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  1. Tingting

    Printer Koist on Carreteria

    I know I'm going to get beaten up for this, but I totally agree. I don't let a letter or two bother me because I know how autocorrect can really mess with what's been written, but some of the news articles that actually get printed make me wonder if editors even exist anymore. We all make mistakes, but the rapid dumbing down of the English language is frightening. What's really sad is that there are so many programs out there to help us (Grammarly, etc) whenever we draw a blank.
  2. Pete is absolutely correct (we were researching this w/a notario, too). Again, it's VERY important to remember that you can take TWO credits (UDIs) if the deed is in both you and your spouse's names. It really makes a difference. Sadly, there are quite a few unethical agents who either don't know this or do, but choose to keep the information to themselves to use it as a scare tactic to get you to sell for less/a quick sale. We didn't bite, but it does happen. I wish you the very best of luck.
  3. Tingting

    E books

    ...and ebooks.bike has nearly everything you can imagine.
  4. Tingting

    Need an Optometrist at Lakeside

    I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Since I've posted about her before, I'll just say that I genuinely believe that she is one step away from a miracle worker. I went from -8 and -8.5 in contacts with so-so vision (often headaches, etc) to perfect 20/20 and no readers (Zeiss trifocal lenses implanted). I had used a previously recommended optometrist for a contact prescription and his attitude was about as uncaring as I've ever seen. It's another long story, so I won't go into it, but he's the reason I decided to give Dr. Claudia a try and...well...you already know the fantastic outcome.
  5. Tingting

    Is the gas crisis over?

    no...until BOTH regular and premium are available.
  6. Don't forget that you can claim 2 exemptions if the deed is in your and your spouse's name. While this is not always common, we had ours done that way to protect each other. Little did we know that it would also save us the bite of the capital gains tax because "X" (very well known name) had the notario write the sales contract for less than half of what we actually paid. Like many others, we believed that the law regulated the real estate agencies and that we could trust them. It was the first of many wake-up calls about ex-pats preying on ex-pats. There are also ways that a reputable notario can help you to reduce the tax. If you don't feel comfortable with the one you're using, go to another. There are many LEGAL ways that your bill can be reduced.
  7. Hubby used him for very severe pain in the legs. While things aren't perfect, it definitely helped and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Maestro Jung.
  8. Tingting

    Free Love Available!!!

    Hi Camille, Thanks for responding. Lola doesn't think they're going to get to be too huge (20-30 pounds?), but I honestly think that it's a crap shoot as it looks like Daddy was a traveling salesdog and Mama was available. Maybe he could take 2 to equal one big one? (just hoping)
  9. Tingting

    Free Love Available!!!

    I don't have the full story, but our cleaner's daughter ended up with 9 puppies/rescues. The family is too tenderhearted to toss the dogs on the street, thank God, but they just can't keep them for oh-so-many obvious reasons. These dogs are adorable and have their first sets of vaccinations. They were born (approximately) 31 November and are just waiting for their forever home. Please, can you help out? There are 3 females and 6 males. If interested, please PM me or call me at 332-617-3588. C'mon, how can you resist these faces?
  10. Tingting

    Gas Availability

    We've tried every station for Red in the last couple of days and none had it. Magna is everywhere, but zippo for premium.
  11. Wow! I know they've been improving their speeds, but that's almost a record!
  12. Any chance someone could catch a photo of these two prize ladies? A little public shaming might go a long way...not that I'm suggesting that...cough, cough...of course.
  13. I do it online and then wait a few months. The reason I do it that way rather than in one go at the Recaucadora is that I have a printout/receipt to show it's been done (in case I get pulled over) and I can go when there is almost no one waiting. YMMV.
  14. Tingting

    Phone # to report bad (old) drivers?

    Obviously, there is absolutely no excuse for what happened with this woman, BUT slainte has an excellent point. Yesterday, we were going to Tony's/SL and couldn't believe the number of folks that charged out without checking to see if cars were coming. This is especially true on the main roadway just in front. And don't even get me started about Wally's World...
  15. Tingting

    Amazon delivered in 3 days

    I've had great luck with ordering stuff from Amazon. The delivery almost always is earlier than expected.