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  1. Looks like our drain looks like after hubby has had his shower. He sheds, too. Guess I should ban him?
  2. or my 2 cents.....I have visited friends many times in Chapala Haciendas and Brisa ...I like the "rural" atmosphere ....... Many are satisfied but with "Buts"...All fracs etc have "Buts"....the problem comes if those issues will be a "problem" to you. You show me one single location where there aren't some "buts." Yes, many are satisfied and many are not. This is true of wherever you go lakeside. It doesn't matter if you're living in the barrio or the top foo-foo spots, some folks will be unhappy. Some of the problems are real and some are just because... A recommendation........go out to the lot early and late in the evening , linger awhile...if you have a warm and good feeling about , go for it. Excellent idea! My observations,....... too many dogs and frankly some homes are "mini Kennels". Also I would check with the office on how many delinquent HOA owners are there . If there is a high percentage...... then the burden falls on the current owners to support the infrastructure.....Like many older Fraccs the development was too ambitious, the streets too wide and require lots of maintenance etc...Also security will always be problematic because the outside perimeter is open...much like many of the other fraccs in the area....the robbers do not come through the front gates...(well some do!!) While there are some "mini kennels," including our local wildlife protection folks (who do not cause problems ftr), this is not nearly the problem it once was and is definitely not the problem it is in many communities. Noise is being taken seriously. While parties do go on at night (weekends, big holidays), they don't go balls-to-the-wall all night long and are usually over at a reasonable hour. Most neighbors are considerate and if their dogs are going batty, they quiet them down. Like any neighborhood, the dogs are going to bark when strangers walk by, etc, etc. I'm not saying that Chapala Haciendas is perfect, but it's a nice neighborhood that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. If you do your homework, you could have a very nice house at a very fair price. It's not for everyone, but no place is. Take into consideration the other OP comments and take the appropriate decision ...good luck navigating through the real estate minefield called Lakeside Amen to that!
  3. I had a package once that was approximately $300 in value. I told the company not to send it to the mailboxes address (used for mail only), but they did. When I went to pick it up, they told me it was over $300 in customs and shipping. I refused the package and had the charge disputed. Fortunately for me, the charge was made with Discover and they're super pro-customer. I proved that I had done everything right and so the credit was given. God knows where the package ended up, but I have my ideas. Zipp transport does all of the customs paperwork, etc, and are very reliable. We use them whenever we can't order something direct from Amazon.com or any other company. When you CAN order from Amazon, it's so easy. They do the customs and shipping charges upfront, so you just wait for your package...which comes surprisingly quick in most cases. As others have said, they also refund any overpayment on customs.
  4. Oh, lord, here we go again. Check the area. Talk to the neighbors. No, the rules aren't restrictive; most are common sense. The majority of us who live here like it. This area is really hopping with a lot of construction and "gentrification." It's not a gated community, but that's never been a guarantee of protection. Use common sense and take precautions like you would anywhere. The water is supplied by the fracc's own well. We sometimes have a problem with a leak that needs to be fixed, but our water supply is pretty consistent. Willie mentioned land stability and he's absolutely correct. While some homes, like ours, were built on solid lava rock, others were built on the equivalent of shifting sands. Like anywhere, quality land in one spot doesn't guarantee the same for another. GET A HOME INSPECTION regardless of where you choose. No, it's not perfect, but it's nice to be away from the traffic and noise of Chapala and Ajijic.
  5. A little patience, please, because I know this topic has been posted many times, but most of the info seems dated or else I'm horrible at finding current info (wouldn't surprise this technodino!). We're looking for a pet/house sitter for towards the end of May for several spoiled pooches and a few fish in a tank. It's probably too short of a time to use housesitters.com, but any recommendations would be appreciated. If you're a sitter and interested, please pm me with your rates. We don't expect anything other than our pooches treated well and any messes made by them or the sitter to be cleaned up. Thanks in advance!
  6. It sure sounds like they're fishing...you know, those who accidentally threw away their receipts ór can't find them then have to prove that they did pay or else...surprise!...pay again. While it's good that the present Administration is trying to get things in order, a little more warning prior to your appearance is only fair. After all, it's not you who hosed up...oh well, just another day in paradise, right?
  7. I have E press and use LA3. I get Prime, Netflix, etc, no problems.
  8. OK, I'll chime in. There is Zipp Transport who makes at least a couple of runs a month. Hugh and his crew do everything "by the book" so import taxes get paid and items checked to ensure there's nothing questionable in the shipment. It's really important that you follow their instructions to the "t" to prevent any problems. They're a great source to use for those items that other companies won't send, due to the paperwork hassle, etc (ie, my favorite brand of organic Stevia). http://zipptransport.com Hope that helps.
  9. ***PUPPY LOVE UPDATE*** There are two puppies still hoping for a forever home. One is black, with a white chest and the other is brown. Both have those adorable "backwards" folded ears. Do you have a spot in your heart for lots of pooch smooches?
  10. Ditto. We will stay with Zeta. We've given too many others a chance and ….. all it takes is doing the math. Checking for the zeros is also a very, very good idea if you can do it before they start.
  11. I know I'm going to get beaten up for this, but I totally agree. I don't let a letter or two bother me because I know how autocorrect can really mess with what's been written, but some of the news articles that actually get printed make me wonder if editors even exist anymore. We all make mistakes, but the rapid dumbing down of the English language is frightening. What's really sad is that there are so many programs out there to help us (Grammarly, etc) whenever we draw a blank.
  12. Pete is absolutely correct (we were researching this w/a notario, too). Again, it's VERY important to remember that you can take TWO credits (UDIs) if the deed is in both you and your spouse's names. It really makes a difference. Sadly, there are quite a few unethical agents who either don't know this or do, but choose to keep the information to themselves to use it as a scare tactic to get you to sell for less/a quick sale. We didn't bite, but it does happen. I wish you the very best of luck.
  13. ...and ebooks.bike has nearly everything you can imagine.
  14. I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Since I've posted about her before, I'll just say that I genuinely believe that she is one step away from a miracle worker. I went from -8 and -8.5 in contacts with so-so vision (often headaches, etc) to perfect 20/20 and no readers (Zeiss trifocal lenses implanted). I had used a previously recommended optometrist for a contact prescription and his attitude was about as uncaring as I've ever seen. It's another long story, so I won't go into it, but he's the reason I decided to give Dr. Claudia a try and...well...you already know the fantastic outcome.
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