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  1. Or a very, very strong breeze.
  2. Where do you get this nonsense? The death rate from H1N1 ended up being .02% Today we have 94,000 cases of COVID 19 with 1,435 deaths. That's a death rate of 1.59%. You should really consider taking a little timeout for the sake of the board as it seems you are just posting propaganda.
  3. Please stop spreading lies. It makes you look even worse. Obama declared a public health emergency when there were 20 cases of H1N1. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-wait-swine-flu-n1h1/
  4. And as they're on their way to their graves due to a lack of ventilators, may they see the light and realize that you and MC and all of the other geniuses were right all along. It's just sad that due to an incompetent administration that they won't be able to be revived in order the spread the glad tidings. Speaking of geniuses...............
  5. The guy you're arguing with, his last name is Kruger. Middle name Dunning. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-wait-swine-flu-n1h1/
  6. Pancho's market says on their Facebook page that they will deliver groceries to your home. Has anyone found or would like to share a basic list of items that Pancho's offers? It doesn't have to be comprehensive. Just basic canned goods, dairy, pastas, rice etc..... Thanks
  7. Is anyone else having problems with their Ilox connection. I'm hardwired into my modem and am showing severe packet loss, especially at the TV Rey server. If anyone else is having problems I'll assume they're doing maintenance on the servers. Otherwise, I guess it's time to call tech support. Here's my trace route info. https://share.pingplotter.com/dSbRRppefHC P.S. And yes, I've done a hard reset on the modem.
  8. The major legal IPTV services are AT&T Now, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, FuboTV and Sony Vue TV. These will run you anywhere from $25 to $125 US per month. Also, you will need a VPN to connect to US servers. Illegal IPTV runs anywhere from $5 to $20 per month if you set it up yourself. There are hundreds to choose from. Don't expect 100% reliability. You get what you pay for. The easiest way to watch IPTV is through an android streaming box. The Amazon Firestick 4K is a great choice for the money. Do not buy a Roku box if you plan to use illegal IPTV. You'll be able to stream just fine with an Ilox connection, provided your modem is close to your streaming device. The best setup would be a wired ethernet connection. PM me if and I can give you the number of a friend who will set you up.
  9. Could you explain this in a little more detail. I've noticed that with my IPTV services I have to be running a VPN or I can't connect to the IPTV servers. Are these two things related?
  10. No, you don't have to buy "a lot more gear". What people are saying is that the wifi signal strength of the Ilox modem is not very good. If you are connecting through the ethernet port you will get the speeds advertised. What I did to solve the wireless problem was to purchase a TP-Link Archer 9 router (about $85USD on Amazon). Before I installed the router I was getting 45 - 50 mbps at my laptop which sits about 20 feet from the Ilox modem. After I installed the new router as a wireless access point and turned off the wireless in the Ilox modem, I am getting 90 - 95 mbps. I would recommend Ilox very highly. You can't beat $599p per month for 100mbps. This is cheaper than most US providers.
  11. Those prices aren't accurate for our area. When I signed up I wanted the 50/75 plan, but for the same price they're offering 75/100. Meaning, if you pay with a credit card you get the higher speed for the same price.
  12. If your asking me if I used PayPal (there's no question mark in your sentence), the answer is yes.
  13. Does CFE accept foreign credit cards?
  14. Like I said, we don't have Telmex. But I put 200p on my Telcel phone yesterday and there was no fee. My PayPal showed a debit of 200p.
  15. Yeah sorry about that. I highlighted the text for a copy and forgot to un-highlight.
  16. For those who are interested, here's a site to to pay for your cellphone, telephone and CFE bills and other services. https://undostres.com.mx/?gclid=CjwKCAjwy7vlBRACEiwAZvdx9kO0182nrBflyHFkijeH1doHkfebxGMY8F0wzJZb0JqzXgLHB1SJNxoC_GoQAvD_BwE They don't seem to charge a commission for Telcel payments. Our CFE bill is 46p (we have solar) and they charge a 6p commission. I don't know if higher bills are charged higher commissions. We don't have Telmex so I don't know if they charge a commission for that service. They link to PayPal and credit cards.
  17. Is ILOX installing fiber to the home or is the connection from the street copper?
  18. Just a heads up. There's a great new Cuban restaurant on Zaragoza just east of Danza del Sol (just east of restaurant Domenech). Limited menu but they do a great lechón with fried plantains and beans and rice for 150p. Full bar. Hours 5-9 Thursday through Sunday.
  19. I thought the whole point of a wifi access point was to disable the wifi on the supplied modem and use the stronger dual band system on the access point.
  20. Why would anyone who doesn't speak spanish buy the ILOX TV service. Plus only 12 channels in HD. Read the post by TKessler earlier in the thread. That will set you on the right path.
  21. Just to add to Tom's remarks: the IPTV world is, let's just say, very fluid. Don't sign-up for a long term contract, because the provider may be gone next month. Don't expect totally accurate EPG (program guides). Don't expect all channels to function all of the time. If watching TV is important to you, definitely get a backup IPTV service. And don't buy a cheap $20 android box. A $49 Amazon 4K Fire Stick will suffice for almost anything you'll want to do and if you don't have a smart TV, don't worry - if you have an HDMI port the Fire Stick will turn your dumb TV into a Smart TV. That being said, I currently use Vader Streams and it works OK on my 10mbps Telecable connection (I get some buffering, but not too much). It will work great when I get my ILOX connection. Anyway, just a heads up on the IPTV world. It's a jungle out there.
  22. Could you give me some details on the ''pay by the minute international plan''? Thanks
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