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  1. Dra. Carla C. Flores is a GP, not an "emergency doctor," although she handles many emergencies due to her willingness to make home visits.
  2. The work near Tapatio Hotel is on the Guadalajara Carretera, not the Guad/Chapala Carrretera. On the Guad/Chapala, work is complete on the dangerous curves that used to have a big dip. All smooth now. Repaving is underway on a section(s) further North. I have no idea how much they're doing but repaving, at least portions is underway.
  3. She goes by Dra. Carla C. Flores. You can read it on her name tag, card, and Rx form.
  4. Why not simply buy one in Guadalajara? S&S can likely help you.
  5. Dra. Carla C. Flores. Reach her direct at 33-1000-7777
  6. Interesting use of the word TOPOLOGY. I had no idea it could be applied to networks.
  7. Bellon and others such as Jesus Tejeda and Edgar CedeƱa are registered agents providing a full range of insurance. Blue Angel sells group medical.
  8. I found HSBC to be useless. The good people left years ago and went to Banco Multiva.
  9. Get a better Bank! e.g. Banco Multiva, especially if you want good customer service in English!
  10. The Spanish were foreigners when they arrived. And, they brought the Vigin del Rosario. Thanks for posting the videos!
  11. I wish someone would edit Finely into Finally!
  12. Look at the last two years of the Peso vs. $USD and you get the currency risk history. Better yet, look at 5 and 10 years. Property and houses are a safer investment.
  13. Unless the Peso is steady and predicted to stay that way DON"T make any investments in Pesos!
  14. Kids to our barrio say, : "We want Halloween!"
  15. That stuff is illegal in most states in the USA.
  16. For us it was a reason but it was number 4 or 5, not our pricipal reason.
  17. I don't believe there is any charge by the Municipio, only the bank machine charge.
  18. If they're street legal you'll be OK. If not, forget it.
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