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  1. On 11/16/2018 at 3:36 PM, bdmowers said:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a dentist in the town of Chapala (not Riberas or Ajijic)?  Fernando Ochoa seems to be out of the game and Alberto Cuevas is a bit far away.  Looking for someone in Centro.  Gracias.

    Carlos Cerda Albo 331 095 6774 oen with appointments only  I have a great fear of dentist but Carlos is very gentle and good dentist

    ave Hidalgo  #231 Chapala  his wife is god pediatric dentist

  2. On 11/17/2018 at 4:25 PM, Guiness said:

    Yesterday I had to go to my dentist for a scheduled dental surgery.  I arrived 10 minutes early and was the only one in the waiting room.  A few minutes later, a woman came out from one of the patient treatment rooms WITH HER DOG ON A LEASH!  I was shocked and quickly asked the receptionist, "Did that lady just come out from having a dental procedure with her dog in there with her?  I was told Yes that the woman was nervous with dental proceedures and the dog helped relax her.!!   I wasted no time in letting the receptionist know my displeasure.  I then proceeded into the treatment room and addressed this directly  with Dr. Candy.  She told me - "We always disinfect after each patient."  I  will be looking for a new dentist.  I love dogs as much as the next person but not in what should be a sterile environment.  Now I believe I've seen it all.  This one took the cake after 8 years here permanently!!  FYI .



  3. Dr. Garcia  has helped my 87 year old friend with dementia with accupunture.  It has stimulated her brain and she is very talkative even though words don't come out so we understand her.  It is wonderful to see her so alert and trying to communicate.  I have receive relief from a cervical spur that had pinched my nerve causing numbness of my first 3 fingers on my left hand plus the left side of my face.  Neither gringo chiropracter could help but one was willing to charge $2000 to have a machine stretch me which has caused me problems I  never had before.  Dr. Garcia gave me drops and the numbness has stopped.  Up until the 1940's Homeopathic medicine was   prominent in the states.  I was born in a homeopathic hospital.  Seems one of our extreme wealthy trillionaires owned a pharmaceutical company and had a study done to see who he would make the most from homeopathic or medicine doctors.  Some how medical schools for homeopathic doctors got changes to medicine Schools.

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