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  1. I am soon going to make 10 different flights overseas and I cannot find substantial luggage with castors that swivel 360 degrees. I have found some in stores like Soriana and Walmart but they are so flimsy that I wouldn't trust my belongings in them. Ten separate flights means that the baggage handlers have 20 chances to mangle the luggage. 😉 I need luggage with strong sides to them so that as they are thrown around they can maintain their strength. I do not have a car so I can't just visit all the bazaars or stores along the carretera and I have searched stores in Guadalajara. I know that there are high end stores and I have visited many but everything seems to have cheap collapsing sides that do not look like they can take a beating. Does anyone know where I can purchase things like this and fanny packs or, better yet, ankle pockets? I have checked the Guadalajara airport and I cannot even find them there. I have also been searching for them in Zacatecas and other Mexican cities to no avail. Perhaps someone has seen something and direct me to the right place?
  2. I have used TAR in the past and it was efficient and as good as any other airline. The price was always the best. Bisbee Gal: I have had the same problem with ETN buses. They say that my cc has been denied but my bank says it has not denied it. I have never been able to use my cc on line for ETN but they accept it without a problem at the bus terminal. I use ETN for trips where airports are inconvenient to my destination. It is a problem on the Mexican side of the payment system. I haven't stopped using ETN when I have to but I just buy the ticket at the counter when I am leaving Guadalajara's new bus station. I think that you might be able to buy the TAR ticket with your cc at a Travel Agent without much of a markup. If there is a markup the TAR price may still save you money that you would have to spend on another airline. Most Mexican businesses I have dealt with charge an extra 3 to 5% or more to use your credit card anyway. 🤕
  3. Not every doctor or clinic performs this procedure but I wonder if anyone knows where one can go to have ear wax lavaged. People tell me I need to get the wax out of my ears because I am constantly asking them to repeat themselves. I am in my 70s and I thought that decreased hearing might come from my age. My friends assure me that it does not. 😨
  4. Thanks for your responses! I don't brew coffee (instant everything is my style ) but I will ask friends for their coffee grounds and I will try that next. I warn folks to watch their step at my gate. Maybe those days are over. I hope so!
  5. I live in a neighborhood that has families who let their dogs out at odd hours to go to the bathroom in the streets and then they go back to their walled villas. Since I also have odd hours at times I see this trick but the neighbors refuse to change their ways. One particular large dog has made the front of my house as her toilet. My Mexican friends suggested I lightly spray the area with ammonia and I have done so for a week. It has not dissuaded the very friendly dog from this habit. I am at wits end and even spoke with the dog's owners but to no avail. They let their dog out from sunset until around 8 am every day. I think that the other neighbors are just happy that the dog did not choose their property. Does anyone have an idea about how to change the dog's habit? Someone told me that Walmart had a product that you sprayed in an area to encourage dogs to use that place to defecate. I had an evil thought for just a moment that I could spray it in front of the dog owner's gate 😈--but that isn't really the answer as a good neighbor. Plus the spray seems too good to be true. Does ANYONE have an idea that I might use to solve the problem without causing World War 3? I live in Chapala Centro.
  6. It is a terrible shame. My sister lived there until she moved last month. I was on the Board. I am at a loss as to what happened and why. I was never asked about this development.
  7. He was taking the camera down to give to the woman. He was apparently too stupid to realize that the filming was being recorded inside the house and not on the camera. The police said that he "works" the Wednesday tiangis in Ajijic at times. You can't miss the girlfriend. They spend a lot of time in jail but nothing changes their behavior--so do not get caught up in their snare. The police knew them right away and knew that they lived in Lourdes. A Mexican friend knows many Chapala police and they have been very helpful. They loved the pictures and said not to worry about seeing the whole face. Just letting everyone know so that they can protect themselves from criminals like these two.
  8. Thanks for the info. 

  9. My air conditioners are several years old now and one of them needs the Freon renewed. Does anyone know where I can find a person who does that? I have solar and my monthly CFE bills are under 50 pesos so no sermons about energy, please.
  10. This is not a crime report. The thieves are known to the police and the crime has been reported here in Chapala. The local Chapala police said that these two work for foreigners in the Lakeside area and that they are well known to the local police. I am putting their pictures up so that anyone who does or might in the future be tempted to hire them you have been forewarned. The police are looking for them now. I thought that I would let my neighbors know.The police said that the two often clean houses--and employers that are old and confused can have their houses clean really well--of belongings. A word to the wise is sufficient.
