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  1. Sarge, good to hear from you! I am so thrilled your surgery was a success! I hope maybe a miracle will happen, your pain will reduce (I know it likely will never go away), and you can maybe even eliminate opiate meds and start enjoying life again! Wonderful news! Even if you need the methadone forever, your surgery was still a success. And as long as methadone works for you and you can sleep, function and enjoy a reasonable quality of life, then this is still a great improvement. For me also, methadone is the only pain reliever that works. Its a wonderful painkiller, very few side effects, and CHEAP! Bupe, morphine, oxycontin, percocet, even 3 patches of 300mcg of fentanyl at the same time did barely anything for me. But methadone? Saved me from jumping off a building. And...Mexico has been out of methadone for months and they have no idea when they will get it. They are missing an ingredient and so methadone patients are SOL. I just paid 8,000 pesos for oxycontin which was about as useful as M&Ms (but without the wonderful chocolate taste). I a ready to punch holes in the wall and pull out my hair, as T9 has collapsed, I need emergency surgery and the one pain killer that helps is not available. So, I'm forced to leave town and fly to the US where I fear what happened to you (will not get a script on the spot despite having 10ft worth of records proving I'm not some junkie; then a pharmacy will just refuse to fill it due to the ridiculous new DEA/CDC "guidelines") will happen to me. Not sure if surgery can help or if its even possible, but cannot live like this. Its great to hear some good news from a pain patient for a change. Genuinely so happy it is working out for you. Take it easy, do your PT, and I hope you can have a much higher quality of life once again!!!
  2. Thanks, Mudgirl. Its very frustrating, but as you say, its pointless for me to try to reason with people who consider this a joke or a harmless "assault on the eyes". Its not a kilt accidentally flying up, but a crime of sexual nature intended to scare and intimidate, and get sexual gratification for the deviant. Its ILLEGAL. If what happened to me and this other woman happened to these naysayers, or a woman/girl they cared about? I highly doubt their reaction would be as cavalier. Fortunately, those who accused me of being a "drama queen" are able to hold back, Harry is being a tremendous help and I will call him tomorrow, we got the pervert and his car and plate on tape, and that brave woman did what I was not able or brave enough to do - get close enough to get a plate. I appreciate the supportive words. I just shake my head at some of these comments that this is no big deal and this guy will never progress to more serious crimes. You'd thing that by 2016 attitudes would have improved somewhat.
  3. Harry, not sure why PMs not working. I will call you tomorrow. Thank you for getting involved. You are a tremendous help.
  4. From SpoiltGirl: "We have very few young people in Villa Nova so I doubt the dire predictions of "rape" will ever happen." That is SOLID reasoning there to not worry that this deviant will ever harm anyone besides following women, getting out of car, taking off his clothes and going to town. GREAT logic! If I were a parent, your words of wisdom would bring me complete confidence and comfort and I'd be just fine allowing my young daughters to leave the house in that area knowing that this guy is out there, but after all, unlikely to graduate to rape. Because there are only a few young girls to choose from. At worst, only adult women will get assaulted or raped! I see young girls (and boys - let's not forget boys are not immune) every time I walk my dog. Usually about 10-15, aged 6 to 16, sometimes with parents, mostly without. Simply playing near their homes, riding their bicycles or hanging out doing normal kid stuff. Of course its fewer younger people here than a non-retirement town, but so what? They are still a potential target and nobody in their right mind should take that chance. You see a pervert on the street getting bolder and bolder, you do what you can to report it and hopefully stop it. You do not stand back and think "meh". It could be a woman of any age. I'm in my early 40s. Rapists usually don't care about age but more about who can be the easy victim. Even if this didn't progress to rape, do we want a naked guy stalking women/girls in his van and masturbating while fully naked in Villa Nova in broad daylight to anyone? To the older expats, middle-aged, or younger girls or boys? Or the nice 14 year old daughter of my neighbor who is always watched by her mom as she walks home from the bus stop up the hill? There is a reason her mother is always watching to ensure her daughter makes it safely up that hill.
