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  1. I've worn contacts for nearly 44 years and still had problems. If I were to attempt to wear glasses, they would be thicker than Coke bottles, and about as attractive. Over the years, I wanted the various latest and greatest procedures that came out (RK, lasik, etc), but was told that it couldn't be done because of thin cornea, super-strong prescription, etc, etc. I once asked what my actual prescription was (20/40? 20/100? ??) and was told when eyes are as bad as mine, they don't measure!  Then, hubby had cataract surgery w/Dra. Claudia at the beginning of April, choosing the trifocal lenses. I joked that he was the poster child for the procedure because it went so well. When he told me that he could see well enough to drive, I actually didn't believe him because it'd just been a few days. Still, I made an appointment with the doctor because I had the start of cataracts and I just couldn't take the major headaches and vision hassles anymore. Originally, I was scheduled for 22 May, but the retina specialist canceled the surgery because I had lattice degeneration and holes in the retina, thin retinal walls, and -- my favorite -- large eyeballs (high myopics tend to have it and I was -8.5 and -8.0 with astigmatism). I had the option of having argon laser treatment to strengthen the retinas. No, it didn't "fix" them, but the scar tissue would act like a weld around a weak area. I chose to have it done (not fun) because anything that would help salvage my sight was worth it to me. The surgery was scheduled for four weeks later. 

    My surgery was last Friday. On Saturday, I had my first follow-up. To my great and utter amazement, my vision is now 100%. I raced through both the regular letter eye charts and the reading chart, able to read every single line. Before, things would get fuzzy after a few lines. Everything was sharp and clear.  Like hubby, I chose the Zeiss trifocal iols, including a toric for astigmatism, and it was the best investment I've ever made. I am completely glasses-free. While it's still early days and I realize that things can happen, I have complete confidence in Dra. Claudia. Since there's almost nothing more boring than someone describing their surgery, I'll just say everything went super-smoothly and it was over before I had a chance to get scared. Everyone was professional, friendly and helpful.

    A BIG thank you to Dra. Claudia and Dr. Silva (retina specialist) for taking the time and precautions needed for crappy eyes like mine. They didn't operate until my eyes were in the best shape that they could be and for that I'll be forever grateful.


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  2. 19 minutes ago, MarkWebles said:

    You get pulled over without cause, and this a good thing? Like lambs to slaughter.

    The guy said it was a sticker check. I accept that. I've been pulled over for a lot less in the US (not always deserved). My whole point was the professionalism by the cop. Nothing more, nothing less. We didn't react and get ugly and accuse him of trying to take a bribe. It was a quick check and it was over. You show me a country that doesn't do random traffic stops and I'll show you Utopia. Had we done something wrong, we would have politely asked for the ticket. Maybe you're on the way to the slaughter, but not us.


    38 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

    I have to wonder why this guy went to all this trouble to pick you out, do a u turn and all the rest just to check your stickers personally.  You know that it has been reported less than half of the Tapatios bother with emission inspections.  Normally sticker checking is done in an organized way with a check point.

    I'm just glad you didn't get the shakedown over some made up violation but you probably would have had your stickers and papers not been in perfect order as is the usual with the expat population, at least the experienced ones.  Although this strikes me as a fishing expedition perhaps they have become more circumspect about trying to shake people down with fake violations.  That's good news but don't let your guard down.


    Absolutely good points and it's one of the reasons why we make sure everything is in order. Still, I was surprised at just how professional the cop was. We've been shaken down in the past (many years ago), so I'd like to think it's a positive sign of real changes.

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  4. 4 hours ago, ccw said:

    I want to be delicate here...are they a mixed race couple? If yes are they the same people that I started the thread about?


    Yes and probably. I've never met them (thank goodness!) but if even half of the rumors are true...well, wow. Just wow.

  5. Quite honestly, most of the dogs that I've seen have been better behaved than some of their human companions. For me, if it's outside, it doesn't bother me, but they don't really belong indoors where the food is actually prepared. Would it deter me? No.

  6. Hubby and I were going down the libramiento (carretera - Wally's World) when a traffic vehicle pulled out, turned around and followed us. He had us pull over close to the power station. When he approached on hubby's side (driver), he immediately identified himself as Alberto Soto (hope I got that right) and that it was a check of the stickers. We were pulling out papers, ready to show that all was well, when he reaffirmed that it was just a check of the stickers. He also made sure we were both wearing our seat belts (we were) and then sent us on our way. It was quick, painless, professional, and very fast--less than a minute. What a great change we've seen in our decade plus of living here!

