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  1. Zeb, I found it on Mercadolibre, but OOF! It's imported and expensive. https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/olmo-resbaladizo#D[A:olmo resbaladizo]
  2. I was thinking along the lines of at least preventing you from being accused of something that you clearly didn't do, not to sue because that's (usually) a losing situation. I wasn't going to mention this, so will try to make it very short. When I was doing a bike tour in Mexico, I was hit by a bus. I had done everything right (stayed all the way to the right, bright clothes. lights, etc) and yet the driver hit the car in front of him, fishtailed and hit me, sending me and my bike flying. There were 2-3 motor vehicles involved and me (yay, my luck!) with one person killed. I had to give a statement to the investigating official and was absolutely scared out of my gourd that I'd get the blame. I didn't have a GoPro, so it was just my word/statement. While it seemed a bit on the cold side, the cops were professional and I was out of there after a few hours. Lesson learned and the next time, I'll have a camera. Absolutely worth the investment. BTW, while I was injured, I was super, super grateful just to get out of there and return home...and on a funny note, the bike was titanium, so it came out like a champ, just needed some wheel/spoke adjustments.
  3. I realize this is slightly off-topic (sorry), but this whole situation and the rather "Wild West" driving conditions finally got us to install our dashcams (front and rear) that had been sitting unused for a while. They're surprisingly pretty cheap for good quality. No it won't prevent any accidents, but it may just save our bacon if we're in one and there is a question of who's at fault. Just my two centavos, but I really recommend them if you drive.
  4. While HJ's post may have come across as condescending, he actually has a fair point. It is VERY difficult to sue, regardless of how just your case might be. Note: difficult, not impossible. I go by the following (very old) joke:
  5. Costco almost always has them so I buy in bulk to ensure our spoiled fur faces get their treats. If you're really desperate, Pancho's or SL probably carry them too (at a --cough, cough--slightly higher price). BTW, big 🥰 for taking her in.
  6. Because Google doesn't give actual experiences. Yes, there are reviews, but who writes them? Friends? Enemies? The owner? I use Google to get some names and then follow-up with folks that have actually used that person/facility.
  7. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that it took me a bit to realize what I was seeing! Anyone else want to admit it or is it just me? (yeah, yeah, I know I'm setting myself up here :p)
  8. Isn't that called adulting? On a more serious note, just obey the rules (masks indoors, etc) and you should be fine. I follow the philosophy of obeying the rules but taking the mask off the second my feet hit the outdoors so I can breathe the fresh air and get some sun on my skin. YMMV.
  9. Agreed. Honest and fair prices...no "gringo tax."
  10. Now you're going to have to get a Chow Chow dog and name it "Chayote!"
  11. I saw the title of this and was expecting to read about some rip-off restaurant that was trying to pass off chayote in a recipe, not something where the chayote WAS a part of the recipe! lol...it's been a long day.
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