  11. I have tried to open a joint Mexican bank account at Bancomer with my Mexican spouse. They said that I could be on the account as someone who could get the money if something happened to my spouse but they could not give us a joint account. I was astounded. I pointed out that my teacher's pension would not transfer money into an account that did not have my name on it. Their solution? Open a separate account in my name. I told them that that makes no sense to me because I have my SS and pensions transferred to my U.S. bank now. When I asked why this could not be done she actually replied that this is Mexico. I am not disoriented and I have lived here 6 years so I know where I am. Does anyone know of a traditional Mexican bank that does allow joint bank accounts (both names) in the Lakeside area? Like my Mexican friends say; you can't give people in business here your money. They make the rules so difficult that you just give up. Maybe they are right. My friend had to go to another Mexican State when his mom died in January and he wanted to pay her outstanding CFE bill and take over her account. They refused his money even when seeing her death certificate because the will still is in process of being accepted (it was made and certified 3 years before her death and named him as her only heir and he showed them a copy of it). Meanwhile the bill continues to run up because they won't take the money for payment. I was with him and just had to ask the clerk who cared who paid the bill as long as CFE got their money. No answer. The bill still hasn't been paid because " the powers that be" in that city and State still aren't done with a very straight forward will! Astounding business model. At one point my friend turned to me and said; "its Mexico." I said ; "Yes. I see that you can't give them your money!" Any way back to my question of applying and getting a joint bank account in the Lakeside area. You know; someone who WILL take our money.
  12. I just cannot stand by and not give my 2 pesos on this subject. I have belonged to Seguro Popular for 5 years and I intend to use it as a backup for catastrophic health care. I also have private insurance that can be used in Mexico though I do not have much faith in its usefulness based on past history. I spent years in the U.S. as a health care provider so I know my way around best practice for health care delivery. Now some facts. I am glad that some have had good care with Seguro Popular. My partner also belonged to SP and developed a cardiac condition which he only became aware of here a few weeks before it became acute. He also had private U.S. insurance though it ended up providing no reimbursement. He was sent to the E.R. at Nueva Civil Hospital in Guadalajara where he had tests. He was placed on a gurney where he stayed for 46 hours in the E.R. There were no privacy curtains, I fought for the use of four bedpans in a room filled three gurneys deep with patients with illnesses (some contagious), of all ages and sexes. Student nurses placed an IV without gloves and in an area without a sink to wash their hands in. There was a sink in the nurses' station but I only saw one person use it--a physician AFTER he made his rounds. No one had tags to identify who they were and the Nurses' Aides (more like orderlies from years ago and mostly men pitching pesos as a game to help the time pass by) were dressed in white from head to toe. They looked very professional but it took me several hours to discover that the only nurses were the women in white uniforms who wore a blue jumper vest/sweater. I have since become friends with a University of Guadalajara prepared nurse (akin to a BSN prepared R.N. in the U.S.) who has worked there for several years. She has told me that supplies are just so difficult to obtain though the money the government provides is adequate but disappears as it filters down into the system. She admitted that it is difficult to practice good nursing skills without proper supplies. My partner died at a young age within days of this experience. My personal insurance plan is to die at home in a chair facing my beautiful garden or, if that is not possible, in my bed. Like I first wrote; if your experience has been great I am glad for you. I wonder if you have a health care background and can see everything that is going on when care is provided. I know that some folks will be angry at this post but you know what? I lived it. It happened. The scales fell from my eyes. I still have Seguro Popular but I personally have never used it because I have enough funds to pay for my health care as I go. My physician recently told me that Medicare was accepted at San Javier Hospital in Guadalajara. I haven't checked that out yet but the hospital bills here are so low compared to the U.S. that I have been able to pay them with a credit card that I pay off at the end of every month. My physician also said that the care delivered at San Javier (private hospital) is excellent. I would encourage anyone who has Medicare to at least look into my doctor's information. O.K. I've said what I felt I had to say.
  13. I do not know if this is true but I was told that the Joco hospital is for IMSS only even though there is some type of Seguro Popular sign on the premises. I would like to know if they do accept Seguro Popular.
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