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  1. Actually, you don't see that many folks wearing masks. Of course, it may be different in other areas, but that's been my experience so far. I did see 2 or three ex-pats wearing gloves.
  2. Another one for Roberto's tree service. The guys are very, very professional. Proper equipment is used, permits are done, and they do an amazing cleanup. We just had 5 large palms removed (!@#%^ black beetles got to them). It wasn't cheap, but we definitely got value for the money.
  3. No, sorry, but I have a right to get food, pay bills, etc. I don't get close to others and won't hug/shake hands/etc, but I also am going to continue maintaining as normal life as possible. If you are staying indoors/self-quarantined, then you have nothing to fear from my being outside. FWIW, I AM following the guidelines, such as they are, and will continue to do so to the best of my ability. For those of you who chose otherwise, great, but life goes on in spite of the world's latest catastrophe and work has to be done, families fed, period. Oh, and not only is " living life as normally AS POSSIBLE" my right, but how presumptuous of you to assume that I am not keeping myself up-to-date on world events. It's called having an opposing/different opinion and while I don't agree with your attitude, I respect your right to have it.
  4. Basic veg (carrots, potatoes, onions, lettuce), deli meats and as CG said, a lot of imported/upscale items.
  5. I just went to several different locations today (bank, Soriana, etc). Yes, I washed face and hands up returning home. I think HappyJillin has It right and I will continue to shop/bank/get my massage as long as it's possible. Either this is the bug to end all bugs, or it's an overreaction. Either way, I'm not qualified to make that determination, so I'll continue to live as normally as possible until told otherwise.
  6. I have yet to see any dog, especially rescues, not bond with their owner as long as love, food, love, patience, and more love were given in large doses. This isn't to say that MtnMama doesn't have a valid point, she absolutely does, just giving another view as someone who has also worked with rescues and actually had a pet business. P.S. I LOVE the names "Frick" and "Frack!" We have nicknames for our little terrors, too, but they can't be printed here!😯
  7. Well, I feed ours food that I prepared (meat & veg). Despite using quality dog food, one of them is severely allergic to most pet foods because of the additives, grains, etc, and two others have slight allergies. After removing nearly every treat and anything with chicken (local is loaded with hormones), they're thriving. I don't want my allergic dog to have to take anymore cortisone shots (he's had 2) because of the side effects. At the time, having him not scratch his body raw was an improvement, but no solution. If you Google, there are all sorts of vet instructions on how to prepare a meal that meets most requirements. Considering these pooches were rescues and once eating God-knows-what, I'm pretty sure that the home prepped meals are an improvement...even with my cooking skills! 🤭
  8. What happened? Tony's was once a great, consistent restaurant, even with the changes after he left for his other place. For a while, the food improved, portions were reasonable and the more upmarket touches were appreciated. Then, things started rolling down hill. Hubby was ready to throw in the towel a couple of visits ago when his ribs had been overcooked, cut apart, and downsized to the point of nearly insulting the diner (and when you compare the size, quality and taste to Adelita's, it's even more apparent how bad it's gotten). Still, we went back a few more times, hoping that maybe it was just a bad run. Not anymore. Today was it for us. I won't even get into the specifics of the precautions taken against the virus (but there were a lot of contradictions in how things were handled) other than to say it was nice that they tried. The restaurant was empty. The waiter seats us, gets our drink order and comes back with drinks and 2 dishes for the appetizers (usually chips, sauces and carrots & onions in vinegar). No appetizers, so we sat with empty plates in front of us. It took over 25 minutes for our food to appear...and the restaurant still was empty except for the staff and us. Hubby had fried shrimp with blue cheese. I had garlic fish. My fish was one step away from inedible. It was drowning in oil...so much so that it left me nauseous. The bottom half was so overcooked that I thought the skin had been left on. No, the cook had fried the hell out of one side and considered it done. So, the bottom was a potato chip consistency and the top was barely warm. It was cooked. Period. I ate it because, well, I paid for it. Dumb, I know. My sides were green beans and refried beans. The refried beans were fine...not much you can do to screw those up, but the green beans were another story. They were barely cooked, not very warm, and mixed with way too many chopped almonds and black seeds (sesame?). Hubby's shrimp was fine, but the blue cheese was a little bowl, condiment size, of blue cheese that was barely enough for 3-4shrimp, much less a full plate. He also had the 2x beans and the same problems. I hope that by writing this that someone at Tony's takes note and takes it seriously because I honestly loved the place and hate what I see happening.
  9. I find it really sad that there is a great deal of helpful information buried under politics and personal attacks. I'm not qualified to make medical judgments about whether or not this is the end of the world, but I'm taking reasonable precautions (as listed in previous postings). Sadly, in this day of instant news/internet, there is a lot of bad wrapped in good intentions. For me, I'm not hiding out because life still goes on. I wish everyone on this board good health and hope that this soon disappears.
  10. I regularly use ML and almost always use my US credit cards. I've never had a problem and have been extremely happy with my purchases. The communication and/or follow-up is always good, too.
  11. I'm writing this not to beat anyone up, but just as a general word of advice for those of you who may be relatively new to the area or clueless/uncaring with all of the changes in the roads during this "wonderful" time of construction. I know that there are many problems, on all sides, when it comes to motos, cars and traffic, but please be aware of your surroundings if you're the one in the car. Yes, scooters/bikes/whatever dart out, but many cars also cut them off when the moto has the right-of-way. Yesterday, I was in the right-hand turn lane (NOT the ciclopista), signal blinking, in front of Steren and heading to the libramiento when a driver heading towards Ajijic had left some space in front of his/her car to allow a car turning left from Wal-Mart to enter. That would have been fine, but the driver went straight across to enter the turn lane and didn't have a clear view of whether or not it was already occupied by a vehicle and it was - me. The driver damn near wiped me out...and hubby was in the car right behind me. Two heart attacks for the price of one! Fortunately, I wasn't going that fast and could brake, but please remember that those on scooters/motorbikes and bicycles just cannot stop on a dime. Even though I was in my lane, not speeding, wearing my helmet, blah, blah, blah, being "in the right" wouldn't have made me any less dead had that car been even one second later. The sad thing is that I don't think he/she was even aware.
  12. Ferret, you have to order it 24 hours in advance...well worth it.
  13. Good food, reasonable prices and you learn to tune out the noise. Only negative for us is that the service is a bit spotty. It's still a great place to go and conveniently located.
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