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  1. Please understand two things; Your Mexican mover is responsible for your move IN Mexico. Your US mover will back your stuff and move it to the border. All restrictions are from the Government of Mexico, not the mover(s). Strom-White moved us without and damage or difficulty.
  2. I think in this case the phrase "show up" means different things. Hensley is saying they don't show up for service calls. bmh and NJExpat are saying the monitoring service reacts well in case of an alarm.
  3. Maids and gardeners get their raise on their work anniversary. Typically 4-5%.
  4. No demand, just a question. I don't find that info anywhere.
  5. No, the phone number is not in this thread. Anyone have it?
  6. The assumption is that the COLA referred to is for US Social Security. Most of the Americans living here get a monthly payment from Social Security.
  7. If one is mistaken it's not a lie. It's mistake. A lie is intentional mistruth.
  8. Why would come on a board and be snarky? I posted what I thought to be true. I was mistaken.
  9. Hmmm, I never go out on Christmas Day, so i guess I wouldn't know!
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