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  1. Chapala government reports Covid-19 outbreak among personnel
    The Chapala government is restricting activity of two of its agencies following the announcement of an outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus among the personnel.
    On Tuesday, November 10, Chapala City Hall reported that 14 probable cases have been detected between employees of the Urban Planning Department and the municipal health clinic. According to press chief Felipe Aguilar, none of those affected have required hospitalization, with all currently isolated at home to recover. 
    As a prevention measure, non-infected staff assigned to duty at the clinic will only attend to medical emergencies until further notice, while the urban planning office is set to remain closed until Tuesday, November 24. Meanwhile, all City Hall offices were immediately vacated to be treated with disinfectant spray.   
    Aguilar noted that 23 government employees have fallen ill with Covid and one has died from the disease since the municipality’s first confirmed case was registered on June 6. Anecdotal accounts from residents of Ajijic indicate a notable outbreak, with several deaths, is now occurring in one north side neighborhood.  
    Status reports from Jalisco’s Department of Health show a spike of Covid cases in Chapala this month, rising from an accumulated tally of 193 on November 1 to 220 as of November 10.
  2. Three of us just visited on last Friday. They have just completed remodeling. The spacious and lovely garden area has a grilling patio for weekly BBQs. A hot tub is planned. It is definitely considered an Assisted Living home to almost nursing care.

    They have single, shared and couple rooms. All felt comfortable and home like with a friendly and caring staff. Small pets are welcomed.

    When my situation requires a great deal of assistance to enjoy each remaining day, I could be happy there. I hope they want all my plants.



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  3. Thanks for letting me know.  I've been to 5 local nurseries with no luck. I'll try the Cactus viveros.

    Found them in online nurseries, but ship US and Canada only. No international shipping and I  wouldn't trust USPS to deliver before they died anyways.  I'm not sure live plants can cross the border.  Maybe I can find some baby bromeliads to put in the baskets I collected or onto the wall mounts I expected to use.

    Anyone know where the orchid nursery Is? I know they can be mounted.  I am disappointed.

    I'll have another glass of wine or go straight to the vodka. Drown my sorrows so they say. 


  4. An ultrasound showed an irritation in my dog's bowel. Dr. Berenice said she was most likely sensitive to something in the food. Rather than put Precious through the misery and my expense of experimenting with the different brands and Ingredients, I researched and began making her food. You Tube has many videos. I chose each ingredient for it's nutritional value and health benefit. It's a relief knowing there are no byproducts, dyes, preservatives or anything that isn't fresh and wholesome. The effect was obvious and exciting from almost her first meal. Even her energy went up with her new healthful appearance. Dr. Berenice noticed it and asked for the list of ingredients, making notes and approving each one. I kept a friend's dog for a month and he saw the difference in his dog immediately. He continues to cook for her now. I also get probiotics for dogs shipped to me from Amazon. I don't recommend this if you have several dogs or a large breed. It's expensive and with the addition of another larger pup I'm making it once a week and filling the freezer. But I could never go back to feeding commercial dog food again. You are welcome to PM me for more information. 

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  5. I would love to go. I am an easy traveler  (long distance trucker for 5 years). No demands, healthy bladder, early riser, good listener although I have stories to tell for 3 days easy. I would like to shop at Walmart. Drop me off and pick me up at specified time. If you would want to meet before accepting, I understand. A word to your wife, I've had 5 husbands...been there, done that "No Mas, No Gracias". Looking forward to being "On the road again".

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