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  1. Plans from Allianz and AXA are exellent. Good companies, good reputation, good agents.
  2. Mexico gets the $, it's for the FMM. The electronic ticketing system has already paid Mexico by the time anyone applied for a refund. Once they pay you they have to go after Mexico to get it refunded. You can imagine how much fun that is and how often they succeed!
  3. The procure is different for each airline, call them. It's only good if you have a RT orr RP Visa.
  4. If you live here then you know your home must be fortified or face the reality of repeated break-ins. Not speaking of security here is being naive. There is a safety and security factor of gated communities such as Vista Allegre that the rest of us must create on our own.
  5. The Hanger likely won't have a courtesy van. Good luck getting a taxi to take you just outside the airport grounds!
  6. The Mexican carriers have no such facility. Simply look at the details of the calling number and hit the Block button.
  7. This is an absolutely untrue statement. Gimpychimp's comment are the truth. He is not commenting on Mexican people but on the lack of zoning restrictions. His comments describe the reality that folks in the villages live. I gather that Tiny either doesn't live her or hasn't been here long enough to understand the reality of village life.
  8. That's good. If you choose to live in the Chapala/Ajijic area many locals speak english. It's when you're in Guadalajara or travelling that Spanish is more neccessary. BTW, "barrio" is simply "neighborhood."
  9. Depends on what you mean by modest. Generally no, you would not be like upper middle class in Mexico.
  10. Just to add perspective: I've lived here more than 12 years. It's never been and is not now a "boom town." In the area between Chapala and Jocotepec there are more than 100,000 people. The foreign population is maybe 7 or 8% of that. The gringo view is a narrow, incomplete view representing only gringo houses, places gringos shop etc..
  11. Yes, new houses, apartments, and condos are going up all the time. There is no typica house here since homes have been being contructed here for nearly 500 years! Look at the real estate and rental pages available on the web. Just Google Ajijic Real Estate or Chapala Real Estate, or rentals to get an idea of the range of homes here. Lately we have more arriving than leaving.
  12. There was a time when the Director of IMSS in Chapala was refusing coverage for Gringos on the flimsiest of reasons.
  13. IMSS does not "rule out" pre-existing conditions. Rather it applies a waiting period during which they are not coverd. IMHO if you're going to live here dump Medicare part B, part A is no-cost. The prices of real estate may be up but they're not yet at the level they were in 2005/6. There's plenty of affordable housing here.
  14. Each Consulate have different rules for application for Residente Temporal/Resident Permanente. No attorney here will know the rules the consulate near you is applying. Also, as RVGringo said, Mexicans are notorious for not returning phone calls or answering emails. You must go to the Consulate yourself and speak with them. Chapala Law can assist you AFTER you are here to complete the process of getting your Visa from INM. You don't need to send anyone any $ now. IMHO, Spencer and his team at Chapala Law are the best at dealing with INM whose office is a block away from theirs. Spencer has been assisting expats with INM for many years.
  15. My Telcel plan is International Unlimited. Actually it is limited to USA/Canada/Mexico but it costs only $199 Pesos per month!
  16. Directly opposite the Hampton is the Holiday Inn Express. There is a Chili's and a Denny's all sharing the same parking lot.
  17. El Saltos


    I had it last week and it was superb! It was served as 4 nice chops. I think it must be New Zealand lamb, I believe that's what Costco has. It was the best lamb I've had in my 12 years living here. I thought it was a bargain!
  18. Does anyone have contact info for a Naturopathic Doctor in west Ajijic?
  19. El Saltos


    We dined at Elegante last Friday, Oct. 4th. We found the service and food to be superb and far superior to other local restaurants. The tableware was good quality too which is something lacking in most other establishments. I thought the wine pricing was fair and the mixed drink prices were reasonable. For a Prix Fixe menu @ $225 I'll gladly pay a few pennies more for a glass of wine! I had the rack of lamb, it was the best I've had in my 12 years here. The preparation was not one that would be complemented with mint jetty. From our arrival to departure we found the service to be attentive and congenial. We will return soon. There has not been an affordable restaurant of this quality in the area for some time and we're happy to have Elegante.
  20. The GP I recommend is Dra. Carla C. Flores. You can see her at Quality Care or she will visit your home. 33-1000-7777
  21. LaLa brand in the cooler near the yoghurt at Walmart. Superb!
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