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  1. JayBearII

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    Harry, what would be considered "evidence"? I've been lucky so far not to be stopped by him, but if I were, I would be concerned that taking his photo would not be well received by him even if I said "sonrie para la camera"!
  2. JayBearII

    John Pint articles

    Yes, thanks very very much! I wasn't able to go this year, and loved seeing this video. Beautiful!
  3. What I have done in a similar situation is to take the dog to a vet for assessment and grooming and shots, and then find a home for it by posting a photo and, if all else fails, taking it to a shelter. Of course, this works best for cute small dogs and is not so easy for aggressive large dogs. What's the dog like? Male or female? Note that (rarely) some not very nice person will simply decide they don't want their dog and will drop it off in a nice neighborhood hoping someone will adopt it.
  4. JayBearII

    More CFE outages in Riberas

    A communication from CFE--WOW! A new day is dawning when one will actually know what is happening with CFE? To think that I lived long enough to see this day;)! But wait! Will they follow thru on schedule? I will stay tuned for further developments.
  5. JayBearII

    North American size Queen bed

    We have one in storage that is available--good mattress, base and wood headboard--we are emptying our storage unit and need to find a home for it. PM me for more info.
  6. I am aware of outages occurring all day Saturday in Ajijic centro, west Ajijic, Riberas, and on the way over the mountain. Sure hope this is not a sign of the future!
  7. JayBearII

    crutches needed

    Hope someone can help, but if not, you can probably buy or rent them at the medical supply store on the carretera in west Ajijic.
  8. JayBearII


    To get back on the subject: I have been very happy with cardiologist Dr. Hector Briseno who comes to Integrity Clinic in Ajijic. I consider his fees modest, but then I have not had to have surgery. PM me if you want his phone #'s. If it is a matter that needs quick attention, you can call him directly or call and ask the clinic to work you into the schedule.
  9. JayBearII


  10. JayBearII


  11. JayBearII


    Looking for name and phone number for upholsterer located next to Cristiana Park in Chapala.
  12. JayBearII

    Computer Keyboard

    Nice to know, as the last Logitech keyboard I bought in Tucson and brought down. Just a note: Mike Riley the Computer Guy (who posts on this board) recently cleaned my Logitech keyboard and mouse on the insides and replaced one little doohickey and they work great now.
  13. My agent also told us we should photograph every room, and every valuable (like jewelry), with us in the photos. And then keep the photos somewhere safe outside of the house (like with friends, I guess). Of course, we have not gotten around to doing this--maybe today's the day! And yes, if there is no sign of forced entry, break a window from the outside and wear gloves while doing it. Of course, this applies to theft and not fire or hurricane damage;)
  14. JayBearII

    Pet Peaves

    I was in WalMart today and smiled remembering this thread as I decided which of the long checkout lines to use. I think everyone regardless of age chooses the lane they think is going to move the fastest, and I have not noticed that there are any psychics who can predict that! Of course, the lane I picked had a cashier who was having trouble using the register. And instead of the thin plastic bags that used to break, WalMart is now putting your groceries in old boxes, thus reducing their trash and increasing mine, plus making it harder for me to lift my groceries today, as the cashier put all the heavy stuff in one wine box.
  15. JayBearII

    Hope House suffers severe hail damage

    Well, Hope House is a bit of a hike for me, and besides, I am sure they are busy with fixing the damage, so I donated via US credit card on the Ministry site, and specified the use as above. That seemed to work fine, except that I had to specify a phone number and the site would not take my Mexican number, so I think my son at my US address in Tucson may get a mysterious thank-you call!