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  1. Langostino are not much larger than large shrimp. In Mexico one is usually served warm-water "lobster" which is actually a crayfish.
  2. I'll add that we've had fewer problems with Interjet than Volaris or Viva Aerobus (never again). However, we've experienced issues with all three.
  3. They were both working on Sunday, Monday, and Today!
  4. .....and why Perry's and M&J are so popular!
  5. So, no attention being paid to illegal left turns in front of Walmart?
  6. I have purchase 3 cars since moving here over 12 years ago, all from Dealers. In each case I negotiated a better price. I averaged over 11% price reduction. Don't be hesitant to ask for El Mejor Precio!
  7. https://www.medicareinteractive.org › ... › Enrolling in Original Medicare Most Americans become eligible for Medicare when they turn 65. ... If you are 65 and receiving Social Security retirement benefits or Railroad Retirement benefits, you will be automatically enrolled in bothMedicare Part A and Part B.
  8. Wrong, they sent me a card when I turned 65, my wife got hers when she turned 65. No application required. Automatic.
  9. Ha! There's plenty of bad Pizza in Mexico!
  10. Part A is automatic,you don't apply. It's there for you at age 65. If you return w/o Part B you pay all the surgery etc. costs. Get good insurance here and get your medical care here. Otherwise self-insure.
  11. No point in batteries IMHO. NO additional controls or larger inverter required. But why? Our power goes out so seldom. Batteries are for people that live off the grid.
  12. Nothing. Payback is a silly way of looking at investment in Solar. Look at ROA (Return on Asset). The amount you're NOT paying to CFE each month is your return, just like an investment in a savings account. I used to pay $3500/mo. That's the return on my investment every month. Actually, rates have gone up so much since I installed my system it's likely more like $4500 Pesos per month return! You can't get that kind of return anywhere else!
  13. Gerrardo's is closer IMHO or even Ajijic Tango.
  14. Read this and learn just how much growth hormore (estrogenic activity) remains in implanted beef. It strikes me that it's like worrying about Sulfites in wine. Sulfites occur naturally in the vineyard and winery. White wines have a little added to ensure longevity (red wines have tannin which accomplishes the same thing). There's more "estrogenic activiy" in an egg (naturally occuring) than in a 3oz. serving of implanted beef! http://igrow.org/livestock/beef/hormones-in-beef-myth-vs.-fact/
  15. Walmart used to have it in the butcher case.
  16. Any Shaw subscriber and have their dish and rcvr at their 2nd home, legally, including Mexico. When Shaw is paid, content providers are paid.
  17. We had a pizza from Perry's last evening. It was not up to their former standard. Never again!
  18. By all means if you move here and think you might return to the USA then you should pay for Medicare Part B. We made the decision years ago that this is our forever home. We have private medical insurance here that pays for all but routine things, e.g. annual checkup. It's non-cancelable and has no upper or lifetime limits.
  19. Maggie Guadet sells her organic beef and lamb at the Monday market. Excellent! She raises it locally.
  20. Your best bet to find something is walk around the neighborhoods, ask at the tianguis and the mercado. Friends found a great place just walking around.
  21. One of the guys that left was with him from the beginning. Perry's Pizza varied a lot in the first year. Then he got it right with the help of his employee who had experience in the Pizza business, Perry had none. Shortly after he moved to his present location the quality decline commenced. The first thing I noticed was lower grade sausage and Pepperoni. Then came the inconsistant baking. I learned which cooks did it right and went there only on those nights but tired of the low quality ingredients and sought other local purveyors.
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