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  1. 1001x for Renee. Great guy, extremely knowledgeable and will get it done right. Without going into details, for obvious reasons, several other companies here charged us a lot and never came close to eradicating the beasts. FuMiGa got it done right and we've been termite-free ever since.
  2. Uh-huh and you don't insult? Too funny. This topic, like your tired repetition, is boring. Buh-bye bye, Mrs. Kravitz.
  3. Sigh. Ok. Fine. If insulting people and then denying it makes you happy, have at it. "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street"
  4. So effective. Once again, all scientists do not agree with this and your continuing to insult folks just to make a point isn't going to do the job. "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" ... check it out. It will seem very familiar to you.
  5. Ummm....no, not even on this, but, hey, keep up insulting people since it's so effective.
  6. Wow, really? Last time I checked, it was the norm for scientists to disagree until proven one way or the other. But, as to your last statement...well, I'll leave that one alone as to not insult.
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the insults fly when one doesn't fall in line with the "popular" line. Mainecoons has given a lot of facts and information to back up his point. Others use insults and half-baked theories. Hmmm...so difficult to decide who has the stronger case...not. Give me proven data, not speculation and I will listen to you. Give me insults, call me selfish and don't be surprised if I think you're someone with way too much time on your hands, a Mrs. Kravitz, if you will. "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"
  8. I'll check them out tomorrow-thank you!
  9. Anyone know if the mask seller will be back in front of Pancho's this weekend or if there's another one who does the embroidered masks?Since this is going to continue for a while, I'd like to be "fashionable" (and don't panic...we've been wearing them ever since they were mandated). There was a couple in front of Pancho's last week that had a great selection of cute embroidered ones with a lot of Mexican themes (mariachis, women in traditional dress, etc).TIA!
  10. I read your post and...gasp!...even comprehended it. OK, joking-ish aside, do you really think the virus is going to respect a border? The self-isolation is great for the person that's at risk, but there are many that just can't put their lives on hold. We're fortunate that we're retired and don't have to worry about the next paycheck. That's great for us, but...people have to eat. Jobs have to be done. Life is going to continue, regardless of what is out there. Medical emergencies, or other emergencies, are going to happen. When we return, we still have to eat, see a local doc, etc, etc. No matter how hard one tries, contact can be limited, but not eliminated and the virus is going to go through "the herd," no matter how much we might wish otherwise. El Menudo: the reference is to a Twilight Zone episode that this situation sure is mirroring (apologies if you knew and I just misunderstood your comment).
  11. Or maybe many are traveling because they don't have a choice. We're returning north for an emergency medical situation that can't be addressed here (long story, but NOT Covid-19 related). I'll be sure to tell hubby that it's really selfish of him not to time his emergency better. You're right; how rude! Or maybe it's a case of you take care of YOU and let others take care of (ie, make decisions for) themselves. "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street."
  12. Thanks for that! I'm going to try it on some of my plants. I hate using chemicals for things I'll eat.
  13. THIS! Bill Maher is saying exactly what I seem unable to do when it comes to this crisis. Of course, he's far brighter than I'll ever be...and I'm not even particularly a fan of his!
  14. Did you actually read what I wrote? Did you read anywhere where I said I refused to wear a mask, distance myself or follow public health measures? I said "SUIT UP," not refuse to mask, etc. When these measures were announced, I followed, so don't you dare assume you have a clue as to what I do and do not do. My spouse is also immune suppressed and I am very aware of what we need to do. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO PUT YOUR RULES ONTO ME. If you cannot go out without risking your health, YOU NEED TO STAY IN. This does not mean that I have to lock myself up to keep you safe. The world is going to continue, whether or not you like it. Some of us will live, some won't...and that includes me. I don't give a rat's flip for the inconvenience, but for the simple logic involved. YOU SEEM TO LACK EMPATHY FOR THOSE WHO ARE CLEARLY NOT AS WELL OFF AS YOU OR ME. There are going to be people that HAVE TO WORK TO EAT. At some point, life goes on. Stay inside. Take care of yourself, but do not thrust your perceived solutions on me. I do the best I can and do not "risk" others, but I will continue to go out for my exercise, visit my masseuse, shop, etc, all without your bullying me indoors. You are one of the worst of the "tsk tsk" set because you judge without knowing the full facts. Maybe you need to take a long, hard look in your judgmental mirror. What a stupid counter argument and not even worthy of a comment. Reading COMPREHENSION is a wonderful thing; I suggest you try it. Nowhere in my comment did I say that I don't wear a mask. I will say this: I do, but I hate it. Happy? Well, I'm glad that you're your brother's keeper, but you're not mine and your particular beliefs are not necessarily mine. I am an adult and I make decisions for myself. I neither want, nor need, MommyCare from you or BooBoo. If you are afraid of the big, bad world, then stay inside, locked up in stale atmosphere. I take very good care of myself (good diet, exercise, vitamins, blah, blah, blah) and am going to continue to use COMMON SENSE during this time. There is so much hysteria being pumped out and it appears that you and BooBoo have both taken the KoolAid. Protect YOURSELF in whatever manner YOU feel best for YOUR circumstances, but butt out of my choices. Just because you need Big Brother telling you what to do doesn't mean that I do.
  15. I wish I could credit the person that said this (feel free to add it), but I heartily agree with the sentiment, "My civil rights don't end where your fear begins." There has been so much misinformation and hysteria that I choose to follow my own common sense (hand washing, etc). If you prefer to suit up due to a compromised immune system, or just preference, good for you, but that doesn't mean that I have to do the same. I love reading the comments of folks who seem to believe that we need to lock ourselves in our homes and hide out until it's all over. That's great if you're sitting on a trust fund or retirement pensions, but what about the average Joe or Jane who lives paycheck-to-paycheck? Life has to go on. This isn't denial, as some would say, but reality. Some will live; some will die, and life will go on. We do the best we can.
  16. Since we are under TRICARE, hubby has no choice but MUST pay for Part B. It's a good thing, too, because while up north, he had to go to the emergency room. Long story short, some serious medical issues were addressed. Total bills so far: over $300k. Our cost with Medicare/Tricare: $0. It's absolutely worth keeping/paying the cost. As we get older, our health is not going to improve. FWIW, the times that he's used Mexican medical (private), it's been excellent.
  17. OOoooooo...let me know when my grape-peeler and person to fan over me as I splash by the pool arrive (pool? in my dreams!). Colonial? Really? No. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford help. It's no more and no less than the locals. Some hire; some are hired. We worked hard for our "colonial" retirement and if that means having someone help with cleaning, like we did when we had our business, well, then so be it. I honestly cannot understand where this guilt tripping is coming from. And FWIW, I've known many to come down here who are pretty much on the bones of their bums...I think it's safe to say that not all expats are living high off the hog.
  18. As I previously mentioned, we use whatever the govt. gives as the rate of inflation. It can be anywhere from 3-5%. Other than that, no one can really answer for you because what works for us may not work for you (want to give less? more? exactly?)
  19. I rather resent being told that I should pay more simply because I'm not from here. We pay slightly more than the going rate. Every year, we raise it by the % of inflation, or more (rounding up). We also make sure we pay holiday pay, aguinaldos, etc, etc. and for any guilt you're trying to inflict on us, just remember that many say they prefer working for the ex-pat community simply because most of us ARE more than fair...not all, of course, so I don't know where you're getting the slave wages from. If we were that crappy, not one foreigner would ever have help. As it is, many of us do. A bit contradictory, no?
  20. And the chair is nice, too (sorry, I just couldn't resist)
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