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  1. A black and white cat with a short tail and a heart shaped figure on its right hip is in need of a home. He was found abandoned and in need of a double herniorrhaphy, had infected eyes and wasn't spayed. He is very friendly toward humans and follows you around but he is very aggressive towards other cats and dogs. He wants to be an only "child". I would love to keep him but I have 5 rescues and he won't share the territory with any of them. He spends a lot of time sleeping and lives on a front enclosed porch with access to a beautiful garden. He wants to be a house cat but he will not t
  2. I ate lunch at a new Indian Restaurant at # 226 Hidalgo near the Santander Bank. Simple and clean atmosphere--nothing fancy. The chef is really from India and both he and his Mexican wife are very friendly. The menu and more information can be found on their Facebook page. Magnolia's Restaurant. They served the Indian food at 2 pm. Open from 9 am to 7:30 pm. Soft drinks and alcohol was also available. I really enjoyed the spicy (not super spicy) food with an iced beverage on the side.
  3. Hi,I read your story, and your update. Some people on social media are real asses. I wanted to ask you for your partner's lawyer friend in GDL. I have a problem and need a lawyer ASAP.  

  4. My split air conditioner is leaking "big time". I cannot use it at present. Does anyone know of a good, honest repair service here? I called a Mexican who claims to do that work and he asked me where I was from originally. I answered honestly and then asked him if he was a local person and he exhibited a real "attitude" asking what business was it of mine. I pointed out that I answered his question which could be construed as a "what business is it of yours..." but all the bells and lights went off in my head. I told him to forget the job. It was as if he was hiding something or afraid t
  5. Thanks for the door bell info. I have one and I use it. I also have three cameras; one pointed to the front gate. To access the cameras I must turn on the TV and turn it to camcorder which takes too long so I depend on my front door camera bell which is, of course, activated as soon as the bell is pushed. I never answer the gate unless I recognize the person ringing the bell. My partner always answers the gate when he is home. Mostly the bell ringers are children running up and down the street ringing people's bells. 😊 This morning we went to INE (Instituto Nacional Electoral) in Jocotep
  6. Geringohombre, you are absolutely WRONG. It is a TRUE and ONGOING FACT. I am insulted by your rash judgement. The only thing fake is your response.
  7. For those who asked me for more information about what has happened I can report that a few more things are now in play. Today a burly, tall man appeared at the gate and spoke to my Mexican partner and said that he was here and was going to take the TV. My TV is quite old so it is obviously not the one that they are looking for. I had heard the front gate bell so I went to a window to see what was going on. I could tell from the loud voices and gesturing that they were arguing. After about 10 minutes the gate was slammed shut but not before the man threw a piece of paper inside the gate. We h
  8. I have tried other products but found them all to be this side of useless. I get all the silly shows you mentioned and more and SHAW has been the only real TV that has worked for me. The other gadgets were long on promise but short on delivery. Remember, we don't have the fastest WIFI in the land here and I live in downtown Chapala so getting a million channels with products that depend on WUFI have just left me frustrated. I get NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and though I have never tuned it in--FOX. There are local shows from various American and Canadian cities and No, I do not get SHAW for free
  9. I was minding my own business this afternoon hanging out with my sister when the doorbell at the front gate rang. My Mexican partner answered it to find 2 local police officers standing in front of the gate. They said that they had come to find a former Mexican acquaintance of his who lived at our address. He told them that he had known her in the past but that she had never lived at this address nor did he ever know her address. The police showed him a copy of her Mexican identity card and, sure enough, she had put our address. My partner insisted that he had no idea where she was or what hap
  10. Thanks for the info, APACHEWOMAN. I knew about it as I taught nursing for 21 years and have had personal experience with it. Almost all articles focus on RLS when you are trying to sleep but mine will occur while I am seated in an airplane for 12 hours. I will be able to stand up at times and I have a lot of experience doing leg exercises (I used to fly to West Africa from the U.S. with only a stop in Paris) but I rarely experienced relief. I don't have Diabetes and my diet is good. RLS is one of those terrible syndromes that lack research funding to find treatments. I appreciate your research
  11. Thanks for the responses. I have tried all other RLS meds with the help of the Neurologist and my cardiac physician (Dr. Briseño) at Quality Care. I will ask him about using Rivotril. I only need it for the 12 hour trips to and from Europe with a dose two days prior to the trip to make sure that I do not have an allergic reaction on the plane. Recently I have met so many people down here with RLS and I knew many in the U.S. when I worked in health care there. There really are / were only 4 drugs recommended for RLS and now that Requip is no longer available it is down to 3. I dread the flight
  12. I am on a slew of cardiac meds and, of course, frequently hear from the pharmacy I normally use that "they don't make that anymore". Usually I find that to be false and after I buy it at another pharmacy and show it to my usual pharmacy (I do not say Pharmacist because I often doubt that the person waiting on me is truly a Pharm D. or has much training in the field of pharmacy) the guy suddenly discovers that they really do still make the drug I need. I know that a physician has to own the pharmacy but they do not have to personally staff it here. Now I really need help. I need to
  13. I am soon going to make 10 different flights overseas and I cannot find substantial luggage with castors that swivel 360 degrees. I have found some in stores like Soriana and Walmart but they are so flimsy that I wouldn't trust my belongings in them. Ten separate flights means that the baggage handlers have 20 chances to mangle the luggage. 😉 I need luggage with strong sides to them so that as they are thrown around they can maintain their strength. I do not have a car so I can't just visit all the bazaars or stores along the carretera and I have searched stores in Guadalajara. I know that t
  14. I have used TAR in the past and it was efficient and as good as any other airline. The price was always the best. Bisbee Gal: I have had the same problem with ETN buses. They say that my cc has been denied but my bank says it has not denied it. I have never been able to use my cc on line for ETN but they accept it without a problem at the bus terminal. I use ETN for trips where airports are inconvenient to my destination. It is a problem on the Mexican side of the payment system. I haven't stopped using ETN when I have to but I just buy the ticket at the counter when I am leaving G
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