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  1. The food was good. We've always had good food there. We especially enjoy their Eggs Benedict for a Sunday breakfast. There was bread on the table which went quickly. There was no large crowd. Everything just seemed to go in slow motion. Had a difficult time getting Cinzano for a cocktail. It's on their menu. Waiter said, "I don't think we have that, let me check." He finally returned with something that was difinitely NOT Cinzano. I walked to the bar to point out the bottle. BTW, no Martini menu. We wanted Cosmopolitans however no on the drinks menu. Waiter asked, "What's in a Cosmopolitan." We told him and he replied, "We don't have cranberry juice." The only time he didn't have to go ask someone!
  2. No, he was the manger/operator. Polo is the owner. I believe he's Pancho's uncle.
  3. We went to La Mision last evening. I love the space and the decor! While the food was good, we had Oysters Rockefeller, Spagetti, Risotto, and Duck Confit, the service left something to be desired. Every question we asked required our waiter to say, "I'll have to check. It took a long time, 15-20 minutes to get our drinks, 55 minutes to get our Oysters Rockefeller. Our main courses followed very quickly on the heels of the appetizer. Having dined there before and had excellent service and prompt delivery of drinks, appetizers, etc. we were disappointed. We'll return but not accept this waiter.
  4. A neighbor spoke to her favorite checker about it yesterday; Pancho is gone, several key employees have left, remaining employees are not happy.
  5. Two different subjects; one is the high rise appartment/condo building near Piedra Barranada, the other is about the Senior Living facility being built near Tres CaƱadas. See this week's GR.
  6. Both Costa Allegre and Pacifico have frozen lobster tails.
  7. Steren, Walmart, maybe others. Likely Soriana, Coppel............
  8. We're going there tonight but they're not serving lobster until next Fri/Sat!
  9. Most served in the US are the real Maine or New Brunswick lobsters with big claws. The Rock lobsters are a different species, w/o claws. Both are yummy!
  10. I've had them, they're delicious. The Caribbean Rock (or Spiny) Lobster very nice and big too! 360 Grams = 12.7 Oz.!
  11. The only applicances that need protection here are those not made in Mexico. Laptops are already isolated by their power supply.
  12. You sure don't need 10 amps for what you listed. Get a 2000 Voltage Regulator/Surge protector at Steren for about $1000 Pesos. It will do the job.
  13. First thing in the morning on a weekday. Be sure your list has values beside each item, as low as you can reasonably believe. When they ask what you have say, "Articulos por mi casa." Don't show the list unless absolutely necessary.
  14. It seems there are more snowbirds and newbies here this year. This is the season that the restaurant make enough to survive the slow time.
  15. A chain restaurant serving imitation Italian food. The name has nothing to do with the style of pizza's they make. As I said, "California Pizza" has no meaning on the west coast. I'm sure "Boston Chicken" has no meaning in Boston.
  16. Everyone has an opinion about pizza and few agree. Having been many places in Italy I can say that there are many styles to be had. So, the expression genuine Italian Style have no meaning to me. Likewise, "California Style" AFAIK has no meaning on the west coast.
  17. They're flammable, other than that should work fine.
  18. People I know that have "Gringo" houses; e.g. fridge, Washer/dryer, Sat TV, 2 TVs, water pump, 2 computers/printers, garage or gate opener, hair dryer, bar fridge, etc. pay 1500 Pesos per month or more. My bill was approching $3500 Pesos/two month when I installed Solar electric. Today it would be over $4000 Pesos. That was for 7-800Kwhr/2 months. I won't give anyone coming here a low figure on CFE bills. They're TOO rare.
  19. If that's illegal then anyone turning left out of Walmart is illegal.
  20. That's what it sounds like to me. No harm but maybe that's why he didn't finish the glass!
  21. When you provide the details PLEASE advise exactly what critter he's going to serve and where it's from!
  22. You don't know loud until your're in a restaurant in Asia near a table of Australians!
  23. I exit from the Walmart side of the traffic light and go across the intersection and turn left.
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