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  1. Thanks to an earlier post by Tom L. which related to Firestick and how to get assistance with this product, I have been able to resolve several problems I had. I can thoroughly recommend the services of Rich. He is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Please PM me if you wish to contact him.

    Edit:  I should mention that his prices are very reasonable and he's quick to respond if you run into a problem/have a question.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Kyle said:

    Is the staff wearing masks and using hand sanitizer?  They were not before

    are carts being sanitized?  They were not before

    .I saw masks, most worn correctly. If you're concerned, wear your mask and gloves and maybe a containment suit or don't go out at all. Frankly, I'm taking the same precautions I did before and haven't even had so much as a sniffle. I prefer not to get all of that hand glop dumped on me because it's usually antibacterial and this is a virus. I wash my hands when I return. Yes, things could change, but I could get hit by a bus, too. I'll risk it.

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  3. On 5/6/2020 at 7:13 AM, traderspoc said:

    Please help donate pay the salaries of our two teachers Lalo and and his son Lalito.  We have no cash flow or fundraisers during this crisis. The Have Hammer will travel A.C. needs to keep our teachers on board  so when we open again.  We need your help to complete our mission statement  "Teaching mexican youth life skills through CAD, woodworking and carpentry and help them get jobs. Thank you for helping during this crisis.We have fixed overhead of salaries, taxes, CFE, telmex and rent etc.   Thank you for keeping the school solvent and a going concern. see our new website      http://www.havehammer.org 

    Our school will needed more than ever , with so many unemployed,  Please refer students for Sept semester. Please find and  sponsor a student. Boys and girls


    you will get IRS 501c3 United States tax donation 

    For more ways to donate please contact  me 

    wayne  766-1860


    For the one who can't seem to read or write English very well...I have quoted this and placed the appropriate area in an underlined bold. I also write and speak English very well.

    Late add:  glad to hear about the consignment shop & prices. We definitely have a lot of things we need to sell/donate.

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  4. 10 hours ago, Shag said:



    I concur...AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!

    9 hours ago, 4fingersfreddy said:

    My belief? You are quite wrong. Far too many adults ARE children. And thus need to be treated as such.

    4fingers...your conclusion is frightening. Whether or not they ACT like children, they are adults and have earned the right to make their own decisions. I will be damned if I allow Big Brother to creep into my life and decide how I should live, based on my " own good."  It's just a small step, but many small steps equal one large fall. No thanks. What I find equally frightening is the number of folks that have jumped on the bandwagon like sheeple. Yelling louder than most doesn't make you any more right than anyone else and those who wish "spittle" to fall upon others seriously need a mental check. Wow, the vitriol that spews when others attempt to disagree just saddens me. There are those here who I do disagree with, but present some strong, FACT-BASED arguments that make me think. They may or may not change my viewpoint, but they definitely give me reasons to listen. 

  5. 19 hours ago, johanson said:

    You are too funny.Lakeside7. I have been coming down each winter since 1997 when I only stayed 4 months. Now I am here up to 9 months per year. Oh, I go up three times per year now down about a month at a time.

    I am so used to things breaking down here, that I have several backups for most things. Heck in the 90s the water would go out for up to a week at time. The original builder of my property in 1985 when outages were even longer than a week  built my largest aljiba which holds enough water for about 3 weeks.  Oh my power never goes out either because I have solar panels in the day and at night my backup power is provided by 8 deep cell trojan golf cart batteries that are charged in the daytime.

    I love it here.  And it's also fun to explain to someone like you why I have backups for most everything. It's more fun that way :) 

    And of course having worked at the first ISP, lagunanet, I am a computer nut.

    Oh, have a great weekend Lakeside7

    Actually, this is like a flashback to my growing up in a small (5k) town. My dad used to get frustrated because he'd buy something new and never be able to get a repairman afterwards (one shop, no competition). We ended up having two washers, two dryers, two reefers (thank God for a very large basement)...you get the picture. We do the same thing here with certain critical items and when we see something we like at Costco, buy it in super-bulk because who knows if it will still be here next month? No complaints, just observe, adjust and carry on.

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  6. On 5/1/2020 at 10:00 AM, Mainecoons said:

    What I see happening is when lockdowns are lifted it just flares up again.  Sooner or later it is going to have to run its course.  The overall average death rate will be in the 2-3 percent range.


    It is impossible to eradicate a virus with lockdowns IMO.  There is always a reservoir.  Most people can survive it and the rest will either need to quarantine until a vaccine is available or take their chances.

