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    Oh, if only I could....but, sadly, I'm trying hard to be healthy. If I had my "druthers," I'd load about a stick of butter over a small bowlful and go hide in a corner with "my precious." Jiffy Pop missed a MAJOR opportunity here!
  2. Tingting


    I wanted a couple of bags of popcorn for my air popper and searched high and low in the snack section of Wally's World. Nada. Only by chance (and needing a few more items) did I think to search in...the bean section. Yup, nestled amongst the frijoles of various shapes and varieties were the popcorn "beans." Love it!
  3. And don't forget that if it's a US dish, then they probably bought it outright. Smells fishy to me...
  4. We had solar installed about 8 years ago and have been very happy with it (love those low bills!). While our bills have usually been at or near the minimum with the configuration we have, we've been planning to install a few a/c splits and that will up our usage...time to add another inverter and solar panels. I contacted Opiere and set up an appointment with Nyah Walters. Wow! He was knowledgeable, professional, and actually fun to deal with. We pretty much knew what we wanted before we even met up, but it was nice to not feel pressured. Long story short, the crew came--every bit as professional as you could hope for--the setup was installed and we're very happy campers. Our property was left immaculately clean afterwards. If you're considering having solar, I very highly recommend Opiere. www.opiere.com ventasa@opiere.com 331 400 2646 (FWIW, no, we don't get anything for giving them a plug. It's just nice to be able to give positive reviews for companies that truly deserve them.)
  5. Thanks so much for the quick answer! You just saved me a trip to TELMEX.
  6. When you first got your modem from TELMEX, was there a disk with it?
  7. Does have a recommendation for a local shop that might be able to do a simple (I hope) repair on a Thule bike carrier? Long story short, the wind up cable on one side never worked properly when we bought it. It looks like there are actually two cables and one has crossed over another. Since this was shipped from the US, it would cost more to send it back than it's worth. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! TYVMIA.
  8. There are plenty of places to find scooters. I'm on my second Italika. No, it's not the high end, but I knew that when I bought them. The first one lasted nearly 4 years before I "upgraded"' and the second one is now about 4 years old, too. I ALWAYS (even before it was the law) wear a bright vest and helmet, along with an identification anklet. It probably makes me an easier target, but at least they'll find the body faster. On a more serious note, they're not bad scooters. but you have to be careful here. While a car gives you more protection, I never have to worry about traffic or finding somewhere to park. It's a trade-off.
  9. This made me laugh because it's so true about the fished cans. We had a microwave that caught on fire. I stuck it out for the garbagemen and put a sign on it in Spanish and English that said it was dangerous, etc. It was gone in less than 20 minutes -- and we live at the end of a cul-de-sac!
  10. Amazon USA does ship to Mexico as has already been said. If I find an item on the US site that I really want, but it doesn't ship to Mexico, then I check to see if it's available on Amazon.com.mx. While it's going to cost a lot more, sometimes it's worth it. Most times, you can find something similar and a company that will ship to Mexico. Often, the shipping and import costs aren't too bad; it really depends on the item. If you happen to overpay on the import fees, Amazon is very good about notifying you and then crediting your account.
  11. When we first arrived, we were going to use one of the bigger vets. I won't bore with the details, but the attiude was an instant turn-off for me. Someone recommended Dr. Delfino and we've been loyal ever since. Great service, very caring and reasonable prices.
  12. Well, I guess it beats the old "I have a bridge I'm selling in Brooklyn..." 😁
  13. bmh, yeah, these guys do speak English. At first, hubby said there was a pause when he answered and then the guy spoke in English. It's safe to say that many are bilingual. As for me, I'll answer the phone because it's fun to play with them for a while. If you prefer not, I don't blame you. FWIW, our number is not on FB (we don't use it) or any other website. I'm sure they're tech savvy enough to have some sort of rote dialing or whatever it's called. Meanwhile, if you want to have some good laughs, check out James Veitch on youtube. He has several videos on responding to spammers and they're hilarious.
  14. Ummm...as for the Jerry Lewis joke, bmh, I think the point was that Lewis was once very big in France when his schtick got old for everyone else.
  15. Hubby took a call (332-939-3780) and was instantly greeted by the "This is your old friend" (but name not given) schtick. He goes, "Howie?" and, of course, is immediately told that, "Yes, yes, this is Howie." Well, since we haven't heard from Howie in about....oh, 30 years...it's safe to say that it wasn't. So, on and on they go for a bit and then hubby finally asks, "What's my wife's name?" He repeats it and suddenly Howie has hung up! I guess Howie was ashamed of forgetting my name, Prunella. Shame, I never got to talk to my old boss and friend. Yeah, folks, they're back, but I have a feeling they never really disappeared. They just go to ground for a while.
  16. I use both and have had great experiences each time. It's great that the customs charges are included and if they overcharge you, you'll be refunded the difference. Even better, the items usually arrive earlier than expected. Yes, things cost a bit more than in the US, but it's still cheaper than trying to buy it local.
  17. Dra. Claudia's sister is covering in her place and I used her when I had some follow-up treatment. If Dra. Claudia trusts her with her practice, then I trust her. When it comes to my eye sight, I would not trust any one else other than the folks at the Camacho clinic (including their retina specialist Dr. Silva). Without going into boring detail, I have no doubt that they saved my eyesight and gave me 20/20 & J1 (? or whatever you want to call it for clear vision at all distances).
  18. I agree with Hal about Hospital Ajijic. We've always gotten top-notch care from both the father and son (Drs. Rodriguez). We tried another gringo-popular place here and were pretty put off by the attitude. The senior Dr. Rodriguez always gives you his full attention and never makes you feel like "your fifteen minutes are up." Yes, we can afford to go for more bells and whistles, but why? Good care, very reasonable prices make it our go-to medical facility.
  19. I often buy them and have always found them really tasty and tender. YMMV.
  20. Good advice, thanks. If you want to have some fun, check out the youtube videos that James Veitch did when he started answering spam. Absolutely hilarious!
  21. Maybe I'm just being ornery here, but the first time it happened to me, I just thought it was great to get some free advertising a bit longer. I've sold items on both the web and the magazine and have found that often the magazine sells what online doesn't. If you don't want it in El Ojo, then take it off the board as soon as it sells. If you don't make it in time, politely tell folks who call that it's sold.
  22. We just used Derek (he had an ad in the Guad Reporter) who came and installed Firesticks on our two Samsung TVs. Now, we have access to practically everything and it's all FREE (after the cost of installation/Firesticks). He spent a lot of time here until everything was up and running. I really recommend him. FWIW, one of the access points (or whatever you call it) is the same as I have on my Android tablet. No more $130/month cable bills. If you go to Play Store, just download USA TV & Radio. You'll be amazed at what's out there for free!
  23. Well put, KimanJoe. You "get" exactly why I, and many others, will choose to terminate the employment. It's not that we can't afford the increases, but we have zero interest in becoming ensnared in all of the paperwork.
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