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  1. Interesting data on current numbers for vaccinated versus unvaccinated. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/08/30/fully-vaccinated-covid-deaths.aspx?ui=aa11a6da4a5e4e3b918a912f6f6da225d490e92c488197a82e41285f6e067297&sd=20210812&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20210830&mid=DM979511&rid=1250341660
  2. Well you may want to consider relocating because In this country it's never gonna happen.
  3. I believe getting vaccinated should be a personal choice, I also feel strongly that vaccinated people should wear at least 10 masks and lockdown in their homes for at least 5 years. If it saves just one life it will be worth it.
  4. And there will be more variants when more people are vaccinated the Delta strain is just the beginning.
  5. Everyone has their own opinion, now there has become a divide between the vaccinated vs unvaccinated, fortunately I am glad I live in Mexico and there are no rules forced upon us. I am not a big fan of AMLO but just last week he said no mandate or need for the young to be vaccinated unless science can offer more substantial proof that the young need to take the shot. The thing with this vaccination is that it is experimental and there are plenty of guinea pigs who have gone all in and taken it. I have never been one willing to comply with these types of situations but there are many people who are and will. What I have noticed is a lot of deaths from the vaccine, the more concerning thing will be 6-8 months down the road where people will begin having side effects, however, it will be hard to point blame on the vaccine for those issues. I have known several people who have had Covid and came out just fine whereas some of the people I know who have been vaccinated recently are having health issues. At this point I think just live and let live. Mexico has only currently vaccinated about 29% of its people and I find it hard that number will increase drastically unless they begin offering some sort of financial incentive. I think things will get even more interesting as pharma companies begin offering third and 4rth doses and of course as new variants come and the fear wears off there will be new variants coming out, this is now a vicious circle that is not going to stop. From what I can see I think a lot of people have just realized how much they do enjoy drinking Kool Aid.
  6. Im sure they will get their act together soon and make a more streamlined database, at least I think they will have to, especially considering there will be many new Covid vaccines to come in the future.
  7. And what seems interesting to me is that this rise comes shortly after the big push for getting the shot. This could be due to a couple of things anecdotal of course, one since people who are vaccinated are taking less precautions, or the shot has actually triggered more infections. I know that in the last week there have been 4-5 celebrity deaths from Covid here in Mexico all of whom had just been recently vaccinated.
  8. Create massive anxiety, fear, and hysteria = passiveness and the willing to be led. Since only about 15% of people living in Mexico have been vaccinated versus 49%-52% in the U.S would it not be safer for those concerned about the virus be better off living up north?
  9. Im sure if governments could they would mandate it, that way they could eliminate the population much quicker. People in Mexico are dying of Covid in spite of being vaccinated. https://www.antenanoticias.com.mx/index.php/2021/06/23/en-mexico-se-mueren-por-covid-personas-vacunadas/ article is in Spanish.
  10. @Ferret The wrong side of science maybe so. People talk about facts and what not, what I don't get is that there are several different vaccines given to different age groups Ive actually seen some scenarios where they have vaccinated people with two different vaccines, most of these vaccines are only 60-80% effective (according to the independent Pharma companies who make them) none of them had been thoroughly tested but they are now, by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Common sense tells me that basically people getting vaccinated are the guinea pigs, I consider myself fortunate to live in a country where the shot is not mandatory, those who want to take it should do so, that's an individual choice. I'm gonna sit in the bleachers and wait it out. Without a doubt, there will be more variants, followed by new vaccines, but I'm sure that from the looks of things most people will become accustomed to getting vaccinated as needed.
  11. I have been using Pepe Magana in Riberas I have 13 cats some are feral and everytime my cats have been sick he has been spot on. I wont take them anywhere else. I might be biased because I have used Pepe since the early 80s and he has treated and saved everything I have taken to him including possums, hamsters you name it.
  12. Walked by there today at 10:00 am and was happy and relieved to see not many people there. Big difference when they were vaccinating the elderly, when the lines were endless. I have hope and am happy that the younger crowd is thinking twice about these vaccines.
