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  1. All of the above but you need the original card with your CURP number - one of us had it the other did not and we were able to have them use the CURP number that was on the INM card, but it was a struggle. If you rent and the utilities are not in your name take the spanish copy of your lease and the utility bill. Or go to the government office and get the residencial credential. Spanish was not necessary. Then you have to go back on the weekend when the english speaking doctor is there, ask at the main desk. That does involve a 6am trip to get an afternoon appointment.
  2. I like the store front over across the garage. I have had good and bad service in the mall store. There an attempt at spanish is necessary and I say that because I sent the husband in once with a simple question since he was going to a movie and he couldn't get an answer because no one spoke english. They are all college graduates thus they all speak english. They choose not to and that is certainly their choice. I figure they appoint one or two people to speak english for the entire store. As for the no Visa I just pay them $600 pesos every 3 months, shows up on my app on the the phone immediately, there is a official receipt AND she fiddles with the phone a bit and I feel better. I do get the lastest promotion that way. I do not dare to fiddle with it because I would muck it up.
  3. http://www.rbghomestore.com/billy-moon/ Billy Moon began his design career in the early 1980's with a series of unique home accessories crafted from metal and clay which he aptly named the Moon Collection. Building on his success of his first line of accessories, Billy made the decision that proved to skyrocket his success and reputation by opening his own production center in Mexico which began producing a number of designs exclusively for the leading home decor retailers in the industry. Billy Moon's designs have garnered praise from his peers and clients alike earning him a collection of awards, among them winning the ARTS award, considered the most prestigious award in the home furnishings industry an astonishing three consecutive years. Born, raised and educated in Texas, Billy holds a B.A. in economics along with an M.B.A in international business from the University of Dallas. Billy's extensive business acumen along with his eye for design combine to produce a line of products that blend supreme style with affordability. Today Billy Moon resides in China, the headquarters of his design studios aptly named Moonstyle where he develops new designs and refines his highly sought after mainstays. His iconic status in the home furnishings industry and his highly respected reputation for quality and cutting edge designs is evident in his extensive catalog of wall mirrors, home lighting and home accessories.
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