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  1. Sarge, good to hear from you! I am so thrilled your surgery was a success! I hope maybe a miracle will happen, your pain will reduce (I know it likely will never go away), and you can maybe even eliminate opiate meds and start enjoying life again! Wonderful news! Even if you need the methadone forever, your surgery was still a success. And as long as methadone works for you and you can sleep, function and enjoy a reasonable quality of life, then this is still a great improvement. For me also, methadone is the only pain reliever that works. Its a wonderful painkiller, very few side
  2. Thanks, Mudgirl. Its very frustrating, but as you say, its pointless for me to try to reason with people who consider this a joke or a harmless "assault on the eyes". Its not a kilt accidentally flying up, but a crime of sexual nature intended to scare and intimidate, and get sexual gratification for the deviant. Its ILLEGAL. If what happened to me and this other woman happened to these naysayers, or a woman/girl they cared about? I highly doubt their reaction would be as cavalier. Fortunately, those who accused me of being a "drama queen" are able to hold back, Harry is being a treme
  3. Harry, not sure why PMs not working. I will call you tomorrow. Thank you for getting involved. You are a tremendous help.
  4. From SpoiltGirl: "We have very few young people in Villa Nova so I doubt the dire predictions of "rape" will ever happen." That is SOLID reasoning there to not worry that this deviant will ever harm anyone besides following women, getting out of car, taking off his clothes and going to town. GREAT logic! If I were a parent, your words of wisdom would bring me complete confidence and comfort and I'd be just fine allowing my young daughters to leave the house in that area knowing that this guy is out there, but after all, unlikely to graduate to rape. Because there are only a few young
  5. According to NedSmall: "I know the OP doesn't want to here this but just like in Canada and the United States what was described by her is not assault but is indecent exposure and a pretty minor crime. He ran away when confronted,so I doubt he will escalate into the real horrible crimes that she suggests. That's sort of like saying everyone that smokes the weed will eventually graduate to hard drugs. The only "assault" was on the eyes." Ned: I am not a Mexican attorney but am a US attorney. The laws are of course written differently in every jurisdiction, and the word "assault
  6. Yes. Same guy that assaulted me did it to the friend of a woman I warned, on the same street (Rio Yaqui). She first ran, terrified, then got furious and got close enough to get the plate number. The degenerate also parked right under a security camera. I've seen the footage, its him. Same car, same everything. The portion of the footage provided to us is not graphic. I say this as if any other person has been harassed by a chubby Latino, unkept, 20s-30s in an old-model grey/primer/horrible paint job Dodge Caravan with the front license on the left side, please PM me. You can view the
  7. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. My heart genuinely goes out to you during such a difficult time. Right now, Mexico has a serious problem with a shortage/lack of certain controlled substances and opiates (methadone, ketamine and others that require a certain ingredient that cannot be obtained for whatever reason.) The pharmacists are frustrated as well, and have no idea when those meds will become available. However, other opiates (such as oxycontin) are available. Every drug works differently on every person, so I hope one can be found for you. May I offer my sugge
  8. There are a few options. I got my off Amazon USA, which has a much wider selection. However, I highly doubt that it will get past customs if its shipped from the US to here. And, if someone tries to bring it in via a flight into MX, it could cause nothing but trouble. I was very fortunate as some very considerate people happened to be in the US when I was in need of one, and offered to have it delivered to their house and they drove it into MX for me. That being said, Amazon MX may have some options, along with the MercadoLibre as someone else posted, and there will be no customs
  9. Such nice messages from nice, reasonable people. Its terribly unpleasant to have some curmudgeon you've never met get so hateful. Especially when their reading comprehension is so poor that they accuse me of knowingly walking towards a naked man, whom I saw park and get out of his Dodge Pervert van in Pedophile-Grey, climb into a planter-box, drops his pants, lift his shirt and start whacking away in full view. And silly me, I simply stared at him and kept walking towards him for a good city block and only at the last minute did it dawn on me that maybe such was not a bright idea.
  10. You're correct - I should not have assumed "Mexican" and instead have said appears to be local. As for notifying the police, do you think I should still file a report w/o having info on the license plate? I am less concerned about me and more concerned about kids/other women and would feel terrible if something happened to someone else. Do you think the police want to hear about it even w/o my having hard evidence? I must say, with the 2 dog attacks I reported, they were nothing but gracious and actually thanked me for taking the time to come in. Usually I do not let a minority opi
  11. Kiko, he is (appears to be) Mexican, and right now I don't feel I have enough evidence to take to the police. What could they do? I can't even tell them the model of the van (pretty sure it was a Dodge, but not certain.) But if I can get more evidence (which is why I am being a 'drama queen' and warning other people here) then I can file a formal complaint.
  12. cbviajero is always on top of pointing out something negative or snarky about me. Today its "drama queen". He doesn't like it when someone disagrees with him, and does not fail to respond in a snide manner. 7 dogs off-leash maul and nearly kill my dog? I'm a 'drama queen'. A doctor injects me with the wrong medication and denies me an ambulance (a potential crime) and leaves me on his tile floor from 5pm until midnight while I am in severe medical distress? Drama queen. A sexual predator gets virtually naked and spanks the monkey after hiding himself in a manner intended so I would encount
  13. cbviajero: Of course dogs with owners of any background can attack. My point was clearly restricted to some foreigners who come here and allow their dogs to run free and attack, and who always respond with, "Its MEXICO! There are no laws (wrong, there are) for dogs here!" So, I don't quite understand the purpose of your post. Also, if the attacks involved you, report them otherwise nothing will change.
