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  1. Hubby had to have several hernias repaired and Dr. Ivan was the surgeon (at that time, we were members of SAH). I commented afterwards that I had never seen such tiny and precise stitches. I didn't know that Dr. Ivan was a cosmetic specialist. It's been over a year and you would never know that work was done...it healed that cleanly. Dr. Ivan's English is good, he's very down-to-earth/approachable and his work is, well, beautiful! We really recommend him. 

  2. 5 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    You may have been conditioned to overpay for everything, but that has nothing to do with being a Canadian. I'm also Canadian.

    You talk in circles and make no sense. You now say the CFE bill is "unfortunately" in Spanish (well, of course it is) so you can't figure out where to see the usage. Yet your wife is Mexican but somehow can't point out to you where on the bill the usage is shown?

    No one gets a 25 peso electric bill unless their place is fully on solar, they aren't using any electricity, or there is something wrong with the meter. It isn't "normal" but for some reason you refuse to believe that.



  3. 10 minutes ago, mudgirl said:


    You have to do your due dilugence here, not just trust that the bill is correct.


    I ran out of emoticons, but here's a smiley face for you...😀

    For obvious reasons, I can't go into specifics, but...a few years back, we got a rather large bill from CFE that we knew couldn't be right as the solar was in and it just wasn't possible, even if we had left every light on, computers showing videos, etc, etc. We checked the lines since a couple of our neighbors were on the more "interesting" side; we had CFE come by twice (or so they said, but...) and nothing. An electrician was already here doing other work, so he proved that CFE had never been by or they would have immediately seen the issue. The electrician was able to provide a solution and our bills dropped back down to normal.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Northtek said:

    I looked through the billing history for the last year and billing has been consistent, the meter is new as the area I am in is relatively new. it has an antitamper tag on it and I am pretty sure its secure, as the neighborhood is very secure. We live in a gated community, inside a gated community.

    Plus its just a 3 bedroom condo and we decided to opt out of heavy consuming appliances, such as A/C, Electric dryers, and so on. so our consumption is very low. This was my wife's decision, as she is from here and said that she did not want it. I was resistant at first, as I like my conveniences, but have adopted, as I was told this is the way it is here. 

    But in the end, if there is an issue, I am sure it will present itself. Until then, I will just money aside just in case. 


    We had solar installed quite a bit back and then added panels because the hubster and I are very spoiled and like being able to use all of our electronics/electric gear without paying a buttload to CFE, as we did when first arriving. We now generate more than we use, so I think it's safe to safe that you're setting yourself up for a rude awakening if you don't get this checked by CFE. It doesn't matter whether you're hooked up (unintentionally) to someone else's meter, have a non-functioning one, or...?...you're not receiving an accurate bill. We show a negative balance each billing cycle, but are billed $49 pesos for the connection charge. If you're paying $25 and your bill shows 0kw...umm...I think you don't need us to tell you that CFE thinks you're a zero usage. Get this checked out, please!!!

    Late addition:  Also, most of us are overlooking the fact that you mentioned you're married to a Mexican. I guarantee she read that bill and saw that there is no usage reported. Spanish is not my 1st language, but even I knew how to read our first bill all those many years ago....what part of 0kw is easily misunderstood?  If you ask a question of this board, don't get your panties in a twist if you don't like the answers. The more I read from you, the less I believe the story as you've presented it. Sorry, but, I think you know you're getting free electric and are now trying to justify it.

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  5. Whew, that was a long title!

    This One Thing Makes You 2x More Likely to Die From COVID (msn.com)

    I'm sure most of you have seen this in one form or another, but how many are actually trying to do something about it, health conditions permitting? For me, I find it sad that it took me decades to get proactive about my health, but that's another whine for another day. I'm not trying to start up any battles or angry discussions, I'm truly curious.

  6. Ferret and Cafemediterraneo both made some really valid points. In the end, though, it has to be each person's decision. As for me, I have no interest in the vaccine unless circumstances force me to do so. I have a lot of valid reasons, many already mentioned by others, but please understand that I am absolutely not an anti-vaxxer, nor do I think my DNA will be altered or a chip implanted (wtf???). I absolutely understand and respect the opposing view and try to keep up with developments. I'm not saying it's a permanent "no," but that it's not for me right now. Even if you don't agree, just think of it as one less person in line!

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  7. 1 minute ago, gringohombre said:

    If you "don't know squat about this particular practice" why would you opine about it here??? There always are a few disaffected consumers no matter what profession, whether it be automotive, technical or medical that tend to get the ink and are the loudest. Over the many years here, I have seen just as many positive comments about this practice as negative, in fact I would opine, maybe many more. Some here are like a dog with a bone, digging up and regurgitating ancient posts and seem to get e kind of perverse pleasure from it. Please check the glowing OP report at the top here that begins with "The best dental care I have experienced."  Enough said!!!

    Evidently, reading comprehension is not your best feature. I did not opine about the practice. I stated that I respect the recommendations/experiences of others. As I have said in your previous rants about this particular doc, just because YOU had a good experience does not erase the numerous bad experiences of others. If you're happy, great, continue with this practice. As for me, YOUR great experience versus that of so many others means that YOUR opinion is worth exactly....oh, let's say squat...with me.

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  8. Even a broken clock is right twice a day...

    For me, I really value the recommendations here.  Most will say "yay" or "nay" and give reasons. Whether we're talking about food, a particular store, medical, etc, there's usually a strong trend in the follow-up comments. I don't know squat about this particular practice, but when so many folks have taken the time to write and it's not positive, then I pay attention. Actual experiences are out there for others to read; it's up to us to decide whether or not to be a patient. Interesting that this keeps popping up, though.

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  9. Another thumbs up for Turbotax. I've been using it for years and have never had a problem, despite some returns that were a bit complicated. They walk you through every step with simple, easy-to-understand questions and explanations. I filed our return early last week and it just hit our account today. Love it! I also recommend their audit defense (I think $49?) just for peace of mind. While our returns have become very simple (ah, retirement!), it's still nice to know that there's an extra layer of protection. BTW, we switched to TurboTax when we started a business and hired an accountant to do our taxes since it was so new to us. We paid an arm and a leg ,only to be told that we owed money when we should have received a refund. Found Turbotax and never looked back.

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  10. Gosh, it's worth it to me. The ride is usually quiet/relaxing until you hit Guad and it gets you relatively close to the "good" Costco. Plus, there are quite a few shops (Office Max, Home Depot, Petco) and restaurants on the way back. $5 for making this direction-limited driver easily get from Point A to Point B? A bargain!

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  11. Just got back from a doctor's appt in Guad. Yes, the traffic is down to 2 lanes and yes, it's going to be several months. This is for both directions. I really, really recommend that you use Google maps to check out traffic right before you leave your home. While most routes had crashes and/or construction, you can work out which delays are less backed-up, etc. If you don't mind a bit of traffic entering Guad, the macrolibramento is actually faster than the airport route. Someone said 2 moths? Bwahahahaha...ummmm, no.

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