    Meanwhile, the economic damage and explosion of poverty among the general population is happening exponentially.  The first world is trying to cover it by printing money, the second and third worlds are simply letting people starve.

    I've come to the conclusion lockdown is not a viable strategy.  We don't have it now locally (we think but don't know) but as soon as the barriers come down, in two weeks or two months or longer, the tourists will bring it here because it is not going to be eradicated by this tactic.

    Just my 2 pesos.

    MC, this is so much what I've been saying since "this" all began...but you put it so much more eloquently than I ever could.

    I continued to shop, get a massage, etc, and had others call me selfish, stupid, and/or other choice words, but my point was that if you feel unsafe, then YOU can wear the mask and gloves, hose yourself down in gel, etc. Of course, that's now OBE, but when it was optional, it was MY option. I didn't spit on food, cough on others, etc, and tried my best to respect distances. Meanwhile, I took (and still take) the normal sanitary precautions and haven't had so much as a light sneeze. I honestly think that the worst thing we can do is hide indoors unless we have compromised immune systems because the healthier you are, the better your chances. I realize that it's not an option for everyone, but you can still go out to your garden and move around in the glorious sunshine. Do whatever you can to get moving. And why ANTIBACTERIAL gel when it's a virus? I know there are many who will disagree with me, but I still wish everyone good health and hope this soon ends.




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  7. 3 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    I feel no compunction to use the money to stimulate the US economy.  I am quite happy to use these funds to stimulate our local economy and to contribute to those who are giving out 'dispensas' to families in dire straits due to loss of work.  There is not much of a safety net here for those out of jobs due to the Quedate en Casa.  Those of us who can afford to help them at this time, we are their safety net.

    For many of us retirees here, this money is a bonus.  Be generous. 

    Why? I'm genuinely not trying to be combative or argumentative, but I feel no compunction to stimulate anyone's economy. I spend enough money locally to make a tiny difference and I spend enough in the US to make another very tiny difference. I think this is truly a case of everyone should support their own causes, but don't expect others to follow your path just because you're passionate about it. They may, they may not, but it's for each to decide.

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  8. On ‎4‎/‎16‎/‎2020 at 11:16 AM, catbird said:

    I received mine Tuesday. It was deposited into my US checking account. It was $1,200.  I didn't ask for it and don't think I should have gotten it since I don't live in the states anymore.Not going to help the US economy much.  Another example of the US government not spending tax dollars very carefully. The next few month are going to be interesting.

    But that's not necessarily true, catbird. We received ours on the 16h (direct deposit) and will use it for things we need...most of which will be ordered online from US companies. It's long distance, but it's still stimulating the economy.

    (small addition) BTW, we used TurboTax, had filed in mid-Feb, and the money was deposited to the same account as used in TT. Truthfully, I was expecting us to be one of the SNAFUs because that's usually our luck. This time, it was a pleasant surprise.

  9. Heck, we didn't get a new modem...hmmmm....but we did receive the bennies of the better speed because of the hotel. At this point, I'm about to go sacrifice a keyboard to the tech gods and see if that will help. We have internet, but the buffering is still bad (and yesterday now feels like a dream. It probably gave someone in Telmex a good belly laugh to know my hopes had been lifted and then crushed.).

  10. Over the weekend, I received several text messages from Telmex that basically acknowledged we had a problem in our area and that it was being addressed, no need to report it. This morning, I did a speed test for grins and giggles and nearly wet myself and then did the test several more times. We're getting (today)  between 33+ to 40+ mbps downloads and nearly the same for uploads. Before all of the outages, we were getting 15 or so and felt lucky. Now, I nearly want to genuflect at the shrine of technology. Will it last? Is it genuine or just temporary to shut us up? Stay tuned, boys and girls, for the next exciting chapter!

    Lol...ok, on a serious note, I hope this is permanent (duh) and am very pleasantly surprised.

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  11. 87.50/hour in CH. We've had our gardener ever since we first moved here (15 years ago) and always give a % increase at the first of the year. He comes in, does his thing, and goes. We don't clock him or demand that he be here at "X" time, just that it's day A and day B. He has a key to the outer gate, arrives, does his job and then leaves. We may or may not see him, depending on what we have going on. If we need something special done, he cheerfully does it. If it means extra effort, we give him extra. Hubby often joins him for a chat and a beer. We give holiday pay, more than the aguinaldo at Xmas, plus a decent Xmas basket. Any time off needed is given, no questions asked, and we still pay. Why? He's honest and hard working.

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