  14. Nicolas: THANK YOU! That is exactly the reason why I posted it. Not to whine, but to warn other people. I am sure that people will recognize that grey/primer van if they see it. If they can take a photo of it w/the plate and get it to me, I can see if its the one and then take it to the police. This vile sack of filth likely doesn't just stalk and do this to me, but to other women and maybe children. I think he simply took it to the next level when he chose to get out of his van and plant himself by that planter box, knowing I'd walk up right past him. Really appreciate you spreading the
  15. I absolutely reacted in a way that excited him more. His eyes nearly rolled back behind the lids the more I yelled. Next time, I'll snigger and point. And try not to hurl.
  16. Lulu: Maybe I'll bring my taser to doc appts now that you mention it...unfortunately, you are sort of right regarding my luck lately. : )
  17. Joco: I thought I read that she armed her taser. Why not shoot hit him on his hoohaw with it? I bet that would ruin his fun. My taser isn't the type that has flying prongs. There are a few buttons and switches that 'activate' the taser function. I've practiced a lot since I purchased it so in emergencies I'm not fumbling around. I actually have to touch the attacker with the end of my taser, which in this case would have required me to approach him and I was not about to do that. Of course, if he came after me, I would not have hesitated in tasing him in every imaginable place, then s
  18. Semalu: I have no idea what the problem is. Do I have to activate something to receive PMs? I'll dig around and see what I can come up with. And thank you for the gentle reminder that luck notwithstanding, this is a big safety issue. A grown man who stalks women and plants/hides himself purposely so I'd come up right behind him, within 3 feet, while he's virtually naked and jerking off? What if he snatched me? What about the other women that walk in the area and the little kids that I see playing there? This asswipe was 'following' me for at least several weeks. You are absolutely
  19. Lcscats Yes - i have the legal version (not the one with flying prongs). Its a baton/flashlight combo, so very useful in a dog fight as you don't have to reach your arm deep in the fanged-melee blender-type situation. And the baton factor is good if you feel inclined to take a whack at the kneecaps or skull of an attacker. And you're right about the dogs - there is this one rooftop dog that I know will eventually jump in for an aerial attack as its not that far off the ground and the dog is pretty springy. I made a few zaps in its direction and much to my pleasure it finally stopped snarli
  20. A well-meaning, good-humored friend once told me a somewhat fitting description of my luck: "Its like flies to sh*t!"
  21. You know what infuriated me about the dog incident? At the hearing the woman lied, said I injured myself, that it was just a "scratch" and that I was "screaming and hysterical". Well, damn right I was screaming! Let's see how calm she'd be if her hand was ripped open and two very large dogs were continuing with their attack, which is a terrifying, flight or fight experience. She also lied and stated the Ecologia guy never came to her house. The cop was having none of it, got that guy on the phone on the spot who told him he most certainly went to her house and inspected the property and the
  22. HA! I wish I knew enough Spanish to respond like that. But without the safety of being in a car, I'd still be scared that he'd be crazy enough to run after me and hurt me. Its just revolting that there are men out there who do this. Its sick, disgusting, and while I was lucky as a kid and escaped 2 men who tried to do bad things to me and my 7 year old friend, I genuinely fear for the young girls (and women of all ages) who could easily be followed or watched by this pervert, as I was for at least 2 months, while giving him the benefit of the doubt that his presence at the start of my walk
  23. This happened today, at 7pm. I took my usual doggie walk route, which includes walking down Rio Yaqui from Rancho del Oro into Villa Nova. As has occurred before, a man driving an old-model beat-up van (of course it has to involve a van) drives slowly past me. His usual thing is to drive slowly when he nears me, and I glare into his open window, catch him staring, and he speeds up. While I've figured he just happens to leave work around the same time I walk my dog, my gut instinct told me something is off. It occurred again today, and stupid me, I was not paying attention and did no
  24. Mainecoons and BCDoug, thank you. Your input is very helpful. As appealing as a little 150cc dirtbike may sound, the reality is my back cannot handle it. A dual sport, however, is something I believe I can handle (pain-wise) so long as I avoid any jumps and prolonged riding on really bumpy roads. As you say, my best bet is to start visiting dealerships. Its a relief to know they retain their value somewhat. Would the Suzuki dealership in Guad be the best place to start? I am very, very wary of buying a used bike. I have zero tools, I do not trust myself to work on my bike aside from very bas
  25. Mainecoons, I've been advised that with my back being the mess it is, if I were to buy a little dirt bike, I'd be ready to turn the thing around and go straight home by the time I reach the trails. It will be a small bike, but much harder on my body. Someone who knows me, my skills and my back issue well says I'd be more comfortable on a dual sport. I feel strongly that anything above a 600cc is just too much bike for me, particularly as I lost a lot of upper body strength. I could have fun with a DRZ400 (I think there is also an SM and enduro model). Solid engine, it can be lowered if I
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