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  1. I don't believe that for a minute! Telmex (Ajijic office) has owned up to a) the "Insurance" charges. "We thought you'd want the insurance." and b the "Tienda Telmex, "It's and easy way for you to build a credit balance for when you want to buy something." Since the first bogus charges appeared we've been told everything from "Telmex was hacked" to we're adding this charge to help prevent hacking!" These bogus charges have been apprearing on phone bills for MANY MONTHS. You're implying that Telmex is so inept with technology that they haven't yet solved the problem. I don't think so.
  2. You have private insurance in Mexico and you're in debt from a cancer diagnosis? Please explain why the insurance didn't cover it.
  3. That can change at any time. You all must be proud of yourselves for cheating Shaw.
  4. Call Michael or Mario at Ajijic Electronics.
  5. Get insurance here. It's non-cancelable. Forget Medicare, don't waste $ on it. The idea that going back to the USA where health care costs many times what it does here is ludicrous!
  6. Yes, the "Insurance" charges have not reappeared but the Tienda Telmex has.
  7. Telmex DID NOT get hacked. They're collecting $ from everyone that doesn't notice and complain. If they were really hacked they would have sent a message to every account holder telling of the hack and how to get it taken off their bill. They told me "hackers" when I caught the bogus "insurance" charges. Yesterday,, the rep told my wife the $129Peso charge from Tienda Telmex was "to fight hackers." Believe what you will.
  8. No sooner did I get them to remove the phony "Insurance" charges than they started adding phony "Tienda Telmex" charges. $129 Pesos + IVA = $150.
  9. They violate Shaw's Terms of Service. When Shaw discovers them all the receivers on the account are disabled and no longer useable, ever. It's happened here before and will undoubtedly happen again. It's easy to have your own account and avoid any such risk.
  10. Amazon.com.mx delivers to your house.
  11. Nueva Posada serves and excellent Thankgiving dinner. Two seatings one midday and one later. They sell out early.
  12. Far superior. Superama is good but Chedraui is better.
  13. "Authentic" italian pizza varies depending on which part of Italy you are in. Neopolitan pizza, which you are describing, is from Naples and is not refective of other parts of the ccountry. Since there are no Mediterranea Italiana buffalo anywhere near here the proper mozzarella is impossible to get. Never the less, it's good to have more sources of good pizza in our area!
  14. Ha! I wonder exactly what constitutes that style?
  15. M&J Royal Pizza is way better than Toscana, Perry's, or any of the Mexican style pizzas found here. Never heard the term "California Style" applied to pizza!
  16. Cant do that since Telmex is local area code e.g. 376, while Telcel uses Guadalajara area code 33.
  17. You said, "Don't these plans kick you to the curb when you get older." They don't. Compared to the USA health insurance here at any age is a bargain! BTW, I'm 75.
  18. Which plans? My policy from Allianz is non-cancelable. Same for my wife's policy from AXA.
  19. Imagenologia in Plaza Interlago (behind the Pemex on the Libramiento). Right here locally!
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