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  1. I've used HandyMail for over 12 years. They rec'v packages for me an have NEVER charged a single Pesos for that service.
  2. WHO charged you 4000 Pesos? HM doesn't charge anythihg to receive packages UNLESS there were duties to be paid.
  3. Check at Tony's by Superlake, Friday market, and Tuesday market.
  4. I agree. Walmart and Soriana provide low cost, low quality goods and don't waste money on customer service or treating their employees well. Costco sells high quality goods, has a "no questions aked" return policy and treats their employees well.
  5. 18.80 vs 19.50 is NOT a small percentage!
  6. Even tho the exchange rate is 19.50? What's pleasing about that?
  7. I agree. Why any newbie would wade into a webboard and pontificate is beyond me, but says a lot about about him.
  8. The mountainside is mostly Indiginous land.
  9. Call Jackie @ H2Ole and he will bring and install it for you. 766-5999 or cell 33-3394-4413
  10. I fully expect that the location in El Barco is only temporary.
  11. Go to Tony's and say "pot roast."
  12. Carlos Ramirez 33-3903=5891 He's the Carlos referred to above. None better.
  13. Juan Pablo at Home Services. On time, on budget, very high quality work. Home Services is just East of SuperLake.
  14. Aguinaldo must be paid by the 20th of Dec., Unused Vacation must be paid by the 31st. Remember the extra 25% that goes with vacation pay.
  15. That question was answered quickly. Then the thread drifted to how busy the market is. Then to dissing the providers of organic produce, meat, and eggs. The market is strict about vendors claims and works to ensure there's a minimum of overlap between vendor's offerings.
  16. Use Hugh Roberts or Alex Peterson, they both deliver items from the USA.
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