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  1. https://www.minds.com/…/monsanto-stunned-%E2%80%93-californ…
  2. They will be at LCS on Nov. 9 which is a Monday. You will need a check from C.I. bank for $50.00 US for each sea needed. any questions call 766 4425. Skip
  3. where is your restaurant? Do you have vegan items?
  4. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_ep2.shtml?5-daynl?large#contents
  5. http://cookjmex.blogspot.mx/2015/09/the-globos-fiesta-of-2015.html
  6. the consulate will be at LCS on Oct.14 a check for $50.00 US from C I Bank.
  7. The Church should never have been built on that location. It changed the flow of water but mother nature showed them she didn't like the change. Some day we mite learn from her
  8. I have not been able to watch sunday morning on CBS for several weeks because they have not reset the dish. They sell us four English stations. Fox CBS NBC ABC they are the only reason I want Cable. with out them I'm going to quit.
  9. don''t mess with drugs and you won;t have any problems. Get involved with drugs and you will have a problem......I have lived here almost twenty years with out any problems. I feel saver here then I ever did in the good ole USA,
  10. seems like every week end the English stations coming on cable from Dish, gets shut down. WHY?
  11. from his card Lopez Cotilla # 202 Chapala e=mail jgco1962@hotmail.com
  12. Jose Guadalupe Cardenas Osorio worked at the American Legion.for many years,
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