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  1. Tingting

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Oh, you're very kind, but I really am clueless at tech. A lot of times, it's just a case of stumbling around, a bit of intuition, and a LOT of free time to fumble and/or hide the evidence. Gotta love being retired! Ting's a she :)
  2. Tingting

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Hokay. I wasn't kidding when I said I was a techdino. On the above, I haven't a clue. Since all I wanted was a way to have the regular television services and not be tied to a cable company, I'm happy. You probably already knew about the available streaming services, but I didn't. I asked a few months ago, but didn't get any answers. Joco's posting got me a site and the rest was just a little lucky tweaking. Hopefully, it'll help someone else like me. As for storage on the computer, I've never had a need, but that's just me.
  3. Tingting

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Update to my last posting: Through sheer luck, I found the URL that will do the streamlive.to on the smart tv without any cables or casting needed. Once you're online w/the tv, got to http://m.rocketmediaworld.com and it brings you to the site. Type in your info as normal, and you'll be streaming in seconds. Wowser! Of course, this is for the streamlive.to site, but it seems to have almost every station you could possibly want/need.
  4. Tingting

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Please forgive my total and complete ignorance (and that's being kind) when it comes to tech, but I'll do my best to tell you what I've found. With my Android tablet, I downloaded the Rocket Media app and all worked well (the website for streamlive.to tells you what apps is needed and what to do). With the laptop, I had to download Firefox (or you can use Opera). Once that was done, everything came in with no problems, except for A&E. I think that one was a glitch on their end, so I'll try it again today. As for the smart tv, it was a no-go since an app or FF wasn't involved (?). As you said, we can just run a cable from the computer to the TV, so that's not a deal-breaker. If nothing else, it's nice to have options. I'm totally ignorant about a "cast" service, but will look into that. Thanks!
  5. Tingting

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Update: Holy Cow Patties, it works! For $19.99usd, I now have access to nearly everything we already have and are paying nearly $140/month. This is definitely a no-brainer. I bounced it against our cable channels and found there was just a slight delay, but the quality is amazing and the premium services (HBO, Starz, etc) are there. It took me a bit to figure out things on my tablet, but it's user friendly in spite of my attempts to make it more complicated than it actually is. I also used it on my laptop, my cell phone (super easy), and am about to try it on the smart tv. Oh, I should also mention that the online TV guide is pretty similar to your cable guide. You just need to give it a few extra seconds (at times) to load. Big, big thanks, Joco!
  6. Tingting

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Joco, Thanks for this link. I don't know if it's going to work (mainly because I'm a technodino), but it sounds exactly what we've been searching for. I'll try it later this weekend and report back.
  7. Tingting

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    Oh, I don't mean that I rely on the "this place sucks" type of review, but when they're specific. If it's something that is just a preference ("I like more salt"), then I ignore it, but when it's specific and worrying ("waiter went to restroom while I was there and didn't wash her hands"), then I take notice. Depending on what's said, I often give the place a chance. Like someone else said, the tops and bottoms are usually toss outs.
  8. Tingting

    Tripadvisor, por favor

    I've found TA pretty reliable, but I don't read the great reviews first, but the bad ones. If they give hard, cold facts ("steak still had plastic wrap on it" or "service was so slow that I counted all of the floor tiles...twice"), then I take them seriously. If they just whine, then I give the place a chance...especially if it the ratings percentages are pretty high. So far, so good.
  9. If only it was just a joke!
  10. Tingting

    Free fish still available!

    Free to good home...2 large (about 6-8 inches) pleicos (great for outdoor fountain or large indoor aquarium) and 5 small spotted fish (no clue other than small and good for indoor aquarium). No catch; I just need to find a new home for them. 332 617 3588
  11. Tingting


    lakeside, I don't disagree w/you at all. I think we're all pretty much saying the same thing, but my point was simply not to target one area as "the" crime area. As you pointed out, many have been hit. Yes, we do have a slightly larger area, hence the septic upgrade. The previous worked ok, but there was a big brouhaha about 5-8 years ago where the authorities were checking because many areas were using arroyos as their black water dump. We wanted to make sure that we weren't one of the perpetrators (we weren't). Since ours is an older home, it was as good a time as any to upgrade and we did. It's still nothing fancy, but it does its job. As for safety and crime, well, let's just say I'm not in any rush (never) to return to the home country. While we have a wall, we don't have it electrified, nor do we have iron bars. We do have other safety features and have never had a problem in 14 years (touch wood). We don't give out our security password to anyone, nor does anyone else have a key. We pretty much had the same setup in our last US home. It's not that there aren't honest people out there, just a lot of those who might have a cousin, who has a brother, whose best friend needs money and guess who's going out of town? BTW, I LOVE your last sentence and fits exactly what I was trying to say, but you said it so much better... "...absence of evidence is not evidence absence."
  12. Tingting


    Snobbery is snobbery, regardless of how it's painted. You've made one of my points for me. There is a difference between stating that "I think there's a crime problem..." and stating preferences. As Al Berca pointed out, another area is now facing a bit of a crime problem Does that trash the place? No. It does confirm that crime seems to be cyclical here...first one fracc, then another, etc, etc. If you like living close to things, then Ajijic, Chapala, etc, would be good for you. Prefer things a bit more spaced out? Then the outlying fraccs would be a better choice. If you're a homebuyer, do your homework before purchasing. Just don't rely on "I heard that..." type of statements. As for my second point, yes, it would be nice to have a city sewer system, but there are still many areas where it's not an option, but that doesn't rule the place out as a nice place to live. We've had 2 different types of systems in two different countries. Neither were a problem, but that was our experience. We upgraded the system here (larger absorption tank/dispersal field) and haven't had any problems in nearly 10 years. Yes, YMMV.
  13. Tingting


    You "think" that there is a crime problem. Ummm...maybe you should look up your information rather than tossing out rumors? Or at least talking to someone who actually lives here? The inherent snobbery from others, especially in Ajijic, never ceases to amaze me (I know, I know). Yes, there have been problems in the past, but relying on old stories is getting, well, old. I like that I don't have to worry about my house getting hit by a mudslide or shifting because it was shoddily built. It's also nice to be able to look over the mountains and the lake without being jammed next to my neighbor. The location is convenient and the lack of congestion is wonderful. Each area has its pluses and minuses, so you really need to consider what you actually want, not just follow the herd. Yes, we're on a septic system and it's NOT a pita to maintain if you use common sense. Would I prefer a city system? Possibly, but having had a septic system in Texas, I wasn't too shocked to find our home came with one, too. No biggie. OK, rant over.
  14. I won't say it's the same person (cough, cough), but many years ago, we signed a contract with "X" and it was around $1000k US. Absolutely worst job ever. The treatment wasn't nearly strong enough for the job, deep enough, etc, etc. We had "X" come back over 6 times and it was still worthless. I brought a local friend with me and "X" told her, in front of me in Spanish, that the gringos just don't understand the contract. Unfortunately, not only did I understand her contract, but I understood her and immediately pointed it out. Serious tap dancing ensued. Since then, we only use FuMiGa because Renee and his crew actually know what they're doing. They're expensive, but they get the job done and I've never had a problem with any of my 4 dogs getting sick (or us).
  15. Tingting


    I totally agree w/Mrs. Rupert. PM if you want the story. I love Dr. Rodriguez of Ajijic clinic, but would run hard and fast from Dr. Flores.