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  1. Well with the mother in the house last week we did not have to call the wildlife people because we got her into a bathroom with an outside window and provided her with a wood 2x4 bridge up to the window and she left. Just this morning we found a baby in a usually unoccupied guest room, not filled with junk. We looked and there was no obvious place for a nest or babies. The housekeeper was here yesterday for 9 hours and if there was any nest in this house she would have found it. If this baby was in the house a week after the mother left then any other babies would be noisy and very hungry.
  2. Last week we had a possum stuck in the TV room and then the bathroom and it left thrut he window. This morning we found a baby that does not look like a newborn. One of our four cats was watching it toddle across the floor in a rarely used room. No sign of any others but it is unlikely there is just one. We thought maybe an excitable dog might help find the rest. Send me a PM if i can borrow your dog this afternoon between 2 and 4, thanks!
  3. There is a Veggie Growers group here in town, anyone know how to reach them? This quote off a Facebook Organic group, anyone know how to reach these fellows?
  4. Well I have some suggestions. However Shira this does not need to be moved to la Cocina subsection. I never read that section. Thanks for the ideas!
  5. I am looking to buy Rhubarb plants and Dill plants. Any suggestions as to where I might find them? THanks.
  6. Watching the ballgame and notice the cats on alert. Teenage possum in thenapping nook. Corralled to the bathroom and the door is now shut. Who can I call tomorrow, Monday, to come extract him. I will of course go outside and ruin the screen by pulling the corner of it out a bit so hopefully he will find the exit before morning. Thanks.
  7. The OP has been on this site since 2008. It is unimaginable that he hasn't any insight as to what to and especially as to what is ahppening. It is likely the contractor has used the money to finish up a current project and then he will get money from someone else to do the OPs work. The Op mentions that: This leads me to think he knows whats up and wants to stir this pot.
  8. Ask your retirement account broker no matter what company holds it to open a BofA Merrill Lynch account in Mexico City with about $2500 US, get a debit card for the account and bypass the fees within Mexico and then set it up for internet transferring into the account as needed.
  9. I am always surprised at the OMG reactions of people to cartel activity near to us here and far from us. It has nothing to do with you and unless you are walking on the edge of respectability you will never come into contact with it let alone be a victim. Do you recall the Mob activity in the US thru the 50s, 60 and 70s. And the "Mob Wars" all over the US. Everybody knew who was what and where to stay away from and why. This cartel fighting is exactly the same thing. They don't want you caught in it any more than you want to be caught in it. I don't know any gring
  10. Worthington, Ohio north of Columbus and retired here from Westlake/Bay Village, Ohio west of Cleveland. Also search FAcebook using Ajijc, Chapala, Lake Chapala as starting words.
  11. All of the above but you need the original card with your CURP number - one of us had it the other did not and we were able to have them use the CURP number that was on the INM card, but it was a struggle. If you rent and the utilities are not in your name take the spanish copy of your lease and the utility bill. Or go to the government office and get the residencial credential. Spanish was not necessary. Then you have to go back on the weekend when the english speaking doctor is there, ask at the main desk. That does involve a 6am trip to get an afternoon appointment.
  12. Lisa mentioned in some expose email thing she is doing she talked about a tenant of the Plaza taking control from the owner and holding the property hostage for money with the heirs. It was pretty clear who she was referring to in that anonymous "story". Its foolish to ignore any summons from a government agency. Dumb bunny. Lisa's been trying to find a way into a marketable business here for a couple years and she just becomes more and more of a muckraker.
  13. Former Ajijican Cristina Potters known on this board as Morelia has been living in MExico City for quite a few years. She does the fabulous MEXICO COOKS which you can google or look her up under members and send her a PM. She would know who. Her food oriented tours are fabulous!! as is her column.
  14. I like the store front over across the garage. I have had good and bad service in the mall store. There an attempt at spanish is necessary and I say that because I sent the husband in once with a simple question since he was going to a movie and he couldn't get an answer because no one spoke english. They are all college graduates thus they all speak english. They choose not to and that is certainly their choice. I figure they appoint one or two people to speak english for the entire store. As for the no Visa I just pay them $600 pesos every 3 months, shows up on my app on the the phone i
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