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  1. JayBearII


    The fact that he posted in answer to nearly everything posted suggested to me that he had a problem of some sort. Hope he is addressing it.
  2. JayBearII

    Our adventure with the Mexican FCC

    Back to the original post on the men from AT&T: a couple of years ago, we had 2 guys wearing AT&T gear show up at our gate saying that they were going around the neighborhood replacing outdated equipment and they had noticed that our transformer was outdated. For 1000 pesos they could install a new one on the spot. So, I gave them the money and when I mentioned this at the AT&T office, they said it was a scam--it either wasn't "real" AT&T employees, or they had 2 employees out scamming people. The supervisor at AT&T showed me employee photos but I was unable to identify the culprits. (The supervisor asked me if they were wearing shirts with the AT&T insignia like his shirt, and I said yes, but that their shirts looked newer than his.)
  3. JayBearII

    Need an Optometrist at Lakeside

    Both my husband and I recently had cataract surgery done by Dra. Claudia Camacho and we are very happy--she is very professional and poised, very thorough, she carefully explains everything, pleasantly answers all questions, takes an interest in you, and she speaks perfect English. She maintains an office above INM in Chapala but the surgery is done at her private clinic in Guadalajara.
  4. JayBearII

    Need an Optometrist at Lakeside

    Yup--Luz Zepeda is great. You have to go to LCS and sign up in advance on the back patio. She comes to LCS on Thursdays but is always fully booked by then, so go sign up earlier in the week.
  5. JayBearII


    Here are a few thoughts: Think in layers of protection. With me, that includes an outer wall heavily covered in thorny bougainvillea, iron bars on the doors and windows (these were put on by the first owner about 20 years ago, which implies to me that crime is not just a recent problem), 2 medium size dogs that bark like giants, and a safe concealed in a closet (good luck trying to remove and carry THAT!).
  6. JayBearII

    Just for Laughs

    Thank you! Just sent it to my friends in Chicago!
  7. Examples of proposed development that was stopped: Above the libramiento on the west side, opposite the shopping center area, there is a zigzag road that was going to go to a proposed development on the hill--that was stopped many years ago, altho sadly the scar is still there. Also, there was interest expressed in developing the site of the old plant nursery on that side of the road, but that has not happened either.
  8. JayBearII

    Are we getting back to normal

    BP by the Oxxo in La Canacinta (west of Ajijic) does not have much of a line right now, if you need gas.
  9. JayBearII

    Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    happening in the eastern sky right now--10:00 p.m.
  10. JayBearII

    Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    Thanks! Any idea what area of the sky this will be in?
  11. JayBearII

    Blood pressure meds

    Dr. Hector Briseno, cardiologist--Integrity Clinic. 766 - 1870 or 331 - 511 - 9690. Really nice guy and knows his stuff.
  12. If possible, make up a poster with a reward, foto and your phone # on it and hand it out around Chapala.
  13. I can't address ALL your questions, but here is a little about what I do: I am a US citizen who has lived full-time in Mexico for 13 years. I maintain a US address at my son's house in the US, and he forwards my mail to IShop'n'Mail here in Ajijic via their Laredo address. My residence for Medicare and Medicare supplement plans and credit cards and a lot of other things is at his house. In phone calls I freely admit that as a wandering retiree, I love to travel, and I spend a lot of my time in beautiful Ajijic Mexico. This does not seem to be a problem--usually the person answering my inquiry is fascinated and would love to do this themselves when they retire;) I have also not had problems getting appointments to see doctors when I am in the US, altho, US healthcare being what it is, one has to make appointments well in advance unless you have an emergency. One wants to be registered with a doctor, so that if you have a serious medical problem, the doctor can be ready to see you when you arrive. My one difficulty is that, as I get older, I no longer want to make that long trip to see all those doctors, but I do have to do that once every couple of years or so, especially to maintain a relationship with a primary care doctor who can arrange medical care if and when I need it. Perhaps needless to say, I go to doctors here for annual medical exams and most medical problems.
  14. Just came back from a necessary run to Farmacia GDL. Huge lines east and west of the BP station (where the Oxxo is) east of La Canacinta and west of Los Arroyos. Apparently they are open! One can get thru on the carretera both ways, but traffic has to go over on the shoulder going east to allow drivers to go west around the backup.