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  1. I use both and have had great experiences each time. It's great that the customs charges are included and if they overcharge you, you'll be refunded the difference. Even better, the items usually arrive earlier than expected. Yes, things cost a bit more than in the US, but it's still cheaper than trying to buy it local.
  2. Dra. Claudia's sister is covering in her place and I used her when I had some follow-up treatment. If Dra. Claudia trusts her with her practice, then I trust her. When it comes to my eye sight, I would not trust any one else other than the folks at the Camacho clinic (including their retina specialist Dr. Silva). Without going into boring detail, I have no doubt that they saved my eyesight and gave me 20/20 & J1 (? or whatever you want to call it for clear vision at all distances).
  3. I agree with Hal about Hospital Ajijic. We've always gotten top-notch care from both the father and son (Drs. Rodriguez). We tried another gringo-popular place here and were pretty put off by the attitude. The senior Dr. Rodriguez always gives you his full attention and never makes you feel like "your fifteen minutes are up." Yes, we can afford to go for more bells and whistles, but why? Good care, very reasonable prices make it our go-to medical facility.
  4. I often buy them and have always found them really tasty and tender. YMMV.
  5. Good advice, thanks. If you want to have some fun, check out the youtube videos that James Veitch did when he started answering spam. Absolutely hilarious!
  6. Maybe I'm just being ornery here, but the first time it happened to me, I just thought it was great to get some free advertising a bit longer. I've sold items on both the web and the magazine and have found that often the magazine sells what online doesn't. If you don't want it in El Ojo, then take it off the board as soon as it sells. If you don't make it in time, politely tell folks who call that it's sold.
  7. We just used Derek (he had an ad in the Guad Reporter) who came and installed Firesticks on our two Samsung TVs. Now, we have access to practically everything and it's all FREE (after the cost of installation/Firesticks). He spent a lot of time here until everything was up and running. I really recommend him. FWIW, one of the access points (or whatever you call it) is the same as I have on my Android tablet. No more $130/month cable bills. If you go to Play Store, just download USA TV & Radio. You'll be amazed at what's out there for free!
  9. Well put, KimanJoe. You "get" exactly why I, and many others, will choose to terminate the employment. It's not that we can't afford the increases, but we have zero interest in becoming ensnared in all of the paperwork.
  10. WHEN IS THIS LAW GOING TO TAKE EFFECT? The law states that this will go into effect 18 months from when the law was enacted--December 5, 2018. So that means June 5, 2020. About a year from now. Thanks for that info. While it may change a bit, it gives us a little time to plan and prepare.
  11. No, we won't overpay the finquito, but will make sure it's properly calculated (thank you, Rolly!!!). We've had to pay finquito before and will, reluctantly, do it again. Why is this such a shock to everyone that not all of us want to hire under this new law?
  12. Yes, really!!!!! Geez, just because we don't agree with your choice doesn't mean ours isn't just as valid. Yes, we always give a pay raise and yes, we know that we have to pay a finquito AND WILL DO SO. We employed them under one set of rules and the rules have changed on us. We choose not to continue under this new rule. Don't assume the worst of people, or that they're ignorant of the employment laws, just because they choose to do something other than you. We simply don't want to get bogged down in what could be a lot of legal red tape. Hopefully, not, but I don't have a lot of faith in any government implementing a rule with minimal pain.
  13. When it comes into effect, we will be letting go of our maid and gardener. Do we want to? No. Will we? Yes. Sorry, but we treat them both very well, always give raises at the beginning of the year, give them more than the legal requirements for the Aguinaldo, plus a nice basket, days off with pay, etc. We've done our end, but this is just more than we want to take on. Anyone have any idea when it's planned/scheduled to go into effect?
  14. What a nightmare! So, it still appears to me that many of these folks are going to lose their jobs. For us, it's not worth the increase, plus the added headache of having to make sure that the money is not pocketed, that we receive proof, etc, etc. I'd rather clean myself than to dive into this mess. I think the intention is good, but this isn't going to go well...
  15. I won't say too much, for obvious reasons, but Dr. Pinto is the reason I found Dra. Claudia (and am thrilled beyond measure with her).
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