  5. According to NedSmall: "I know the OP doesn't want to here this but just like in Canada and the United States what was described by her is not assault but is indecent exposure and a pretty minor crime. He ran away when confronted,so I doubt he will escalate into the real horrible crimes that she suggests. That's sort of like saying everyone that smokes the weed will eventually graduate to hard drugs. The only "assault" was on the eyes." Ned: I am not a Mexican attorney but am a US attorney. The laws are of course written differently in every jurisdiction, and the word "assault" has been watered-down to mean various things. That being said, the traditional meaning of assault is putting the victim in immediate and legitimate fear of a harmful touching. It does not require that the victim is touched. Which is often why you have the term "battery" (actually touching the victim) and "assault" (putting the victim in fear of being harmfully touched) used in conjunction. Two separate crimes. Add "sexual" to assault and it typically means putting the victim in fear of a harmful touching of sexual nature. Again: every jurisdiction will write their laws their own way. I am not here to get into an argument over semantics, but I was assaulted. I was stalked on more than one occasion. I was followed and his actions terrified me to the point where I ran. Have you ever been in fear of being raped, beaten or kidnapped and run from a man twice your size? I highly doubt it. And while I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, please do not downplay what happened. It was not a mere "assault on my eyes". You are not a woman, much less a 120lb, 5'2 woman. You have no idea what its like to be followed by a man twice your size and have him pull off all his clothes in broad daylight and start masturbating. You have no concept of the terror that the reality is this filthy, sexual deviant can easily run and catch me. One punch? I'm out and can be dragged into his van. You simply do not understand and cannot understand, but I wish you'd be more reasonable with opening your mind. You say, "I doubt he will escalate into real horrible crimes." Really? Do you know him personally? Do you base this off of peer-reviewed scientific and psychological studies? Has this ever happened to you? Or are you just pulling convenient, comforting-sounding opinion out of the sky? Your reaction is exactly why many women do not report assaults or rapes. And, its actually quite common that sexual deviants start out exactly like this scumbag. They see if they get away with it (they do, just look at your attitude, "It was only an assault on her eyes, BIG DEAL, what a drama queen") see no repercussions, and become more bold. Just like kids who start off torturing small animals, move up to larger animals, then to humans. So please, do yourself a favor and stop blurting out things that have no factual basis and seriously undermine the reality and severity of the crime and what it can lead to if not put to a stop. You once wrote something along the lines that all opiate prescription meds should be stopped and are highly dangerous, citing to a non-scientific, run-of-the-mill, scare-mongering, typical media publication designed to incite fear (and sales) when in truth many people suffering from severe, chronic pain manage their prescription meds just fine. So again - I know I cannot change your opinion, but perhaps consider putting some reasonable thought (or doing actual research with reliable sources) prior to making such blanket statements.
  6. Yes. Same guy that assaulted me did it to the friend of a woman I warned, on the same street (Rio Yaqui). She first ran, terrified, then got furious and got close enough to get the plate number. The degenerate also parked right under a security camera. I've seen the footage, its him. Same car, same everything. The portion of the footage provided to us is not graphic. I say this as if any other person has been harassed by a chubby Latino, unkept, 20s-30s in an old-model grey/primer/horrible paint job Dodge Caravan with the front license on the left side, please PM me. You can view the non-graphic footage (all his clothes are on - it shows the woman chasing him back into his car and him driving off) and join us in filing a police report and making our statements. While I'm sorry this happened to this other woman, I'm grateful it did, as this deviant could easily be taking the next step to snatch and rape a young girl who could not defend herself as well as an adult woman. (And please, let's not turn this into "you drama queen, you write with 'glee' enjoying all this attention". This filthy pervert is a sexual deviant that is committing crimes, and he could easily progress to your wife or a woman you care about next. This is not a joke or an excuse to act like a high school student trying to settle old grudges because you have yet to emotionally recover from someone posting an opinion different than yours. Its NOT ABOUT YOU (and those few who responded despicably to my original post know who you are). Not every post you disagree with requires you to lose your senses and react like a juvenile. I know that last part is hard for you, but really - put in some effort and try to simply not respond if your gut reaction is to make outdated, highly distasteful misogynist comments.) For those who have a genuine need to view the non-graphic footage (ie: you believed you were followed/harassed, not to just gawk) PM me. I am not posting the footage here.
