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  1. I don't know if this will help, but when I had to have a second root canal, I didn't want to use the same doc who caused me tremendous pain (long, boring story). I contacted Dr. Barranga's practice because I'd heard so many good things about him and his staff. I wasn't looking to change general dentists (Dra. Rosio is fantastic, but she doesn't do root canals), but just needed someone to do this job. The doctor that did it was also fantastic. He was an associate of Dr. Barranga and I wish I could remember his name (youngish guy), but he knew that I was scared spitless of having another pain-lo
  2. Oh, lord, Lost...you have no idea what you may have innocently started. The mask Nazis are already here...even though masks are NOT required outside in the open air, you now have self-appointed gringos who hiss, "MASK!" under their breaths if they pass you and you're not wearing one. Some of us prefer to get as much fresh air as possible, but these DUDley-Do-Rights feel it's their mission to point out the error of everyone else's ways. If you want to try the yoghurt and see they're not wearing masks and that bothers you, then run. Otherwise, enjoy the yoghurt.
  3. Actually, that was what Dra. Rosio advised me about implants. They're not necessarily "no big deal" because you must have sufficient bone for the implant and it can take 4 months before the actual implant is done. Any good doc will always go for the best solution, not necessarily the most invasive or expensive. I shudder to think what that one doc would have charged you.
  4. Tingting

    The Wok

    I think that one is called The Pub (?).
  5. Oh, good lord! I have no idea why you feel it is appropriate to equate porn to my name, especially when it's HAPPILYnutz (intiimating crazy), not happy nuts (your favorite movie genre), but I also don't watch what you must watch, nor do I find porn in innocent names. If it gives you a giggle, good for you. I honestly didn't know that having more than one name was a no-no, but I do know that I'm not the only one. I immediately said who I was and why I used it, but that doesn't appear to be good enough for you. If you'd continue with your dogged investigation of me, you'd have seen that it
  6. Tingting. I just mentioned it because I used my other name and thought it might confuse some. It wasn't anything "nefarious" but an old technodino's use of the wrong account. And before you ask, I used a different account with the classified section because I ran into some rather "interesting" individuals when I sold some items online.
  7. This has everything to do with costs. Your problem is that you're so hell-bent on defending the place and telling everyone else that their experiences don't count that you refuse to accept that not every experience is rainbows and unicorns. Since you don't know my insurance, you have no clue what is and is not fiscally efficient. For us, it's more efficient, and probably medically necessary, for us to pay out-of-pocket and see specialists that won't continue the medical circle-jerk, . We are then reimbursed, as we were in the past before we tried the insurance plan w/SAH. I don't say this lig
  8. RickS, The billing was done in pesos, but then they convert it on the statement which we get. The "approximately" was me using a USD/MXN converter to give everyone a rough idea of the charges that the hospital billed our insurance. This was not the reason why we chose to opt out of their plan, but it's just one more "brick in the wall." Again, I'm not saying that the place is bad, good, or indifferent, just not for us.
  9. Since this topic began, we've received several billing statements from our insurance. Our co-pay was always the same ($100mxn per visit/$3000mxn if a hospital stay is involved), so I never really looked too closely. Two quick examples of many: a simple doctor's visit (got to see the third or fourth fresh-out-of-medical school doc that does the general appointments), billed $174.10USD (approximately $3700mxn!), paid $65.27 ($1384mxn); a specialist was seen and the bill was $434.35 ($9200mxn!!!!) when most specialists charge $800mxn. The payment was $325.83 ($6900mxn). I might add, that this wa
  10. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 5Jacks. I had the same spam/crap coming from that site with the same problem of "site not found," etc. I wrote directly to the site and FINALLY seem to be off her list. Where TF did she get our e-mails?
  11. Don't forget Mercado Libre. A lot of times, items that can't be shipped to Mexico from Amazon can be found on ML. Yes, you're paying more, but it's often less than what shipping and customs adds on if it were a straight shot. Even when it's more, it may be worth it if the item is a must-have and not a nice-to-have.
  12. That explains the well done stitch work. He came across as very down-to-earth and personable and I'd definitely recommend him, just not SAH. Again, this is based on numerous problems, but YMMV.
  13. First of all, it wasn't cutting my nose off to spite my face. You had a great experience, terrific. We had multiple problems with them, not great and nothing that you would expect to happen. That doesn't negate your good experience nor does your good experience mean that we're one-offs. There were some really serious problems and the blood test was the final one (there's more to the blood test, but I don't want to go into it here). The blood test was requested by the doctor I saw at SAH. Whenever Dr. Rodriguez, Clinica Ajijic, has a test, it's done in house. SAT takes multiples insurances, inc
  14. It was about 6 weeks ago and the tests were to check my thyroid (on meds) and blood sugars, nothing difficult. There were so many problems with SAT that we gave up. We prefer to pay out-of-pocket than to deal with them anymore...well, I must be fair and give a plug for one surgeon--Dr. Ivan (so sorry I can't remember his last name). He was absolutely top notch and did some of the best stitch work I've ever seen.
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