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  1. Kyle, try the obvious: just because someone doesn't agree with a point of view and says as much doesn't make that person a "bozo," "ignorant," or any of the many other slurs that regularly pop up here. The corrections of one posting from another always make me laugh because spelling, grammar, and even proper usage (guilty!) often go by the wayside. The fact that there seems to be a number of folks racing to report the latest mask infraction in the loudest, most self-righteous tones on this board just saddens, and sometimes angers me because they'll bear no consequence for their actions. So if I repeatedly quote the title of a show from a program I admire as a tagline, I'm hurting no one. Does that answer your question, Kyle?
  2. Sigh...this was supposed to be in the post above. God, I hate being a technodino.
  3. Just as a poster had the right to correct word usage, so does "she" to respond. As for the tag line at the end, it was a Twilight Zone episode, not a phrase and it's so very appropriate for the self- appointed guardians who are on patrol here. Mainecoons, at the top of this page, expressed it extremely well. My use of the title of a brilliant Twilight Zone episode may be repetitive, but so what? It fits.
  4. Methinks getting hung up on one word when the intent was clear is a bit anal, but point made. Feel free to substitute it with venom, if it'll help you sleep at night. "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street"
  5. Yes, enough to get the points across.
  6. Just thought I'd write something positive since there's so much negative going on right now... My cell phone died over the weekend, so I went to the TELCEL website to find a new one. I did several comparisons of features and finally decided on my top 3. I went to the Laguna store and was really pleasantly surprised. For those that are concerned, they're VERY good about the distancing, gels, cleanliness, etc. There was no real line to enter (it did get a few before I left) and the guard/rep at the door let me know where to go to get my ticket/number -- of course, I still managed to screw that up, but I'd get lost in a paper sack, so... Anyway, after waiting about 5 or so minutes for my turn, I was called to the counter, asked for "X" style phone and requested the number remain the same. I'm a technodino, so the rep took out my old SIM card and put it in the new phone for me. I paid, she finished setting up the phone and I left a very happy camper with my shiny new toy. It was all very well organized and everyone was really helpful.
  7. Wow, so much bigotry in one post. The police ARE avoiding confrontations, or as much as they can, in the riots on the West Coast..yeah, nothing like watching your flag be burned by the great "thinkers" to really appreciate the true bozos. How about we stop shopping somewhere if we don't like/agree with their practices, but keep our meddling asses out of someone else's business otherwise? I have yet to read anywhere on these boards that anyone thinks Covid is a hoax, yet that's just not enough, is it? If we're not all in lock step with certain views, then the name-calling and suggestions of how to slowly roast oneself in Hell becomes the norm. "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street"
  8. You got Mike? His brother, Carlos, must have been busy...he hung up after he asked if I remembered my "good friend" and was told no.
  9. Are any of the charity shops (or any charity that needs clothing) open? We're clearing closets and have a lot of nice/gently used clothes to donate. TIA!
  10. Heck, why wait for him to hire you guys? I'LL pay you to take him!
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