, thanks to a friend who's quite knowledgeable about natural medicine and my own reading. If nothing else, it's nice to have choices.
  6. You're right and I responded to myself (above) instead of your posting. Sigh...technodino strikes again!
  7. You're absolutely right. I was focused on the end and not how to get there. Thanks for pointing that out! Of course, the bottom line is it takes so little to show your appreciation and I think sometimes we forget that.
  8. Our maid and gardener both work 2 days/week, so the 2.14 calculations work out very closely to 3 weeks salary. We pay 3 weeks plus give them a decent basket (ham, nibbles, whatever) and a bottle of some decent beverage. For us, it's just a slightly extra touch to show our thanks. At the very minimum, go with the RollyBrook site. He's gone, as has been mentioned, but his wisdom remains. Happy Holidays to all!
  9. MaineCoons is absolutely right. There are also some other VPNs that thwart Netflix. If you try their free offer, you probably will get blocked, BUT if you talk w/the reps, they'll tell you which channels are still good. I watch Netflix US nearly every night, but often switch to Netflix Mex and get a heck of a variety of movies and series. Either way, Netflix is a good value and you can always cancel it. For around $10usd/month (taxes), what's not to like? Almost forgot...I also watch Amazon Prime videos, too. You have to do a little homework, but there are some good, strong vpn providers that are reliable. I use a different one than the one mentioned, but if you Google, vpns for Netflix, you'll find 5 that are highly rated.
  10. It could also be that your item can't be shipped to Mexico. I've used Amazon for a lot of things and my orders have always shown up early. There are some items, though (electronics, fragrances, etc) , that I either have to pay for mail forwarding or get a friend who's going north.
  11. That's why it's so important to mention this as often as possible...to try and save the trusting/naïve from this piece of shit.
  12. TOTALLY agree with you, Kam. Someone is brave enough to tell us how they got scammed - to keep the rest of us from falling for it - and gets ridiculed. What some don't understand is that the robbers are getting more and more sophisticated in their approach and it can be very easy to get sucked in. I won't go back over what happened to hubby, but it was 50% luck/50% timing. When one falls, it just makes them that more determined to continue. If someone asks you for money, no matter how convincing, try to remember to ask a question that only the real person would know. I'm really sorry for what happened to you, Camille.
  13. I just tried the place today with a friend and was really impressed. Janet walked around and checked that the customers were happy (I sure was!) and the waiters were very attentive. Portions were good, quality was excellent and the menu selection was amazing. My friend and I sat there for quite a while and never once felt like we had outstayed our welcome. I'll definitely be back.
  14. BEST DECISION EVER! We had solar put in around 4-5 years ago by E-Sun and the savings was unbelievable. Our CFE bills went from around $4100/2 months to $46-150/mo. We had one small glitch in the beginning and it was immediately addressed. Regardless of who you use, you will not regret going solar. I'm ashamed (only slightly) to admit that I cackle each time we get our CFE bill.
  15. Like any dish, some things have more oil than others, but the food is good, NOT greasy and very reasonably priced. Is it gourmet? No, but I'll take 5 Potrillos over the greasy spoon Turtle any day.
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