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  1. I still have the card and it's safe. I'm hoping to save someone a lot of trouble replacing it. He may not notice it's gone until he needs to use it again.
  2. I really don't know what you guys are going on about, but I found it in the ATM machine when I went to use it. Maybe I should just toss it instead of going to this trouble to find him.
  3. I have the ATM card for Mr. Jack Pomp. I would be happy to return the card with proper ID. If you know Jack, please give him my phone number. 331 319 1012
  4. My problem with golf carts has to do with the mentality of the driver's. I have one friend that stated she could no longer drive her car because she couldn't see. Then she said she would have to get a golf cart and stay on the back roads. There is a reason your vision is tested before getting a driver's license. I know another woman that can barely walk with a cane and she with a friend who can't see well enough to recognize people sitting at the table go together shopping at SuperLake each Saturday morning in a golf cart. I often wonder when it will be time for me to give up my scooter. I know it's time to sell the hoverboard.
  5. The Penthouse in Riberas, behind Mirasol, two blks. from the lake may have a brand new casita available at that time. Lovely and modern with beautiful tile and new appliances. Call Donna or Mike at 331 363 5580.
  6. The Penthouse in Riberas, behind Mirasol has 1 BR and efficiency apts for short term. You can opt for 2 meals a day, 6 days a week or not. Apts. are priced accordingly. Donna or Mike at 331 363 5580.
  7. Now I'm reminded why I live at the Penthouse in Riberas. I am free to garden, paint, walk the dog, swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub while someone else shops, prepares, cooks and then washes the dishes. We're served two meals a day, six days a week with healthy and incredibly delicious food. The variety is outstanding with many meals from around the world. Life at Lakeside couldn't get any better.
  8. I used to carry a long metal pole or broomstick, but I had to bang it on the curb and yell to discourage an approaching dog. I hated the thought that I might have to strike one being aggressive, but I wouldn't hesitate if Precious was in danger. Now I carry a small squirt bottle with water and it works extremely well. The neighborhood dogs know I have it and veer away when they see me. I have twice thwarted a charging pitt bull and was truly surprised at how well it worked. Be sure to test it occasionally while walking to insure that it will send out a strong squirt when needed.
  9. I have so far kept my fingers off the keyboard, but here is my two pesos FWIW. My first time to order coconut shrimp, it was very good. The next visit the coconut batter was burned to a blackened crisp and of course the shrimp were tough. This can happen certainly, but to serve it to the customer is not acceptable. This was after they moved to the new location and the restaurant wasn't busy, so no excuse and I have never returned.
  10. In the small town of Catemaco, Veracruz where I first lived for five years, it was posted in the local newspaper in large letters, "Please do not run over pedestrians." I started to laugh before realizing they were serious.
  11. I've made some changes. I'm happy with my decision to finally move into the Penthouse in Riberas. I live on my SS and keep a savings account strictly for medical needs when I should ever need them. I chose a larger apartment for the view, privacy and terrace for my garden. The rent is "all inclusive" and leaves me $200 US for additional spending. That went a good deal further, but now it's less so I stopped going to bazars and garage sales. I really don't want or need anything more. I no longer buy wine and tequila. I drink a lot more water and club soda with lime. Maybe that's a good thing. The things I really cherish are my pup, the pool and my stress and worry free days. Now my extra money goes for gardening on the property and my weekly massage. These small sacrifices are little compared to the happiness I've found living Lakeside in Mexico.
  12. I have used a good massage therapist for many years. Here I see Lily at the Hotel Perico every week. She keeps me pain free, but she really works at it with my knee brought up to my chest while she intensely rubs my butt cheek. I never think about it unless I miss an appt. for some reason and then it reminds why she's so important to see every week. I believe the work she does on my feet also helps with the arthritis that can make walking so painful. I do a lot of gardening and regularly lift and carry the heavy concrete pots and bags of dirt. Not smart, but I'm not ready to stop and if I think of it I take some Ibuprophen and rest my back until the next day and do it again. After reading these posts I will appreciate Lily more and gladly pay the pesos to keep me going and pain free.
  13. Diane Pearl's has it in different size bottles.
  14. Take this fly chaser with you when you dine out. You will be surprised how well it works.
  15. I call Sal as do many of my friends. His number is 331 071 7007. His English is good and he will tell you the approximate time of his arrival. I see now that Sal and Chava must be the same person. It's the same phone number. I have moved to San Juan Cosala. I would appreciate information regarding water delivery there.
  16. Hi Camilla.  My friend is looking to make a list of available housesitters to call when he wants to travel which is quite often.  He has a large house just before San Juan Cosala.  He pays for the care of two large and loving dogs.  If you're interested please respond or if you know someone who might be available throughout the year at different times.  Thanks

  17. Hola Spencer, I need a first time Mexican Driver's license.  You helped me with the registration of my scooter.  Are you taking anyone into Guadalajara  for their license at this time?

  18. Thank you for the name and number. I have to see how much there is when all is said and done.
  19. I am having the outer layer of concrete that is old and crumbling removed from the walls in a large aviary. Then replaced. There will be quite a lot of painted plaster chipped from the walls that needs to be hauled away. La Floresta won't pick it up so my question would be as to who I might call for this service. If anyone needs landfill or knows of someone that I might hire, please let me know.
  20. From my experience in the States, wherever it's introduced and played, it catches on quickly. It's probably the #1 reason my ex couldn't live in Mexico. He missed pickleball more than he was going to miss me. Many tennis and racquetball players are quick converts to the game. The tournaments are even fun for spectators. I vote yes.
  21. I had my first of weekly appts. with Lilly at the Hotel Perico yesterday. She's marvelous. It's very therapeutic and not a "feel good" massage and she's very skilled. I was used to a two hour massage in the past, but she did a total body with extra emphasis on a knotted shoulder in one hour for 350 pesos. She doesn't speak english, but I wasn't there for a conversation. Never did talk much naked from what I remember.
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