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  1. I've used both and have had no problems. My packages usually arrive earlier than they estimate. Don't forget MercadoLibre, either...I've used them 5 times in the last couple of weeks and was really, really pleased with the experiences.
  2. utilitus: wow! I was happy just thinking the internet fairies had taken up residence in our fracc
  3. Since this topic came up again on another posting, I thought I'd add one last comment: we're still getting over 10 on the download. I'm almost scared to believe it in case it disappears! Whatever, I can now watch Netflix without $%^&*( buffering, etc. Whoo hoo!
  4. That's not true. We use our US Visa card there (I've used 2 different ones), no problems.
  5. I have to second Melanie, too. I've bought quite a bit of soap from her. I've bought from a place that used to be in the Gallerias, a local shop and elsewhere (Stateside), and there's definitely a noticeable difference in quality. She really knows her stuff when it comes to natural products!
  6. Sure...we're on Ruisenor, not that far from the office. They recently switched the modems on us and the speed doubled (to around 1.5-big whoop). For a lark, today I ran the speedtest and had to do it again because I just didn't believe it. Whoo hoo!
  7. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6156587073 It has to be a mistake!
  8. I'm really sorry to read this. Don't beat yourself up for being taken. We all have our own personal scam story and the only thing you can do is file it away under "lesson learned."
  9. We've had this problem...twice. The first time, we had the tiles on the roof redone and they were supposed to have a block at the end to prevent the bats from nesting. For a while, it worked. Now, we're having the tiles removed and leaving our roof flat. No, it's not as "rustic," but it also is no longer a bat cave. Another problem is the trees around your home. If you have those tall palms, the fruit (and the fruit of a few others) also attracts the bats. You have to have them properly trimmed. FWIW, we tried the sonic deterrents, lights, etc, and the bats eventually returned.
  10. I've been on both sides of the counter, as both an owner and a customer. No, this isn't what I've used in the States, but it has been a better experience. My dogs are not "traumatized" when they return. They actually get excited when they see where they're at when we arrive. THAT'S the standard that I use. They're fed; they're secure; they're happy. Anything else is just icing on the cake.
  11. Well said, MtnMama! Again, having been on the other side of the counter, I know what's realistic and what's not. If I were to recount some of the things that people expected from a kennel - for the equivalent of about .25/hour(!), you'd tell me I was making it up. Again, Wookie has the right to relate her own experiences and expectations, but I will also relate that my small guys come back happy and healthy. Yesterday, when I was preparing our car (blanket, etc) to pick up our two new adoptions from Lucky Dog, one of my dogs was wagging her tail like there was no tomorrow because she thought it meant she was about to go to Dee's. When we go there, she jumps out of the car and just tears off into the outdoor runs...no sad face, droopy ears, and no goodbye to us! . My point is that a kennel is not for everyone. If having a house sitter works for you, then that's the way to go. If you prefer not to have someone in your home, then a kennel is. Just be realistic in your expectations. Check the place out and check out the competition. The kennel is there to keep your dog safe and secure. It's not a grooming facility where your dog comes back smelling like peaches and cream; it's not a training facility where they're going to fix the problems that you can't (or won't); and it's not going to be just like home. At the end of the day, those who love Dee will continue to love Dee and those who don't...well...just more room for my gals!
