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  1. I just chalk it up to the fact that people want to keep on playing the covid games. Maybe they can get a points system in place. The more they get vaxed, the more they mask up, the more they social distance the more points they gain.
  2. Fully vaccinated surpass non vaxed in hospitals Australia. https://aci.health.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/critical-intelligence-unit/monitor
  3. Alfaro is not the brightest individual, this is just another way to worsen the economy which is already in bad shape, however I'm sure a 200.00 pesos bribe at the door will still get you in at most places.
  4. Darn it! No they are gonna have to come up with a new cool name. Maybe megacron? https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/10/deltacron-variant-prompts-doubts-among-experts-as-possible-lab-error.html
  5. Yes. This is typical after COVID vax campaign if you follow the dates you will notice a spike in infections coincidence or not that's what I have seen. I'm assuming there will be a big spike soon as well after the Banda El Recodo played last night to a packed crowd in Jocotepec. If anything this might help speed up herd immunity.
  6. Correct, and the main reason there are so many infections now is because the vaccines actually suppress the immune system. My biggest beef is that unlike other vaccines there are so many pharma companies offering them but no actual data on overall effectiveness "it's all speculation" , at the end of the day let people do what they will. I'll keep watching the culling of the herd.
  7. Many hospitals are short staffed becasue many were laid off because they refused to get vaccinated. Right now there is a huge spike in infections and now I personally know of 4 people who have been triple vaxed and are very sick. People are dense and unfortunately it will take time but, eventually all those who have been vaccinated will look back at the lunacy. Then again maybe not. At this.point no one will become fully vaccinated because the governments will continue to push new shots over and over again.
  8. And is used as a one the governments tool for the purpose of menticide.
  9. I guess no one watched enough of the video posted to understand who actually runs the fact checkers :-).
  10. Good interview that may help some of those pro covid vaxers to help put things in perspective. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3SCsueX2bZdbEzRtKOCEyT#login
  11. Just more scare tactics from mainstream media to keep people locked up., sad part is how compliant people are. Just get your vaccine and wear your mask. 🙂 https://www.infowars.com/posts/first-omicron-death-an-anti-vaxxer-story-falls-apart/
  12. Interesting info from.a.cardiologist on how the COVID vaccines affect the blood especially in kids. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/12/11/covid-vaccines-are-killing-people.aspx?ui=aa11a6da4a5e4e3b918a912f6f6da225d490e92c488197a82e41285f6e067297&sd=20210812&cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20211211&mid=DM1063680&rid=1347670294
  13. People have not figured out this whole thing is a drip feed system, they have already shut down several countries dont think it will happen here. Mexico did a good thing and has for the most part kept schools open and I believe will continue to do so.
  14. It looks like some people have done their homework which is why they are not getting vaccinated. I saw this morning in all of Mexico, 53 deaths yesterday from Covid. down from over 700 several weeks ago. Seems to be the trend once they begin vaccination campaigns numbers begin to spike and then dwindle several weeks after. I have to wonder what people think about the high infection rates and death in highly vaccinated countries, in spite of all these vaccines it seems things have gotten worse and not better.
  15. It's all a big circus and has been for sometime now. Sadly, It's easier for illegals to cross.
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