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  1. 2 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    I have never seen the Paypal option. Please explain to us how you are able to use Paypal on Mercadolibe.  Mercadolibre uses Mercadopago which would compete with Paypal. 

    You know, I've been through this with her before, about a month ago.  She posted the same thing, I PM'd her and never got a reply.  Maybe she's just #*!!%% with our heads.


  2. 4 hours ago, artsnob said:

    My computer man is trying to download some Directvgo stuff on my new smart tv an the speeds are so low it won’t go the last two days, he is going to try again this morning...

    If it's a new TV,  it should have an ethernet port.  I don't know how close your TV is to your modem, but if it's feasible, this would be the best solution.

  3. 2 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    No, what I see is a cartoon depicting a man playing with his daughter away from others being harassed by one of these CV Nazis who BTW isn't wearing their mask properly.  Why don't you explain the irony for all of us?

    You do know people are being openly encouraged to rat on their neighbors, yes?  That is what we are being reminded of with this cartoon


    And what I see in your response is a tendency to personally attack because you don't agree with the opinion being expressed by the cartoonist and myself in posting it.  Try and remember everyone who doesn't buy your point of view doesn't necessarily lack capability OR is an id%ot.


    You just proved my point.  "CV Nazis".  So you're comparing some of your fellow citizens to "Nazis" because they are listening to health care professionals and might be concerned for their well-being.  You may disagree, but to equate people you disagree with as the "Nazis" is childish and reveals a person with a total lack of self-awareness and irony, not to mention empathy.

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  4. 29 minutes ago, Jim Bowie said:

    Just checked in Texas and found this. Hopefully this is from being better prepared than some. Maybe that is the secret, being prepared, or leadership, or both. (one probably complements the other)

    Today in Texas there are 15,852 Active Cases, 17,622 RECOVERED Cases, and just 948 deaths. That is something to celebrate, compared to the 2018 flu season ! 2,000 more recovered than current cases ! WOW ! 

    You know, I've followed your posts for quite a while, and I think you have a  ……………………………………………………….. EDITED BY MOD 5. I have deleted your content because how negative it was including a four letter swear word.  If you had not included the swear word I might have only suggested that rather than saying how wrong something is. that you also show what the answer should have been

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  5. 9 hours ago, Karina G said:

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. However, my question was about cloud storage; I'm aware of the alternatives but my objective was to have a secure cache in a different location from my own equipment, as insurance against fire, flood, theft, etc. I don't really know how much storage I'd ultimately require, but (this is scary) I'm guessing I might have as many as 10,000 images to back-up, though I will try to weed as I go. I'll follow up on Google Drive (the only answer addressing my original query) but was hoping for several options.  

    To find out your storage requirements, right-click on the folders you want to backup and go to "Properties".  It will show the size of the folder.  This applies to Windows computers.

    Here's some information for you.  It appears that IDrive is the consensus best pick, and, they're offering a really fantastic discount for the first year of service.



  6. 1 hour ago, artsnob said:

    Are the channels able to be programmed in English, and how do they come to casa wireless or with wire...do you have to have their phone service...

    Most of the channels can be switched between English and Spanish.  All you need is an internet connection (they recommend 4 mbps minimum).  No contracts, you can cancel anytime.  Here's a list of devices to watch on, including your computer. https://www.directvgo.com/mx/  Scroll down to DISPOSITIVOS DISPONIBLES

  7. 21 hours ago, virgo lady said:

    Great to hear it - can you post the link?    Sounds much better than the one I found.....

    Please don't buy one of these drives that are being recommended for $15.  If your data is important to you, spend the extra and buy from a reputable manufacturer, like Patriot, PNY, Kingston etc.....  

    I've known people who have bought these cheap flash drives, and either they don't work out of the box or they fail shortly after purchase, or even worse, they are infected with malware.  

    Please see my post above and click on the "Scams" link.

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  8. DO NOT buy the drives that are being recommended here for 15 bucks.  Not unless you're willing to lose your backups.  Think about it rationally - when all of the major known manufacturers are charging $75 to a $100 US for a 512 GB USB 3.0 flash drive, why would one think you can get 2 TB for 15 bucks.   Just Google USB flash drive scams and you'll see what I mean.

    Flash Drive Scams

    Look at something like this instead:

    Western Digital 2TB



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  9. 4 hours ago, Karina G said:

    I know this isn't a tech website but, then, I"m not a techie. I need an affordable, easy-to-use storage site for non-technical people, something that will accommodate my documents and, more importantly, a lifetime of photographs (best guess a few thousand). I want a secure, permanent site (did I mention reasonably priced?), `cause I don't want to have to move everything ever again, once I chose a home for all of it. I don't know where to start and wanted to know  what other people were using, and why. I'd appreciate any info you could pass on!

    How much storage do you need?


  10. 17 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

    We vote absentee, timing our annual trips to facilitate this.  One of the smart things we did was to retain our membership in the Escapees RV club which provides excellent support for absentee voters who have no fixed address.

    There is a great deal of difference between a mail in system for the relative handful outside of the country than for the country itself.  I used to do poll work in NM and the level of error in the voting rolls was major and we did catch people using the name of a deceased or moved using that to vote.  We knew that only a very small percentage of those doing so were actually caught at it.  Had those persons been required to show even a drivers license most of that would have been prevented.

    Personally I think the Mexicans have this right too.  At the polls in person fraud is very difficult with a system of address tied in person voting with a photo ID used specifically for this purpose and obtained from the government at no charge.  There is no real need for a voter roll with this system, if a person corresponding to the photo on that ID shows up at the poll corresponding to the address on that ID, they are a registered voter. 

    And despite the fact this system makes it harder to vote, the turnouts in Mexican elections are pretty impressive by world standards.

    In a country like the U.S. where there are so many people and so many of those are moving around, maintaining an accurate voter roll is a near impossibility.

    Where the fraud comes in Mexico is apparently the handling of the ballots after being cast.  The PRI had a very entrenched system for ballot fraud of this type that was blown away by the last election in most places.  They would go so far as to trash the actual ballots and substitute fake ones and so on.

    Which would you say is more rampant in the U.S.? Voter fraud or voter suppression?

  11. 18 minutes ago, gringohombre said:

    Voting by mail is wide open to fraud, particularly in these highly divisive political times. But that is another story. To answer your question, how about the government putting this out to bid with UPS, FedEx or others. I am sure it would be a lot cheaper, more efficient and more free from political bias. 

    Can you provide a source that backs up your opinion that "Voting by mail is wide open to fraud".  How many cases of mail voting fraud have been documented, because I can only find anecdotal evidence.  

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