  12. The sad thing about our results is that it's actually double what it used to be...and it still sux. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6097378633
  13. Wookie, I'm really sorry that you had such a negative experience and, of course, you have every right to post what you experienced. My two dogs are both small and they have, in fact, slept in that room that you described. I prefer it because it does have a window. I don't expect my dogs to go out for hours on end. In a kennel, that's just not possible, but yes, they definitely should have sufficient outside time to do their business; however, having been in the business, I do know that many dogs don't act in a kennel the way they do at home. This includes pooping "on demand." When you have a kennel, you have a schedule. I'm not trying to excuse or not excuse your particular experience, but I think some of the things I read were just unfair. JMHO
  14. I just saw this and wanted to post in Dee's defense. We've used her many times and have never had a problem. I am anal (yes, anal) about my dogs and I'm also a former kennel owner, so I don't drop my dogs off to just anyone. They go to Dee's and actually race to get out of the car. She has a great exercise area, lots of fencing, and space in the rooms. Is it perfect? Of course not, but my dogs don't start shaking when they arrive. They think they're on vacation. We haven't had a problem with fleas, but it is in a country area, so giving your pets a flea treatment would be wise. It never ceases to amaze me about what people expect and for how little. If you want your dogs in a home environment, then hire a house sitter. If you're like us and don't feel comfortable leaving someone in your home, then Dee is a great alternative. Do the smart thing. Go out to her place, walk around, and talk to her. If you like what you hear, great. If not, find an alternative. JMHO Her phone number is 045-331-765-7074.
  15. I've seen something similar and it makes my heart stop since I also do the scooter/bicycle thing here. One thing that should be noted: being a foreigner behind the wheel doesn't give you a magical pass. I've had more expat seasoned citizens make a right hand turn INTO THE BICYCLE LANE and damn near wipe me or another bicyclist out than you could believe. You have to check your mirror (and do a lot of praying!), regardless of whether you're behind the wheel or the handlebars.
  16. Thank you for posting this. Hubby got hit a few months back and you'd be amazed at how much more sophisticated these guys have gotten. When you read it, you think, "Oh, I'm too smart to fall for that," but you'd be wrong. All it takes is one small slip on your part and they've got you. For hubby, it was a coincidence with a potential upcoming visit and someone with a rather unusual accent that was close to his son's. It CAN happen to you, so if you fall for it, don't beat yourself up, but learn from it. If you're one that strings the scammer along, GOOD FOR YOU!!! I'm sure there's a special hell for this vultures.
  17. Wow, that was wildly unfair. I've never had a problem when I've gone into the office. They've always been helpful and give me an explanation when there's a glitch. They're only allowed to do what "corporate" allows them to do. While I have some major issues with the crap internet speed we get, I don't hold the local folks accountable for something out of their control.
  18. And this is a problem that many others have...that YOUR opinion is the "right" one. I couldn't believe the number of times people would start a conversation - perfect strangers! - and just assume that you agree with their particular political viewpoint. We all have one and we should keep them to ourselves rather than assuming that you're right and everyone else is wrong. The civil servant was out of line. All you can do is be polite and leave, if necessary. FWIW, I've found most Mexicans to go overboard in trying to help us. Like anywhere you live, there are always going to be people angry about something. Life is too short to get worked up over it.
  19. Hubby was there last week for surgery and it was as pleasant experience as going to the hospital can be. It's a good idea to have a decent command of Spanish for some of the staff, but they were very gracious and always found someone who spoke English. Usually, the doctors do. The room was excellent, the couch was comfy for me and bedding was brought in so that I could stay with hubby. I have no hesitation in recommending Hospital Country 2000. (One recommendation: unless you really, really know Guadalajara, just take a taxi. Yes, there's parking and it's all well organized, but the peace of mind of not having to drive in Guad was worth every peso to me.)
  20. First: El Saltos, thank you for that follow-up. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being happy w/your company, as you obviously are (and I am, too, with mine! ). Monessen: why don't you go talk to Jose at E-sun and see if they're willing to check your equipment. I'm sure it would be some sort of call-out fee, but I'm willing to bet that his people can find the problem. Odds are, it's probably electrical and in CFE's bubble of responsibility, but, like you, I hadn't a clue when we went into DAC, and it's a horrible, helpless feeling. For a few bucks, what's the harm? You'll get it back once things are back on track.
  21. SIgh...I'm at a point where I'm just happy if the internet is working. After that, anything else seems to be a bonus. Heck, since CH (or at our house) is 95% worse than THE REST OF MEXICO and gets an "F" on Speedtest, that kind of says it better than I ever could.
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