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  1. 4 minutes ago, dichosalocura said:

    Virgo lady if you can't tell, nothing about this pandemic has been preventable.  And with all the health safety protocols have done absolutely nothing to stop it as it continues to surge and mutate.  And every year thousands of children also die from the common flu.  Is that preventable?  As long as people have the need to leave their homes to work or shop or what ever.  They will be at some risk of contagion.  I guess since the common flu also kills thousands your idea would be to wear face masks and socially distance ourselves for the rest of our lives.  I don't think people are going to stand for this staus quo much longer.  I am on the streets daily and I already see the majority of people out and about without facemasks.  This virus is going to do what its gotta do regardless of what mankind wants.  Its going to run its course.

    What I find sad is that when opposing folks give an opinion, we are "uneducated," "in denial," or some other patronizing word because we're not falling in with the party line. Somehow, that makes us yokels who've never seen running water, soap, or any other cleanliness product.  I previously mentioned my sister's vaxxed BIL dying in hospital and reported as the virus -- what they failed to mention was that he was obese, diabetic and 79. The man was already one step in the grave before he passed. It could have easily been the flu or anything else that got him but it was the latest bug. There are many just like him that are reported as the bug when 1 of who-knows-how-many other factors would have done it nearly as soon as the bug. It was just a race of what got there first. Scream your lungs out all you will, the "facts" can be tweaked. As for me, I will continue to take off the mask whenever I'm outside and have a chance to breathe fresh air. I will continue to follow the rules because I am a guest in this country. I will do nothing more than what I am required to do. I a neither anti-vaxxer or a denier; I am an adult with free will and find the condescending posts of other to be just mind boggling. Do what you need to do to keep you and yours safe but don't you dare try to tell me that you know best for me. You don't. 

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  2. I am not portraying any picture of the issue, you are. I am stating my opinion, observations, etc. You are insistent on insulting and pushing a view that you want to cram down others' throats. I chose to observe before jumping. Unlike you, I don't believe it's my place to tell others what to do. This is all I have to say on it as you will no more convince me of the "righteousness" of your views than I will you. If you're right, you have my permission to dance on my cremains. If you're wrong, life goes on. Either way, it's not for you to tell others what they should and should not do. Don't agree? Then avoid them (me). 

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  3. And they are getting boosters and still getting ill. My point was not to be "willfully dense" or to insult others whom I disagree with (ring a bell?), but simply trying to make the point that this is new territory that we're in...every day Fauci changes his tune and every day we're told something new. Meanwhile, both vax and unvax are in the hospitals and will continue to be so. It's not your place, nor mine, to make judgments about them. Yes, the vax reduces the chances of becoming ill, but it appears so does maintaining your weight (and who knows what else?). Can you look in a mirror and not pinch an inch? If you get hospitalized with COVID, not because you weren't vaxxed but because you're morbidly obese, does that make you fair game? So, if not blindly obeying those who seem to be blind themselves makes me dense, well, DUH!

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  4. From Mudgirl:  "In addition to the points Ferret made, the unvaccinated infected clog up the hospitals, taking up beds and resources that have led to people who require non-Covid related care unable to get a bed, often with dire consequences. "

    So, could you please explain to me why my sister's sister-in-law, fully vaccinated, etc, is taking up a bed? Or her vax brother-in-law who took up a bed AND DIED? I guess anyone who doesn't fall within the party line should just be tossed out? Sorry, Granny. Guess you should have taken the flu shot when you had the chance? Oops, Uncle Charlie -- sorry about your liver, but you DID have drinks during your lifetime.

    OK, enough of being silly. My point (duh) is simply saying to use absolutes gets us nowhere. None of us is judge and jury for those who are admitted into hospital. You don't have to agree with one side or the other but the sense of righteous indignation that oozes out of some of the posts just leaves me shaking my head. Be like MaineCoons or Ferret and give us valid points to consider while giving your  opinion. Who knows? You might change a mind or open one up a little.

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  5. Figoush, if you do search online, be very careful. We wanted to replace our front loading machines (electric) with a stackable set and had trouble finding  one that offered an electric dryer. Long story short, I thought I found one with LG's Thin Q and ordered it via Sears. Nope. Even though there was NOTHING that said it was a gas dryer, well...it is and I'm pissed. SInce it's one of those "too late" situations, we'll get it properly piped, etc. Meanwhile, expensive lesson learned. Home Depot carries them and so do many others (just type "secadora electrica") but you may have a problem w/delivery and will have to scrounge a friend with a truck. 