  7. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. My heart genuinely goes out to you during such a difficult time. Right now, Mexico has a serious problem with a shortage/lack of certain controlled substances and opiates (methadone, ketamine and others that require a certain ingredient that cannot be obtained for whatever reason.) The pharmacists are frustrated as well, and have no idea when those meds will become available. However, other opiates (such as oxycontin) are available. Every drug works differently on every person, so I hope one can be found for you. May I offer my suggestions based on personal experience: Sam Thelin: he is not a pain management specialist and has absolutely no meaningful training in that area. He is capable of administering an IV with morphine, but is not capable of avoiding elementary errors as he has made catastrophic error(s) in the past with a patient by prescribing conflicting opiates which sent that patient to hell. Last I heard, he does have a license to prescribe opiates. Proceed with caution. Dr Maytorena: Very well trained and compassionate, but does NOT have the license to prescribe opiates. He studies a lot in how to manage pain and can prescribe non-controlled substances and could be worth speaking to. Dr. Garcia at Maskaras: he is an internist and not a pain specialist, but has been a physician for several decades and is quite compassionate; he has a license to prescribe controlled substances and appear to have a good foundation, and knows better than to mix certain opiates. He is a compassionate person and so far I have been very happy with his knowledge and service (knowing he is not a pain specialist, but is in town which makes things convenient.) The Lakeside pain management doc is one that comes to town once a week and while I don't know much about her training, she does have the license to prescribe opiates, but demonstrated to be very unreliable (canceling appts w/no notice to a patient, thus leaving the patient out of meds.) Dr Lastra is very compassionate and I know he does home visits. However, last I heard he does NOT have the license to legally prescribe opiates. His method is to buy them himself and sell them to you at a markup. That is not legal (although given your situation, that might not be something you understandably care about right now). Maybe he has a license now, but I would ask him first, as w/o a valid prescription on your person, you could get into some trouble, which is the last thing you need. Again, I'm so very sorry you find yourself in the position you are in. Please contact Dr. Garcia at Maskaras. He has the license, compassion, and there is always a doc on call there. There does not appear to be a decent pain management specialist located here in Ajijic w/the license to prescribe controlled substances, but I hope you can find a doc knowledgeable (and legal) to assist you. A lot will depend on what you need, such as just pills you can take on your own right now, or someone to come to your home and administer an IV? And of course your needs may change over time. I wish you good luck in finding someone that can assist you.
  8. There are a few options. I got my off Amazon USA, which has a much wider selection. However, I highly doubt that it will get past customs if its shipped from the US to here. And, if someone tries to bring it in via a flight into MX, it could cause nothing but trouble. I was very fortunate as some very considerate people happened to be in the US when I was in need of one, and offered to have it delivered to their house and they drove it into MX for me. That being said, Amazon MX may have some options, along with the MercadoLibre as someone else posted, and there will be no customs issues of if getting seized. I've also heard that in one of those gigantic markets in Guad there is a vendor who sells them. Good luck! Best safety purchase I've made. Its legal, can also serve as a baton to crack skulls and kneecaps if needed, and mine has a very strong flashlight built it.
  9. Such nice messages from nice, reasonable people. Its terribly unpleasant to have some curmudgeon you've never met get so hateful. Especially when their reading comprehension is so poor that they accuse me of knowingly walking towards a naked man, whom I saw park and get out of his Dodge Pervert van in Pedophile-Grey, climb into a planter-box, drops his pants, lift his shirt and start whacking away in full view. And silly me, I simply stared at him and kept walking towards him for a good city block and only at the last minute did it dawn on me that maybe such was not a bright idea.
  10. You're correct - I should not have assumed "Mexican" and instead have said appears to be local. As for notifying the police, do you think I should still file a report w/o having info on the license plate? I am less concerned about me and more concerned about kids/other women and would feel terrible if something happened to someone else. Do you think the police want to hear about it even w/o my having hard evidence? I must say, with the 2 dog attacks I reported, they were nothing but gracious and actually thanked me for taking the time to come in. Usually I do not let a minority opinion dissuade me from doing what I feel is the right thing to do, but even here on this board we have had 2 instances of victim-blaming. One refers to me being a 'drama queen' and the other says I should have known the guy was was going to get naked and beat the meat and changed my route. Reporting a dog attack w/photographic evidence is easy. Reporting a sexual predator in graphic detail with with zero evidence but my testimony is something different. That being said, I think you are right. However uncomfortable it may be for me, its worth doing. I see those cop trucks patrolling regularly in my area and if I report it, they can keep an eye out for that model van and the description of the guy. I can also try and find a stock image of the van and print it out for the police. Thanks for the encouragement. And for those few of you who are victim blaming, eat it. Would you respond this way if it were your wife, daughter or sister that encountered this deviant? Edit: I think I was right about it being an early-model Dodge. The stock image link here is of a very similar-looking van. 2nd generation Dodge Caravan from '94-'95. I remember the hood ornament. Front plate mounted on the left, very dark tint on windows, low front end, and obviously not blue, but with the crappy grey/primer paint. Please keep an eye out for this van and if you see it, I'd appreciate a photo and location. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Caravan#/media/File:2nd-Dodge-Caravan.jpg
  11. Kiko, he is (appears to be) Mexican, and right now I don't feel I have enough evidence to take to the police. What could they do? I can't even tell them the model of the van (pretty sure it was a Dodge, but not certain.) But if I can get more evidence (which is why I am being a 'drama queen' and warning other people here) then I can file a formal complaint.
