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  1. What kind of problem are you referring to? There are several options at the airport and many off-airport.
  2. Amazon US ships to Mexico, no duties and low shipping charges. No need to have someone schlep the stuff down.
  3. Pretty much every gym has personal trainers. There are couple of trainers that advertize in the GR and Ojo.
  4. True. IMHO, you're better off to get your insurance company that actually exists in Mexico. YMMV.
  5. Allianz. My costs are not public information. Besides, the info would be meaningless unless you knew my age and conditions. I will tell you this; it has no upper limit and is non-cancelable. The Allianz rep is Jesus Tejeda, he can give you a quote.
  6. Read these policies VERY carefully. I was considering Best Doctors until I learned that it really covers only about 15 things. My current policy covers over 33,000. Best Dr. is good for some people especially those beyond the age that most insurance companies write coverage or those who are OK with being covered for only 15 issues. A friend had cancer treatment at an outpatient clinic, the insurance didn't pay because it paid only for procedures done in a hospital. Read the policy!
  7. You're getting $200 Pesos of credit, not 200 minutes. Calling the USA is free on the Amiga Plan, Facebook and What'sApp are free to everyone. I'd get a plan but they won't bill a US credit card, so I use the Amiga plan. It works for me.
  8. Ask in the Bakery department. It's not not but they will get some for you.
  9. Many folks lakeside got to the Costco on Lopez Mateos Sur, making the Superama on LMS the easiest to find. Look for the big Burger King sign on your way to Costco, it's easier to spot than the Superama sign.
  10. Jara and Amutio both have them. RV, the electric ones are not nearly as loud as the gas powered ones, they make as much noise as a vacuum.
  11. Why not talk to one of the reputable companies that install solar hot water? Regardless of which type of water system you have there are appropriate water heaters for you.
  12. I've had inaccurate results from Chopo. More than one Doc has told me CARE is better. Who knows? I've had to be retested twice at Chopo because of questionable results. I don't go there any longer.
  13. It's a better coastal climate then PV or Manzanillo. Never the less it will be hot and humid. Google may lead you to a web board there. Or, you could try Mexconnet which covers all of Mexico.
  14. My wire transfers cost nothing to send and only $100Pesos charge to receive by my MX bank.
  15. Yes, it's absolutely the best way. Talk to your bank, on large amounts mine gives me better than their posted rate that day. If you know a better way please share it.
  16. Have your bank transfer the $$ directly to your Mexican bank via wire transfer.
  17. YMMV. In 10 years, 8 with US plated cars, I've gotten 3 tickets and never paid mordida. The most recent ticket was from photo radar for exceeding the speed limit on the Guad Caraterra. With a MX plated are they send it to you via the mail. With a foreign plated car you'll never get one.
  18. For cell phones we're part of the greater Guadalajara area code which is 33. There are no options. All phone numbers in Mexico have 10 digits. Large cities have a 2 digit area code, smaller towns have 3 digits.
  19. It runs the gamut. Warwick did a pool and some remodel for a friend and it was a disaster. Chema did a big bath remodel for me, total satisfaction. If I was doing a pool I'd go with someone who specializes in pools, such as Home Services.
  20. The sad truth is that no matter what thickness you buy the cover will last two years max. I've bought them her and from the US. US is cheaper but with shipping not much different. My advice is buy the lowest cost one you can find her, there are many pool supply places, and prepare to replace it in two years.
  21. Do you mean Amutio, the hardware store next to Farmacia Guadalajara?
  22. There is a small maderaria (lumber shop) on the lateral opposite the Casa de Waffle that has a good selection of such cabinet hinges.
  23. Intercam is an investment house and currency exchange located next to the OXXO in Ajijic directly across the street from Trattoria Ajijic. The Prisa store is immediately west of Intercam.
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