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  7. I just wanted to add one more thing (sorry :P). Yesterday, Luzma took hubby to apply for his license. It went like a charm.  He had tried a couple of weeks ago, but there was an extra "o" added to his middle name in the CURP.  Before they went to Guad, she took him to Immigration to try to get it fixed (this has happened to others). For whatever reason, they weren't willing to do it right then and there as they have at other times. They required him to return the next day--when they did a couple of button-pushings and fixed it. Hubby decided to go to Guad anyway, but the DL wouldn't accept the "o" (after all, Leonardo is so different from Leonard). It was his choice and he had no problem paying Luzma for the trip and her time. It was worth it just for her assistance with CURP. Thanks to her help, the document was ready as promised and everything went like a charm on his next visit to the DL (yesterday). This time, smiles all around and license in hands. He was back a little after 1 in the afternoon.

    For us, it's worth every single peso to have someone familiar with the area and requirements take us there and back. FWIW, we're not newbies to the area (13 years), but driving in Guad, especially to an unfamiliar area, can be challenging on a good day and a nightmare on the rest.

  8. Yes, I know this is a resurrected topic, but just wanted to add my 2 pesos.

    Hubby had cataract surgery w/Dra. Claudia last month. The results were beyond expectations. He's totally glasses-free. I realize that not everyone will have the same results, but the level of professionalism and care Dra. Claudia and her staff gave were exceptional. In fact, I've already had my eyes tested and will have the same surgery sometime near the end of this month. I've been too scared to have it done for many reasons (strong prescription, thin retinas, basic chicken), but it's time. I really like that she has a retinologist giving a final check before you go in for the surgery. In my case, if there is a problem, the doc is already there.

    I had a bit of a bad experience with a local doc when I went in to get a current contact prescription. He just looked at me and announced I had thin retinas like it was contagious. No information on what that meant or what precautions to take. There was more that upset me, but no point in beating it to death. I was surprised because he has such a good local reputation and had always been very professional before. Following a recommendation, I made an appointment with Dra. Claudia just for the current contact prescription. After reading positive reports from others and seeing hubby's own experience, I'm so glad I did. I'm still scared, but feel like I'll be in the best possible hands..

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  9. On 4/23/2018 at 7:22 PM, lakeside7 said:

    The name would be a non starter for me...regardless of all its claims. I guess you did not have a focus group before you came up with that "ugly" name

    That's exactly why it caught my eye and I'll try it. Is it crass? Sure, but it got the product noticed and isn't that intention? GL to them!

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  10. I just wanted to give a big plug for Luzma Grande of Ajijic Concierge. I needed to get my license renewed and I absolutely hate driving in Guadalajara, especially when it's somewhere I've never been before. It was so easy! She told me what documents were  needed, did several follow-up reminders before our scheduled date, and got us in and out of the facility in less than a half an hour. Her rates are very reasonable (for 2 of us, it was $700 pesos each) and she drove us there and back. Hubby is going to go for his license next week and he's also going to use her services. To contact Luzma:  ajijicconcierge@gmail.com or 333 452 1670 (cell)/376 766 1562 (office at Ajijic Homes 4 Rent & A L Carte Concierge Services)

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  11. 19 hours ago, kamytoo said:

    I have mentioned this before, about an eye doctor whose office is in Mirasonl  and I just want to add that  I came across an acquaintance of mine and when she asked me about what happened to my right eye< I told her about the cataract surgery  which  which did not go well from the aforementioned eye doctor, and because of him my right eye is blind.  She said that she had heard of 2 other people who had their eye ruined by the same eye doctor.  I just want to warn people to be aware of who you choose to operate on your precious eyes.  

    Thank you for sharing this. I know some like to pooh-pooh the experiences of others, but when it comes to my eyes, I have to be honest and say I'm scared sh**less to have anything done, but I've reached the point where there aren't too many choices left. It's important that we hear the bad as well as the good. I'm so sorry things didn't go well for you. I can't even imagine what you've gone through.

  12. Super-enthusiastic thumbs up for Dra. Claudia. She did hubby's eyes last week with tri-focal lenses and his recovery has been amazing. I used her for a regular eye exam because I'd had a bad experience with another eye doc and she was really quick to respond to my e-mails when there were questions from Contacts.com. The difference in my vision, while subtle, has really made a difference...so much so that I'm about to book myself in for the same surgery as hubby. It was recommended to me in the past, but I've always been too scared for all of the obvious reasons. I'm still scared, but I don't think there's a better doc to trust with my eyes. For the top-of-the-line trifocals, the cost was $90k mxn for both eyes. As one poster said, you don't shop for a bargain when it comes to your eyes, but look for the best doctor you can get.

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  13. Well, I tip the taxi driver, regardless of who and where. Many times we leave super-early and the folks we call always show up early or on time. It's often around 2:30 or 3 in the morning, so I figure that by using the same people, and giving a decent tip, they'll remember us and continue providing great, timely service. For us, it's definitely worth the extra to make sure we're not watching our plane take off without us. 

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