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  1. Ok, sorry, lost me there. We have a Shaw 630 box and no more channels....someone told me today that he is getting most channels using the xKu lnb.
  2. Anyone getting Shaw down here with the xKu LNB?
  3. Need a worker for concrete floor addition on our house, prefer someone who speaks a little english. Some brick work and tile work also. Any recommendations wekcome. TIA
  4. The shop across the main road from Soriana's owned by the canadian brothers, I believe they have a lathe. They are in the green building on the west side of highway coming into Chapala from Guadalajara, right before the lights.
  5. Was at Costco on Lopez Mateos and they had an ottoman hide a bed for around $5500 pesos, don't see it on the website. Really nice and small enough to have in most rooms. Bed was not large though.
  6. Adelita's on Thursday night...good curry wings (or any other flavour) for $50 pesos, after 5pm
  7. Anyone coming down from Canada next few weeks? Need a book and a picture brought down....TIA
  8. Thanks for your replies...did you give a % down? Was contractor responsible for all the salaries and benefits of the workers?
  9. For those of you who have had your house built using a independent contactor, how did you set up the payment schedule? Did you have a notario draw up a contract! Pay weekly? Deposit? All information relating to this experience appreciated.
  10. Is anyone coming down from Nanaimo, Victoria area in next few weeks? Need a book ( not too big) and some small stuff brought down. Let me know by PM if you can. Thank you.
  11. Can anyone tell me the cost of getting signatures notarized by US consulate at LCS?
  12. Computerguy how did you modify your stovetop?
  13. Is that with a contractor or you are your own contractor?
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