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  1. An excellent one here at Lakeside: Dra. Maria Nieves 33-3813-2027, 33-3813-0096. Her principal office is in Guadalajara. Her 2nd office is in La Cristina.
  2. Purchase an International Cell phone from a company such as: http://www.onesimcard.com/international-cell-phones/ they include USA and Foreign phone numbers. Simple.
  3. Shortcake or shortbread?
  4. New Year's Eve dinner cost please. Won't make reservations until we know.
  5. The easiest way has already been pointed out above: Move the decimal one place left, e.g. 200 becomes 20, the divide by 2 and it becomes 10. 200 Pesos is about $10 US, etc.. Also for the OP, prices here are shown using the $ sign. e.g. $50 = 50 Pesos or about 2.5 US dollars.
  6. Mexican currency is alway in Pesos. Do you mean new 2 Peso and 50 Centavos coins?
  7. All of the above have nothing to do with jump starting a car.
  8. Urban legend. Just connect the batteries and start the car!
  9. Internet has been going off for brief periods for months in Las Salvias. Especially bad between 4 and 6 PM. I just wait it out.
  10. The Christmas Eve dinner at La Mision looks good. See their ad in the GR.
  11. The couple was married in 1991, they likely know nothing of the 50s!
  12. The chairs are above average. I find them to be just fine.
  13. Computer Guy said, "Oh, they do their job, but that is about it: no besdie manner at all." Is that some Canadian speak for a waiter's skill?
  14. There is no consistency between Consulates and few of them follow the immigration laws on the books. So, you may luck out at one but not another.
  15. LTH, next to Car City. They will come to your home and install if you wish.
  16. Rnager's comes to the Tuesday market. El Salto is just past the airport.
  17. No English commentary on Sky. Shaw Direct has Premier league, Champions league (thoday!), etc.
  18. You need to complete the form FMM and give it to the INM office at the airport. Be sure to write Residente Temoral at the top of each part of the form.
  19. Prodigy is probably the worst email address to use here!
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