  12. cbviajero is always on top of pointing out something negative or snarky about me. Today its "drama queen". He doesn't like it when someone disagrees with him, and does not fail to respond in a snide manner. 7 dogs off-leash maul and nearly kill my dog? I'm a 'drama queen'. A doctor injects me with the wrong medication and denies me an ambulance (a potential crime) and leaves me on his tile floor from 5pm until midnight while I am in severe medical distress? Drama queen. A sexual predator gets virtually naked and spanks the monkey after hiding himself in a manner intended so I would encounter him at the last minute? I'm a drama queen. Two dogs run out of their front door and one rips open my hand? I'm a drama queen. I post about these issues to warn others as I don't want the same thing happening to them. I suppose that makes me a drama queen in his eyes? I suppose he'd rather not know if his wife is walking in an area where there's a sexual predator? Rather, I see his incessant need to always offer some snide rejoinder to my posts - that have absolutely nothing to do with him - as him being a drama queen. He always has the option to simply ignore what I post as he clearly feels they are of no use or benefit to him. Bookwork: yes, you are confused. Please re-read my initial post where I specifically stated I did not realize he parked his van a block ahead of me. I couldn't even see it parked from where I was walking by nature of the curvature of the road. Also, I did not state he planted himself "in the planter box". How much more clear do I need to be that he situated himself in a manner whereby he was nearly hidden until I was about 3 feet away? And I'm not sure what you mean about your comment regarding grey vans. Do grey vans mean the driver is a sexual predator? I noticed him at a 4-foot distance, he was covered from the back so I had no idea his clothes were down and within one second I armed my taser and took one step which brought me within 3 feet of him which was also the first point where I had a direct and unhindered line of sight of him at my right. And that's when I saw what he was doing. Stop blaming the victim. Yeah, I've had some unfortunate things happen here, and I've also had some great experiences here, but I didn't think people wanted to hear about a great yoga studio I frequent, or where I enjoy lap swimming, or about this wonderful friend I made. I had over 200 PMs where people thanked me for letting them know about the doctor, and plenty of other PMs where people wanted to know where dog attacks occurred so they could take precautions. Why not inform the public if something dangerous has/can occur and they can either ignore it or seek more information? Edit: Cbviajero: I have an idea. You seem to spend an awful amount of time reading and responding to my posts, which clearly annoy you and of which you feel are useless and of no value whatsoever. How about you simply...ignore them and move on to more interesting and relevant matters? Or are you just so terribly bothered that you cannot help yourself? You should spend your free time doing enjoyable things!
  13. cbviajero: Of course dogs with owners of any background can attack. My point was clearly restricted to some foreigners who come here and allow their dogs to run free and attack, and who always respond with, "Its MEXICO! There are no laws (wrong, there are) for dogs here!" So, I don't quite understand the purpose of your post. Also, if the attacks involved you, report them otherwise nothing will change.
  14. Nicolas: THANK YOU! That is exactly the reason why I posted it. Not to whine, but to warn other people. I am sure that people will recognize that grey/primer van if they see it. If they can take a photo of it w/the plate and get it to me, I can see if its the one and then take it to the police. This vile sack of filth likely doesn't just stalk and do this to me, but to other women and maybe children. I think he simply took it to the next level when he chose to get out of his van and plant himself by that planter box, knowing I'd walk up right past him. Really appreciate you spreading the word as I am trying to do the same. Deborah: There are actually websites dedicated for eye bleach needs, containing a veritable cornucopia of photos of cute kittens, baby animals and the like. I should just stare at those for a few hours with my eyes pronged open with meathooks a la A Clockwork Orange. I don't blog as quite honestly my life is pretty boring and uneventful, but I really appreciate the kind words.
  15. I absolutely reacted in a way that excited him more. His eyes nearly rolled back behind the lids the more I yelled. Next time, I'll snigger and point. And try not to hurl.
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