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  1. JayBearII

    warm restaurants

    Time for a winter poll on which restaurants are the warmest at Lakeside. Suggestions, please. (Yes, I know, I could just stand in front of my nice warm stove and cook;)
  2. Harry, I think you mean "Nayarit" -- possibly Puerto Vallarta? Wouldn't it make sense to park a truck in the WalMart parking lot (or on the side access road to that) at specified times so that people could lift things from their car directly to the truck? I can't imagine unloading water or cases of tuna at the Delegado's office--and if you stick to that plan, maybe you could specify where this is and where to park for unloading. For those of us who don't tote large bottles or cases of water easily, is it possible to set up an arrangement for cash donations toward this effort?
  3. Thank you for keeping on top of this!
  4. JayBearII

    Help finding lost puppy...

    So pleased!
  5. "Suggestions for finding lost pets" is pinned at the top of this webboard. My suggestion: look down by the Lake--the dog will want water.
  6. JayBearII

    Japanese Koi fish (about 12) for low price

    Coy koi?
  7. JayBearII

    Halloween 2018

    On the issue of Halloween, I miss very much being in lower Chula Vista on Halloween when the parents would bring their little kids in costume to trick or treat. It was a good opportunity to interact with the parents as well as the kids. I particularly remember a lady who had twins in her arms, a boy and a girl, dressed beautifully in handmade costumes, as an angel and a devil. That was 12 years ago, so things have probably changed. Now I live in a place with no trick-or-treaters :(
  8. I certainly don't see any reason NOT to sign the petition--can't hurt, might help, provides a good basis to meet with the authorities on the issue. Remember, the last project started on the mountains (the gash up the mountain by the libramiento) got stopped. it would be nice to get this one stopped before further development occurs.
  9. JayBearII

    Prescriptions at Costco

    And check with a local doctor or pharmacy as to whether the drugs you take are available in Mexico, or if not, what the equivalent is. And what your drugs are called here.
  10. Taafe, is there someplace else that we can sign the petition? Plaza Montana is a hard place to park, and we are nowhere near walking distance to there.
  11. JayBearII

    Cataract Surgeon Needed

    Just a clarification: Dra. Claudia Camacho sees patients in Chapala, but the actual cataract operations are done at her clinic in Guadalajara.
  12. The hwy is really dark at night, no lines or reflectors at all in many places, and if it's raining, that makes it worse. At best, the drive would be a lousy introduction to our charming town. At worst, it would be an introduction to a ditch and how to use a cell phone in the middle of nowhere or throw yourself on the mercy of friendly passersby who may not speak English. And all this when your friends are probably dead tired from the flight.
  13. JayBearII

    US Medicare Health Ins. card change

    I keep getting chatty emails (see below) from Medicare telling me my new card is on its way and how great it is. Since it gets delivered to my US address, I do not have my hands on it yet. ------------------- Keep an eye on your mailbox — we’re starting to mail new Medicare cards in your state! Now that card mailings have started in your state, it’ll take at least a month to finish. So you might get your new Medicare card at a different time than friends or neighbors in your area. One tip: if you have a MyMedicare.gov account, you can sign in and see when your new card has been mailed. Don’t have a MyMedicare.gov account yet? It’s easy to sign up — just visit MyMedicare.gov. It’s a free, secure way for you to access your personal Medicare-related information. Wondering what’s new? The new cards are still paper, but they look a little different. The biggest change is that your new card will have a new Medicare Number that’s unique to you, instead of a Social Security Number. This will help protect your identity. Though you’ll have a new card, rest assured your Medicare coverage and benefits will stay the same. Sincerely, The Medicare Team
  14. JayBearII

    Dr. Candy Dental

    The phone # listed for Dra. Candy Ugalde's office is 376-106-0826. Hope this helps!
  15. JayBearII

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    Harry, what would be considered "evidence"? I've been lucky so far not to be stopped by him, but if I were, I would be concerned that taking his photo would not be well received by him even if I said "sonrie para la camera"!