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  1. You know, I've been through this with her before, about a month ago. She posted the same thing, I PM'd her and never got a reply. Maybe she's just #*!!%% with our heads.
  2. Here's what I get for payment options:
  3. Could you please post a screenshot of the PayPal option? I've never seen it, and I've bought dozens of things on Mercado Libre.
  4. If it's a new TV, it should have an ethernet port. I don't know how close your TV is to your modem, but if it's feasible, this would be the best solution.
  5. You just proved my point. "CV Nazis". So you're comparing some of your fellow citizens to "Nazis" because they are listening to health care professionals and might be concerned for their well-being. You may disagree, but to equate people you disagree with as the "Nazis" is childish and reveals a person with a total lack of self-awareness and irony, not to mention empathy.
  6. Do you even have the capability to see the irony in your example. Because the id%ot who drew the cartoon sure doesn't.
  7. You know, I've followed your posts for quite a while, and I think you have a ……………………………………………………….. EDITED BY MOD 5. I have deleted your content because how negative it was including a four letter swear word. If you had not included the swear word I might have only suggested that rather than saying how wrong something is. that you also show what the answer should have been
  8. Contact Joel at traittemx@gmail.com Nice guy, speaks English very well.
  9. To find out your storage requirements, right-click on the folders you want to backup and go to "Properties". It will show the size of the folder. This applies to Windows computers. Here's some information for you. It appears that IDrive is the consensus best pick, and, they're offering a really fantastic discount for the first year of service. https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-cloud-storage https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-cloud-storage-and-file-sharing-services
  10. Most of the channels can be switched between English and Spanish. All you need is an internet connection (they recommend 4 mbps minimum). No contracts, you can cancel anytime. Here's a list of devices to watch on, including your computer. https://www.directvgo.com/mx/ Scroll down to DISPOSITIVOS DISPONIBLES
  11. AT&T is now offering Directv Go in Mexico. For the price (299p or $12 US monthly) it looks like a very good value. I haven't tried it, so I can't vouch for reliability, quality etc..........But it does have a 7 day free trial. https://www.directvgo.com/mx/
  12. Please don't buy one of these drives that are being recommended for $15. If your data is important to you, spend the extra and buy from a reputable manufacturer, like Patriot, PNY, Kingston etc..... I've known people who have bought these cheap flash drives, and either they don't work out of the box or they fail shortly after purchase, or even worse, they are infected with malware. Please see my post above and click on the "Scams" link.
  13. DO NOT buy the drives that are being recommended here for 15 bucks. Not unless you're willing to lose your backups. Think about it rationally - when all of the major known manufacturers are charging $75 to a $100 US for a 512 GB USB 3.0 flash drive, why would one think you can get 2 TB for 15 bucks. Just Google USB flash drive scams and you'll see what I mean. Flash Drive Scams Look at something like this instead: Western Digital 2TB
  14. Does anybody have an email for Alex Peterson? Thanks in advance
  15. Which would you say is more rampant in the U.S.? Voter fraud or voter suppression?
  16. Can you provide a source that backs up your opinion that "Voting by mail is wide open to fraud". How many cases of mail voting fraud have been documented, because I can only find anecdotal evidence.
  17. They also deliver. Here's the site. https://www.facebook.com/El-fogón-de-charlotte-546410392231248/
  18. I don't think so. I use PayPal and it works just fine.
  19. Go to the link I sent you and choose Paga CFE at the top. Input your account # and the balance will show. Pay with Credit Card or PayPal.
  20. A balance means there must be an amount owed. If you owe, you can go to the link I sent you and pay your bill. https://undostres.com.mx/
  21. Do you have a balance? If you don't it won't let you make an online payment. I use UnDosTres. They charge a small fee but it's much easier. https://undostres.com.mx/
  22. Strange. I don't get an option to use PayPal.
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