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  1. The items I listed are NOT available at Walmart or SuperLake. The produce at the Tianguis comes from the Abastos!
  2. You're welcome to your opinion even it it's not true. The vendors are certified by The Board. Ask Jose' Melendrez for further details. Certainly, most of the items at the Tuesday market are NOT available at other outlets!
  3. I thought it was adjacent to La Ancla. Did it move?
  4. The thread is about the Tuesday Farmers Market which has produce superior to either of the local tianguis!
  5. New York, and other, Attorney General has already filed suit against the Gov't.
  6. He changed it a couple of months ago. Said both would work for awhile.
  7. I don't notice the social gathering. I"m busy shopping for organic eggs, lamb, chicken, and beef as well as better veggies than I can get at SuperLake or Walmart.
  8. Walmart. Of course with their habit of not restocking, who knows?
  9. Kinda speaks to the popularity doesn't it?
  10. Not really. e.g. only one vendor sells sourdough bread, several veggie vendors with very little overlap; e.g. our vendor for beets is the only one, hierloom tomatoes, only one vendors, lamb, only one vendor, etc..
  11. It's in the first block west of Colon on the Mt. side nest to the place that sells the inflateable pool toys.
  12. I've used a Notario several time for signature verification on business transactions in the USA without difficulty. Never failure to accept it.
  13. Only problem is they have a completely different selection. e.g. no meat or veggies. Mostly prepared food.
  14. You must be in the USA to use an on-line notary.
  15. I too have used my Notario multiple times on various things needed NOB. Never had an issue. Last one was sale of a house.
  16. Dr. Alberto Solano is very highly regarded by other Docs.
  17. The OP asked how to get a USA phone and number. Not an app or MJ, Vonage, or any of the other work arounds.
  18. I have not found a Pemex that takes US or Canadian credit cards.
  19. Mine was good. However, I have a 2nd recommendation. Dr. Alberto Solano 33-3673-0201 Cell: 33-3137-8634 His office is across the street from Angeles del Carmen Hospital.
  20. You will not do better than Dr. BriseƱo.
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