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  1. We had a Peperoni and Mushroom Pizza from M&J last evening and it was superb! They're going to do well IMHO. They certainly will get my pizza business.
  2. Sheesh. Do not take it to Telcel! Go to the little Telcel tienda next to Alex's Pasta Bar. Talk to Ana. She and her husband have 3 Telcel outlets and provide excellent service.
  3. My question was not addressed to you. Never the less. previous posts say nothing about demo of the Trattoria building or erection of a new building housing a bank and apartments. Is there a source for this info?
  4. Seriously? What's the source of this info?
  5. I've heard that the Bosch is the best tankless. We have a Calorex w/ a small tank and a pilot. The small tank provides instant hot water and fires the heater which is able to keep up with the demand and provides constant temp. We use it as a backup to our Solar heater. Normally our Solar heater meets the need. We actually have two, one for the "house" and one for the master bath.
  6. Posted in the wrong place. MODs please move!
  7. The OP said, ""She start with a really bad stomachache last week, and is getting worse." Last week? When last week?
  8. Maybe some new cuotas have reduced the distance, it used to be 1400 miles from Nogales to Ajijic. It certainly was when I drove it!
  9. Costco has them when in season.
  10. Never the less, $USD and Credit Cards work.
  11. The term here is "condominio" not condominium.
  12. That's one configuration of "condo" there are others.
  13. Take last year's tax bill/receipt to City Hall in Chapala, take a number and wait your turn. Taxes can be paid from the 2nd or 3rd week in Jan. Anyone with last year's receipt can pay your tax bill.
  14. Call Veronica at Strom-White movers. She knows drivers who will do what you're asking.
  15. I agree; GDL > MEX> CDG> NCE BTW, Aeromexico has had some very good fares to Europe lately.
  16. You said it's not the best. In your opinion, who makes the best? I"m not seeking an argument or even a debate, just your opinion.
  17. I didn't recommend her to perform the surgery, rather as a qualified Vet to consult.
  18. She implied that Dra. Berenice wasn't skilled in any surgeries besides spay and neuter which is simply NOT true!
  19. Flying in with 2 cats several years ago we were asked for the certificates.
  20. I've never heard of her in my 12 years here. We used Ladron Clinic for many years until Dra. Berenice opened her clinic. She's been very successful and has a large clientele. Why would "Natasha" attempt to dis her skills and experience?
  21. She did way more than spay and neuter! Were you in on the surgeries? Sheesh! Regardless, she's very talented.
  22. See Dra. Berenice at the Pet Place in Plaza Interlago. Before opening her own clinic 3 years ago she did most of the surgery for the Ladron clinic!
  23. You're not contradicting me, you simply buy something Costco doesn't carry. They still have Veille Ferme if that's the French wine you're referring to. It's about 100 Pesos.
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