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  1. no...until BOTH regular and premium are available.
  2. Don't forget that you can claim 2 exemptions if the deed is in your and your spouse's name. While this is not always common, we had ours done that way to protect each other. Little did we know that it would also save us the bite of the capital gains tax because "X" (very well known name) had the notario write the sales contract for less than half of what we actually paid. Like many others, we believed that the law regulated the real estate agencies and that we could trust them. It was the first of many wake-up calls about ex-pats preying on ex-pats. There are also ways that a reputable notario can help you to reduce the tax. If you don't feel comfortable with the one you're using, go to another. There are many LEGAL ways that your bill can be reduced.
  3. Hubby used him for very severe pain in the legs. While things aren't perfect, it definitely helped and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Maestro Jung.
  4. We've tried every station for Red in the last couple of days and none had it. Magna is everywhere, but zippo for premium.
  5. Wow! I know they've been improving their speeds, but that's almost a record!
  6. Any chance someone could catch a photo of these two prize ladies? A little public shaming might go a long way...not that I'm suggesting that...cough, cough...of course.
  7. I do it online and then wait a few months. The reason I do it that way rather than in one go at the Recaucadora is that I have a printout/receipt to show it's been done (in case I get pulled over) and I can go when there is almost no one waiting. YMMV.
  8. Obviously, there is absolutely no excuse for what happened with this woman, BUT slainte has an excellent point. Yesterday, we were going to Tony's/SL and couldn't believe the number of folks that charged out without checking to see if cars were coming. This is especially true on the main roadway just in front. And don't even get me started about Wally's World...
  9. I've had great luck with ordering stuff from Amazon. The delivery almost always is earlier than expected.
  10. Pemex at the cross between the libra and the carretera has gas, but it has a line that winds all the way around the exit (under the carretera) and then some. Like before, it's well organized, but you're going to be there for a couple of hours.
  11. We just got back from the other Costco and then a medical clinic on Federalismo and it was BAD. Every single gas station that was open had lines going back about a mile or so. Things were relatively organized, but the traffic was horrible. What is normally an hour or so took nearly an hour and a half. If you can avoid going to Guad, do it. It's bad here, it's unbelievable there.
  12. Gosh, sorry to be dragging this out...but that's not completely true. He does have a card that he sticks in the window, but it's not "official." Of course, take it one step further and since anyone can buy one at AutoZone, who's to say that it's legit? Those that park in the spaces who should walk are the very same ones that would have no problems purchasing a card/sticker. Still, he does use it (and often wears shorts which helps for a quick confirmation of the problem).
  13. Thanks! Yes, you're right about the 30s, etc, and I try to follow my own advice and not assume, but it can be difficult...😗
  14. Even though I did say BY the libramiento, thanks for that! . To be exact, it's the large PEMEX after you come up from the libra onto the carretera. We ended up in one of the slowest lines, but got our gas and filled my very small can (5L for scooter). Hope that helps anyone who's on fumes or close to it.
  15. We're in line right now. While the lines are long, they're VERY well organized and cutters are being sent packing. So far, it's going very well. Oh, and there are a few clever folks selling popsicles, etc!
  16. While I absolutely agree w/your sentiment, I've learned not to jump to conclusions. Clearly, there was an element missing when I first made my posting, but it actually reinforces the point...you just don't know. I didn't go into too much detail because I thought that the point was obvious, but maybe hubby should have done what I'd suggested and jumped out of the car to wave his leg at them. LOL...he's a bit more level-headed than I am.
  17. Fair question. We took it because he was going to go in with me, but after seeing the lines, etc, of all of us doing the gas-shopping-panic, decided that it was best he just let me zip around solo. Sometimes, he'll get out of the car to help me unload if I need help, but today it wasn't necessary. Like I said, assumptions...
  18. Well...here we go again. PLEASE don't make assumptions if you see a vehicle in a handicap space and it doesn't have a tag/plate (getting one isn't that easy here). BTW, that also includes glaring at the occupant of the car if he/she is still in there. You don't know what the backstory is. Case in point: hubby, an amputee, was waiting for me as I did today's Wally's World run. Due to his health/the leg/other issues, walking isn't always that easy for him. So, out I hopped and shopped. Upon returning, it was quite evident that the couple next to us were doing everything they could to melt the car with their righteous indignation. Hell, at least they were mobile. Did we glare at them? Of course not. I understand the frustration with the spaces and folks that clearly don't need them and feel that the rules don't apply to them, but it's better to take the high road because you don't know.
  19. I don't if it's the same for everyone, but ours didn't go up. BTW, they're really organized this year and I was in and out in less than 10 mins.
  20. This has been happening a lot with Amazon as the supposed sender. Of course, the bad English and !!!!! overuse!!!!! of the exclamation!!!!! points are also pretty telling.
  21. I never knew there could be a way to check my country's code. I just figured if I could reach a particular program, then I was showing as US and if I wanted my cheesy Turkish soap, it was Mexico. I tried Frasier on my tablet with the VPN and got it, np. Grrrr...now I'm in the mood to binge watch that series. Great, just great. The login and pw are always the same. BTW, tks for the info on hidden Netflix, Ferret...more future binges!
  22. What a nice thing to have done, CS! Considering all of the grousing we do here (ok, some of us ), it's a refreshing change to read something uplifting.
  23. I use Express VPN and have no problems getting US Netflix. If a city (access) is blocked, you can contact them and they'll tell you which one works. I like flipping back and forth because some programs that I want to see aren't available in the US (like one REALLY cheesy Turkish soap opera) and vice versa. I'm able to get everything on my tablet, so it's perfect for sitting in bed and binge watching. For the big screen, I just use a live streaming service on the smart tv. I'm a technodino, so you know it has to be pretty simple for me to be able to do it.
  24. And did you pay for the music you downloaded from YouTube? What about those movies you buy in front of a certain store for 20 pesos or so? Don't forget the online movies, etc. I've bought thousands and thousands of dollars worth of books in my time and loaned them to friends. For me, ebooks are no different. If you don't agree and believe a particular book was downloaded illegally, the website has a DMC takedown button where an illegal download can be reported and the book removed.
  25. Just for info, there's a great site that you can find most books for free... www.ebook.bike (no com at the end). Pacific Vortex was there. The website is a bit of a mess, but really worth it. You do have to register, but you won't get spam from them.
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