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  1. I wonder if this will be like the Shell gas stations in Guad, nice sign same Pemex gas and service.
  2. Been using them for at least 10 years. I am a premium member and have bought tons.of.stuff. Computers, cell phones. Monitors roof sealers and motorcycles, my last purchase a weedeater. I had two issues one a toner cartridge which was resolved immediately the other a starter for my car also replaced. Just like eBay check sellers repuation,number of items sold etc.
  3. There is only one akky.mx they are the original registrar here formerly nic.mx
  4. If you follow the Mexican news closely there has been a lot of drug activity, killing etc in Jalisco. Besides that Both Julian Alvarez and Rafael Marquez seemed to be associated with some of the drug cartels and involved with money laundering through charities etc. Money was seized and bank accounts were frozen . http://www.univision.com/noticias/narcotrafico/eeuu-sanciona-al-cantante-julion-alvarez-y-al-futbolista-rafael-marquez-por-su-relacion-con-el-narco-en-mexico If you dig real deep it goes pretty high up the political chain. After the bust mentioned above The DOJ posted a list of businesses and people that were laundering money, there were business from all over country including Jalisco and even some with addresses in Chapala. The police activity in Guadalajara has been very active searching for stolen cars, weapons, drugs etc. As far s the police activity Lakeside a lot is due to drug trafficking a lot of it in Joco, Chapala and Ixtlahuacan so maybe they are just trying to get a handle on things and trying to calm things down. Its not just here, I made two trips to Ocotlan last week and the state police and Military are also very active there as well. Here is an article I found in English http://www.chicagotribune.com/hoy/ct-hoy-rafa-marquez-and-julion-alvarez-among-22-sanctioned-by-us-government-for-drug-ties-20170809-story.html Here is a list from the DOJ of the businesses that were supposedly involved https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Pages/20170809.aspx
  5. How are their prices for maintenance, oil change, general tune up compared to taking it to the BMW agency in Guadalajara?
  6. Something you don't see everyday, pretty cool!
  7. I had a job don there on my Honda Civic a few years back because of all the positive feedback from people, I wish my paint job only had fish eye mine still has drip marks, I was very bummed and disappointed.
  8. Appreciate it or not they can hear me, when I had a silent exhaust I got inadvertently nocked or swayed off to the side of the road on many occasions which was the reason for putting on a loud exhaust. Much prefer being called a naco than being down on the pavement, plus I got tired of denting peoples doors when they got to close and did not see me.
  9. I used to get the same flack in Southern California for lane splitting, and it was legal, I will admit I am one of the culprits here for doing all of the above, unfortunately with all the topes and slow drivers it is a must, I have an extremely loud exhaust so the old folks can hear me coming, ABS works poorly trying to stop over the speed bumps, I call it jealousy or envy for the poor folks in cars "cagers" it takes 30 - 40 minutes to go anywhere, when i get there in 15 minutes, sure its big risk but after riding for over 40 years it is one that I am willing to take.
  10. Actually not a big deal hacienda will ask for the last few referendos "depending on age of the bike" or renewals, otherwise you would have to take it on to verification in Guad to register it here.I have purchased a couple of used bikes from different states, me personally I avoid anything from Mexico City. As a side note if you can get the plate number from the seller " usually not an issue" you can verify title by phone from hacienda.
  11. And thats why a lot of those come down here, if they pulled that crap in the U.S considering there is not much respect for the elderly he would of gottent the crap smacked out of him. I have had that happen to me many times I just smile and blow them off, poor bastards.
  12. Yes I can agree to some extent about the above posts, but it is free, how many people on this forum actually used a telmex infinitum account but yet had to ditch their paid prodigy.net.mx account because of unreliability which was paid for. Stuff happens, so the best course of action is to have a couple of backup accounts.When Google begins to have issues, Yes Google is strong now but what if in the future it ends up like many such as redifmail, runbox fastmail which many ended up ditching.... yes never say never. People very soon forget, but ultimately a private e-mail is a better alternative and yes you get what you pay for! If it is free I cant see any reason for complaining.
  13. I know Yahoo has had some issues especially over the holidays, they have been upgrading and it caused some problems for many users, as with everything else in life it will come to pass. if I have to choose, I will take Yahoo over Gmail any day, Hotmail or windows live is ok as well, many of the issues people have had have been browser related or issues witht the cache in their browser but people are allways quick to blame someone else, I do it all the time, Remember these are free services. there is a saying in Mexico "para pendejo no se estudia", so sometimes its good to do a search on the internet when having issues and usually a quick fix is available.
  14. Ask me twenty years ago and there where plenty of heavy hitters with lots of money who never complained about price, most of them having full time maids and gardeners. Not anymore, in my opinion there are lots of bargain hunters, I mean it is still cheaper here than in the U.S. but ask me how many Mexican millionaires are here lakeside there are many, and the do spend money, but fortunately only on the weekends, they are the ones keeping businesses above water. I think the days of the north american big spenders are gone, at least for a while. The future here lakeside will most likely be Tapatios from the big city moving lakeside for them everything is cheaper here. If you dont believe me ask many of the long term business owners and I believe they would agree.
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