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  1. IPTV in some cases is illegal. Go back to the website and use a little creative thinking.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty odd to be offering speeds over 100Mbps and not have all 1000Mbps ports. I bought this to take care of the problem: 5 port unmanaged switch
  3. Definitely the Firestick 4K.
  4. OK, I finally figured it out. My Ilox AN5506-02-F has two Lan ports. Port 1 supports 1000Mbps while Port 2 only supports 100Mbps. I plugged my TP Link into Port 1 and now have 220Mbps wireless (5Ghz) according to Fast.com Even faster on Ookla:
  5. Hard wired to the Ilox modem. Port set to 80 on Ilox modem. I have the option on the TP Link to set Duplex to 1000Mbps, but it won't apply the settings. It must have something to do with the router/modem handshake, or perhaps a faulty router. Hey, thanks for your time.
  6. Acrylic says my 5Ghz wireless max speed is 1300Mbps (from my laptop). My Wi-Fi Adapter (Intel 3650) shows max speed of 433.3Mbps. Hard wired I'm getting 350Mbps. I can't find any options to change the port in the modem setup, it's currently set to 80.
  7. Yeah, I've tried different cables, all Cat6.
  8. I have the Ilox AN5506-02-F Modem. Is anybody using a router that is negotiating with the modem at 1000Mbps? If so, what is the make and model of the router? I have a TP Link Archer A9 and I can't get it to communicate with the modem at more than 100Mbps, so all my wireless devices are capped at 100Mbps. I have the 350Mpbs package with Ilox. Thanks
  9. Yeah, same thing here. I have a TP Link router used as a Wireless Access Point and I get 95Mbps down using the 5Ghz connection. My laptop is about 20 feet from the router. Ethernet gives me 150Mbps down.
  10. Much less cost? Ilox offers 60mbps at $483. How much cheaper is it?
  11. Looks like I received an upgrade from ILOX. I had the 100mbps package and have been upgraded to 150mbps. Has anyone else noticed the increase in speed? Here's a link to the new packages: http://www.ilox.mx/paquetes?lang=en
  12. I paid at the Bancomer in Ajijic. No problems. Just make sure you write your name on the receipt and the copy. "Realizar el pago de licencia en caja recaudadora, en línea o banco CitiBanamex 01105420451 o BBVA 0100236381, cuenta a nombre de Secretaría de la Hacienda Pública. Presentar tiquet de pago legible con su nombre en original y copia"
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