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  1. Color me MAJORLY impressed with the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) of our consulate and especially with Sra Ana Becerra. I'll try not to bore you with too many details, but it was time for me to apply for SSN and I had no luck online. As it turns out, if your credit card company (or any agency) uses credit protection on your account (ie, will freeze the card/account/whatever) if they suspect fraud, then you may have a problem creating your account online. Of course, with the dark cloud that lives over my head, I was one of the "lucky" ones. I called the SS main office and spoke with a very nice rep who tried to help me go around the system, but it wasn't possible because I don't have a US phone for callback purposes (identification verification). I was a bit panic-stricken because it's the holiday season and I knew that it'd take forever to get an appointment at the Consulate in Guadalajara, but there was no other way around it. So...I found the e-mail address and sent a request for an appointment. IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS of sending the e-mail, I was called by Ana and told that my application could be done on the phone, if that was acceptable to me. Are you kidding?! She barely got the words out before I agreed. Ana verified some personal info to make sure it was me and then did it all in less than 10 minutes. A few minor details were sent via e-mail (bank info and another) and that was it. My application was made with no trip needed to Guadalajara. Christmas came early! A big Bravo Zulu/Attagirl to Ana and my heartfelt thanks.
  2. Ummmmm...didn't I start out with "While I have zero implant knowledge..."? Having said that, no, but just wanted to give a "shout-out" for her as others have done. We've had the usual (crowns, fillings, cleanings) and have always been satisfied with her work. Excellent dentist, very nice person.
  3. While I have zero implant knowledge, I can say that Dra. Rosio has been our dentist for nearly 15 years and we've always been very happy with her.
  4. It's a yearly thing and yes, we do give. As someone else has said, they're paid very little. I'd like to think good of them until proven otherwise. I know I sure as hell wouldn't want their job. If nothing else, there are plenty of local charities who can use all of the help you can give.
  5. Quick question...when selling a vehicle, do the plates stay with it or does the seller remove them and the buyer have to get a new set when registering it in his name at the Recaudadora? TIA
  6. I also have Tricare but have never used it there..Sounds like the HSA might be a viable option..Please send me a PM with the particulars..Tomas

  7. Costco was really good to me on the one time that I had to return an electronic item. Long story short, it was the Lopez Mateos one (not by the Gallerias) and I had purchase security cameras, not knowing that they were wired when we needed wireless. There was actually a legitimate reason why, but it was still 31 days after the purchase when I was finally able to return them...in the exact same condition as they were on the day of purchase. It was one day out of their acceptable return policy. The electronics manager said, "No," but the woman from Customer Service who was helping me then spoke with the Big Cheese. When they looked up my record and saw that I did a lot of shopping there, they gave me a one-off exemption. Of course, I immediately turned around and spent even more! I would have accepted a final "No, " if I'd had to, but BC was smart and made a very nice gesture that has kept me loyal.
  8. Just my 2 pesos here...because I have TRICARE, we were originally doing the pay-out-of-pocket and then waiting to get reimbursed 75% of authorized costs (snore). While I have no real complaints with TRICARE (it's actually been pretty decent), we lose out a bit for being "overseas." So...we signed up with HSA. If you have an insurance plan that they accept, you sign up through their insurance office and make your appointments through them. No biggie. Yesterday, due to long running issues with his health and a potential emergency, hubby went in and saw Dr. Johnathan (apologies for not having his last name), our assigned POC/PCM. We were impressed. We were early and hubby was seen right away. The exam was thorough and covered the issues that were of concern. While we've both had excellent local care, it's nice to finally be able to take full advantage of our insurance. The visit was a whopping $100 pesos. If we were to be admitted, it's $3000mxn - this could be a repeated charge if you had to be admitted to another hospital, ie for specialized treatment in Guad. Regardless, it's quality care; it's a HECK of a lot cheaper and easier than the out-of-pocket option, plus all of the paperwork is handled by them. Of course, YMMV as this is under our plan and plans vary.
  9. Absolutely 100% recommend Dra. Claudia or her sister (sry, I forgot her name...shame on me!) who are both excellent. I've posted this before, but Dra. Claudia took me from many vision problems (crap eyes) to 20/20 vision. Her retina specialist, Dr. Silva, saved my sight when a local doctor couldn't be bothered.
  10. You can't even get them to respect the bikes, how do you think they're going to react to anything else? I can't even tell you the number of times some old geezer has cut right in front of me to make a turn and then acts surprised when I comment on his (because it always seems to be a male) parentage. Ok, rant over.
  11. Fair enough, Xena. I honestly couldn't say what else he's written, so I just took the posting on its face value.
  12. I did, mudgirl, and I stand by what I wrote. You have no idea of what the guy's days are like. As I've previously said, I live with someone who has severe, chronic pain. A rare, positive day for him is being able to get his "to do" list done without suffering for it in the night. It has nothing to do with where we live, but everything to do with HIS particular life. I try not to read too much in between the lines of others because I know how easily things can be misinterpreted. I'm simply saying that we give the OP a little slack and allow him to celebrate having a decent day. In fairness, I think the title of the post was a bit misleading. Regardless, I'm still looking down at the grass!
  13. Had to add this, maybe those who are jumping down on OP should actually read what was written. It wasn't that today was a rare positive day, it was that today was one of those rare days when everything seemed to go right...and then he gave some examples. He didn't say up north was better or life was better there or (fill in the blank). Hmmmm...I've had many of those type of days where I'm generally surprised that the day went without any hitches.. OP didn't say anything negative about living here, simply that today went well. So, what did he say that was so evil/against life here that he deserved all of the vitriol?
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