    BTW, even with our old, electricity-chomping dryer, we never sweated it because we have solar and still make more than we use. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Go Solar said:

    If there is already a gas line running to the home, it might be good (easier / shorter) to connect into that - perhaps at the gas water heater.    Or another option could be to use a portable tank (BBQ style or cylinder) right at, and just for, the dryer.    Both of these could avoid having to run another line all the way to the existing tank.

    OMG....the cylinder at the dryer is an EXCELLENT idea and won't mean another #$%^& line/construction/destruction/etc. I'm going to run that by the hubster but I think that's the best possible solution.

    Again, tks to sm1mex for a name (never hurts to keep a file of recommendations) and you, Go Solar. 

  7. 18 minutes ago, utilitus said:

    I had this procedure about 20 months ago at Dental Express, and after about 10 months the molar crown became a bit loose.  I believe it can be glued down easily when I return in a few months, but the restoration is thus imperfect.  And please be aware that the subtractive shaping of the crown required (in my case, anyway) that it is composed of a tough polymer of some sort, not metal and/or porcelain.  At my age, I feel this approach represents good design thinking, so long as it actually works...

    OK, I should qualify the process at Ajijic Dental. I was told it was 3D, but after reading Rick's posting, I should add that it was the "subtractive" method. Either way, I'm pleased as punch. My teeth were always great for a very long time but age caught up with me and I started having problems. Yeah, it's vanity but I was really, really upset with that first crown (not the 3D) because it was so obvious when I opened my mouth. Long story short, when this new method was available, I had old crowns replaced because I was amazed at how much more natural they were. Not perfect, but it was no longer "in your face" whenever I smiled or laughed. We really do live in some amazing times!

  8. 19 hours ago, virgo lady said:

    I recommend Go Solar for all solar systems, and the STI solar hot water systems work great and come with a 5 year warranty and they provide delivery, setup, and quality service.       

    Sounds like you've had this done recently. Would you mind sharing the cost (give or take) of a hot water setup? We have solar already, so I'd like to get us completely off gas since we make more electric than we use. I'm assuming that this is a separate system and wouldn't tap into our current panels. TIA!

  9. She's right above Panache in that little strip to the right of Bugambilias Plaza. If you cross the street on the same side, there's a parking area first  for Fedex, Dermika, Maria's, etc. The main  building to their right is where she's located on the 2nd floor. There should be a sign for Ajijic Dental. The 3D printer is just amazing (yes, I'm easily amused). Hope that helps!

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  10. I've mentioned this before, but Dr. Barragan's office. I had a bad root canal experience with another and didn't want to go through with that again. They were super, super gentle and made sure I never felt the actual numbing medication (used a gel and went OTT to ensure the actual needle wouldn't be felt). When you pay cheap, you usually get cheap. Dr. Barragan may not be the cheapest, but when it comes to root canals/crowns, he's definitely one of the best.

    If it's just a crown (no root canal), Dra. Rocio does an excellent job and it'll be ready the same day since she has the 3D printer. I'm amazed at how natural they look. (FTR, she was NOT the one who did the bad root canal.)

  11. 15 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    So What do you think this web board gains?  You pay nothing to access it.. If you think it's free you must be truly naïve.

    Meta makes it's money from targeted advertising on it's various platforms. Since Whatsapp does not display advertising how does Meta benefit?  If you use Facebook, or Snapchat then your information is shared.  If you remember at one time before Facebook bought Whattsapp they charged 99 cents uUS for a years service and were profitable so Facebook's costs are nothing to run this app. 

    Again Google knows far about you and about more people than Whatsapp or Facebook will ever know. Every search you ever made, what computer-pad-phone you use, every Google Maps search, where you visited, where you ate, what route you drove to get there, what time you go to bed, what time you get up, what you like to buy and where, if you visited a doctor's office, attorneys office, etc.  Last thing I would worry about is a messaging service. Google is even tracking movements of people in cities for Covid transmission.  If you actually want to download everything Google knows about you you can but you will need to buy a huge multi terabyte storage device and tie up your computer for a few days.

    I sooooo wanted to give you a big "THANKS!" but I ran out of icons. If people only realized just how much of their information is out there and who reads it.... Big Brother is not only here, but he's been here for a lot longer than most realize.

  12. They have changed the number. Don't panic because you'll listen to a long-winded message at the beginning.  333 668 3800

    For everyone else, please don't call the old number. I spoke with the lady who answered and I got the impression that she'd gotten a LOT of calls (did TELMEX reassign the number and she was the poor victim who got stuck w/it? I didn't ask). Anyway, the above number works.

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