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  1. I paid at the Bancomer in Ajijic. No problems. Just make sure you write your name on the receipt and the copy. "Realizar el pago de licencia en caja recaudadora, en línea o banco CitiBanamex 01105420451 o BBVA 0100236381, cuenta a nombre de Secretaría de la Hacienda Pública. Presentar tiquet de pago legible con su nombre en original y copia"
  2. There is a couple who are making Thai food for delivery only. It's the best I've had since I've lived here and compares favorably to some of my favorite Thai restaurants from NOB. You have to order in advance. They are open Wed - Sat 1:00 - 7:30. If you want a delivery on Saturday you should probably order Friday. Priscila & Eduardo Phone: 984 139 4977 (you can order on Whatsapp or call - English is spoken). Here is a link Thai Food and More and here is the regular menu. You won't be disappointed. 1. Tod Mon Goong (fried Shrimp cake accompanied by sweet ch
  3. I gave you a link earlier to pay online. Just curious, why did you choose not to use it? They take foreign credit cards and PayPal.
  4. https://undostres.com.mx/index.php
  5. I just realized that there are several lakeside streaming services. Are you talking about this one? https://www.facebook.com/LakesideTVboxes/ If this is the one my review stands.
  6. It's a very good service. It runs on a CDN network (content delivery network) so the channels are very stable (unlike a lot of IPTV providers). Highly recommended.
  7. Not true. I know from firsthand experience. It may say that on the IRS site, but that's not how it's working, at least for me and several others.
  8. You don't have the highest speed. You have the middle tier.
  9. I was referring to "The bad news is that you will suffer on this board by many people telling you how wrong you are!"
  10. There is no "right" or "wrong". Some people have had bad experiences, many others are enjoying the service. I think it's the same with all telecommunication services around the globe. It was the same in the States with AT&T, Comcast etc............
  11. Just to provide a balance. I've had ILOX for a little over a year with very few problems. My speeds are as advertised (100Mbps) and there have been few outages. I find the pricing very reasonable - $629.00 per month. My suggestion has always been NOT to buy the TV package. There is a new service called Directv Go in Mexico. It's about $13.00 US per month and has quite a few English language channels. https://www.unocero.com/entretenimiento/cine-y-tv/directv-go-servicio-streaming-mexico/ You can also subscribe to Sling TV, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, etc.... if you use the rig
  12. You don't order from the local store You setup an account on https://www.walmart.com.mx/?gclid=CjwKCAjw5vz2BRAtEiwAbcVILzRb5GcOHgSK59GK23EYllOZz6CY3e2OetOi_1DReHlZr7I4pyjgUxoCiawQAvD_BwE and enter all of your information there. Once your address is entered it tells them which store to deliver from.
  13. OK, you'll have no problem. That's a very small coverage area. You'll plug the cable into your modem at the house and run it to the wifi router in the casita. The wifi router will have it's own separate network/password from the house modem. I would look at these: Best Wifi routers under $100
  14. First of all, the place you're running the cable to: How much area do you have to cover with your wireless signals?
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