  13. Please note what I said in the last paragraph. At SS you buy a new car, they will take the car in for servicing for you and even pay the yearly taxes for a fee of course. I believe that fee is around $600.00 pesos, still a bargain considering the time it saves me.
  14. As far as I know that fee only applies if S&S takes you into Guadalajara looking for used cars.
  15. Its amazing the lengths people will go to to save a few bucks, 30 years ago Guad only had a couple of dealers and a handful of brands. I purchased a new car in Guad years ago and it was kind of a pain to have to take it in for servicing, but then again, I was working full time. Since then, I have purchased one brand new car and a couple of used cars from SS and have always had great service from Karen and Spencer. If people feel freebies are worth the drive to Guad that's great, in the long run things may go smoothly for you, the issue is that if you ever run into a problem and have to run back and forth into Guad to get it sorted it is not a lot of fun. At SS you buy a new car, they will take the car in for servicing for you and even pay the yearly taxes for a fee of course, which for me is worth its weight in gold, then again I understand that a lot of people lakeside have all the time in the world and would like to o things themselves.
  16. It's good, I run it on a couple of old laptops with Win 7 and one with Windows 10 better than Google Chrome but I still prefer Brave browser.
  17. I dont know where the municipalities are getting their data I am assuming from the federal website but this is a good source I have found in Spanish. This is a general Covid19 thread on reddit Mexico that has been updated since the start. https://www.reddit.com/r/mexico/comments/gng20b/megathread_coronavirus_8/ This is list with numbers based in states and municipalities. https://gist.github.com/agentphantom/20bfd5fe1f959bcbe6c690b5ef1fd6f0
  18. You cant believe the people running around with nothing to do, its as typical month of May, they are bored have nothing to do and go from business to business doing a whole lot of nothing. I guess there are a lot of people who find going to pay their bills in person kills some time.
  19. The issue is that Lopez Obrador has taken no real initiative against crime, the issue in Culiacan with El Chapos son seemed to have set the ground rules for the President. He claimed he would hit the cartels in their pocket book and yes, he has seized a lot of bank accounts, properties etc. Unfortunately, that solves nothing, it just bleeds more drugs into this country and since the Cartels need cash liquidity, kidnappings, counterfeiting and business extorsion will do just fine.
  20. It is not going to do much good, my hunch is that AMLO is doing it more for fear of future riots and marches due to a failing economy when people cant feed their family they get angry. Since AMLO's stance is Abrazos no balazos (hugs not bullets) it will not be effective , there have been so many incidents in the past where the military is kidnapped and guns taken. Unless AMLO changes his stance to fight crime head on things will continue to deteriorate.
  21. The local authorities have been using these road blocks far beyond the pandemic. Obviously since he is the Director of the Prepa Chapala (high school) this is probably not the first time he had been questioned from going back and forth. Last weekend I was behind the typical rich tapatios driving their brand new shiny BMW 1250s at a snails pace (grrrr) they were waved right though the checkpoint in la Mojonera, I was riding my dirty 650 and was pulled over and got the 20 questions drill. Sad to say most of the local law enforcement are not well trained, many of them don't have much of an education then again its not a job a lot of people want. This is not the first time this has happened, considering the UDG has lot of pull, I think that the local government will have lots of explaining to do.
  22. I'm with Mainecoons extending this is just going to prolong the agony, but Alfaro is not the brightest individual. I wish he would be just as efficient with crime as he is with this lock down. I think if we look at the stats crime deaths over the last couple of months in the state of Jalisco are probably close to to those of Covid19 deaths. Many of the locals I have talked too over the last few days are going to open up or begin working behind closed doors the best they can shutting things down for another two weeks is nuts.
  23. Legally they cant, but most people do not know the law and others feel its not worth the hassle, specially dealing with the corrupt authorities. Having said that these road blocks go up late in the morning so a lot of the Tapatios come out early in the Am or late at night when the road blocks are taken down. In the case of Jalisco Governor Alfaro is money hungry so more temporary laws and road checks means more $$. Notice here locally the transito are at the checkpoints fining and confiscating as they please.
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