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  1. Try the Goodyear place in Chapala.
  2. Since Walmart and Centro Laguna and the Libramiento are NOT in Ajijic your assertion is false.
  3. GM and Chrysler were nationalized. Not even close to the same thing.
  4. Most Salmon in the US is wild caught. The responsible states such as CA, OR, and WA require farmed salmon to be labeled as such in the fish markets and grocery stores. You're right about all farmed salmon not being equal. However, all we get here is from Chile one of the more less equal. It's trash and the growers have terrible reps. Norway, on the other hand raises pretty good salmon, but it all goes to the European market.
  5. Not that simple. e.g. my property taxes are still ~$2500 Pesos since 2006. So today they're nearly half the amount in $US. My Telmex bill is still $499 Pesos. I could go on but suffice to say we have more purchasing power today than 12 years ago.
  6. SYSY, please tell your story to the Chapala city hall. Those of us on this board can't help you. I don't have a problem with carts as long as they're legal and have insurance.
  7. A big difference between stocks and currencies: Governments can't intervene to prop up the value of stocks.
  8. I'd more likely eat the fatty beef than the farm-raised junk salmon. If you don't want antibiotics and/or growth hormones in you food don't eat farm-raised salmon!
  9. Spencer and his staff of attorneys deal with practically everything. There is no "commercial rate" for electricity and water.
  10. I think Arileo does it weekly too.
  11. You can get a Factura for ANYTHING you purchase. it's the Law. Golf carts have Serial Numbers, same as a VIN. ANY road legal vehicle can be registered and get plates. e.g. Quads.
  12. I thought the remnants of eSun posted a number to call for service.
  13. Post to sites you must pay to read should NOT be allowed! Commercial BS. Mods?
  14. The new crematorium does business only thru Funeral Homes, no direct sales.
  15. Buy or bring any cell phone. Get the Telcel Int'l Unlimited plan for $299 Pesos/month. Call all over US, Canada, and Mexico. Includes 1.2Gig of data too so your internet will work if you're not in you home or a free wi-fi area.
  16. Go to the little Telcel store next to Alex's Pasta Bar. They can help you. The people at the BIG Telcel in the Mall are pretty useless.
  17. Hard to tell which is which when they're labeled: Cell, US, and MX?
  18. That and the SuperLake parking lot!
  19. Actually, several other associates in his office in Guadalajara.
  20. Happy Birthday Bob. I still have the #1 SmartCar at Lakeside! David
  21. The quote says "currency hedges" not derivitives. Mexico has lot so $USD, that's why they were able to purchase $20B US in hedges!
  22. That's been going on for years but it's not arbitrage. Anytime the Peso drops too quickly for their liking they spend reserve US Dollars and buy Pesos which slows the slide.
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