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  1. I found the broken spring. I'll try to find the replacement and it's an easy fix. Thanks everyone for replying.
  2. Good, more for me. Fried crispy with garlic salt in olive oil and i don't miss bacon. Add two fried eggs 🍳 and grits. Of course the grits are $7 a box of 12 env. Not bad if I'm practicing one meal a day. Hopefully, the small truck farmers will be growing veggies and stands will be on street corners and driving by if there is gas ⛽. I'm not looking forward to being a vegetarian but the dogs and I will survive on rice and beans.
  3. I have found that I like Spam. I like inst Coffee and powdered cream. Mexico buys a lot of energy from NOB and the US will have little to sell. Transformers or parts for them may be out on a ship somewhere. I also wonder what life will be like here when the SHTF.
  4. Something sprung and now the leg rest won't lock down. It goes up and down fine but pops up. It makes getting in and out of the chair very awkward and difficult. I'm going to turn it upside down to see if I can determine the cause of the malfunction and fix it but I MIGHT NEED A MAN! 😟
  5. Inflation is here too. I've been tracking it for a couple of months. Rice, toilet paper, Tuna fish. Mostly goes up a few pesos. Crunchy Skippy Pnut Butter jumped 50 pesos all at once. Favorite Vodka rose 20 pesos right before big Holiday. The Market Place Arrachera pkg holds less meat and went from 147ps on sale to 162 and now is 185. This is at Walmart.
  6. I see her wine is within reach, smart lady. What good is a long life if you have to be sober.
  7. How about "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Keyboard warriors. Get a life. Exactly what I expected.
  8. Best to be forgiven than to ask permission. I snuck my dog on a train once. The ticket agent in the station said they would stop the train and put me off if I was caught. I had just finished hiking over 2000 miles on the Appalachian Trail so I wasn't afraid of a little walk. Didn't get caught. I snuck a cockatiel on a bus from Veracruz to Catemaco, 4 hours. Didn't get caught. Usually the dog is put in the sleeping berth below, not in luggage compartment. If the trip has two drivers that would be a problem. Visit the bus station and ask to see the sleeping berth and how many drivers are on the trip. At least you could walk the dog on breaks.
  9. My email is on my profile page. Send me your phone number.
  10. I have one I'll sell. Chrome, on wheels, 5 shelves and like new. Must pick up in Riberas. 1500 pesos.
  11. For the first month, Abby thought her name was Abbyno.
  12. On the counter at Tony's Chicken store in SAT, I saw chocolate muffins. I don't know if they are Chocolate Lava, but very dark chocolate. Store is East of SuperLake, first door across side street.
  13. Do you have a collection of old newspapers to dispose of? I would like to use them for a project.
  14. What are the hours for Have Hammers woodworking school?
  15. I use Furry Friends in Mirasol. The kennels are a comfortable size in a very clean room. The dogs are walked twice a day. Health and security are my major concerns and I have them groomed the day I pick them up.
  16. I guess I don't have a roach problem. And all this time I thought they were working. No fleas either with two dogs.
  17. I believe there are 3 in a small pkg. hanging on the wall across from the toilet seats.
  18. In the section of bathroom accessories. Where you would find the flat rubber covers for the shower drain.
  19. I have strainers in all my sinks. They look like small white plastic hats. Right side up in bathroom sinks and upside down in kitchen. Can be purchased in Walmart, 2 or 3 to a package.
  20. I buy river rock from the garden shop in Riberas next to the 7/11 that's no longer there. I have 3 bags now waiting to go into the living room atrium as I'm switching to cactus and succulents from tropical plants.
  21. Precious and Abby have both boarded at Furry Friends. I was impressed with the clean and secure room. The dogs are walked and I had them groomed the day they were to come home. I have nothing but praise for their grooming and boarding.
  22. First, all your questions can be answered watching YouTube videos. Chlorine in tap water is a fish killer but most likely dissipates in your aljibe. I'm still careful though and use a water conditioner that eliminates it in seconds. This can be bought in pet shop. How much to use needs to be determined by how many gallons are added to the pond. Fill buckets and add a little to each bucket. That's what I do for my aquariums.
  23. I prefer dish washing liquid on the windshield. Especially after they tried to clear it with their wipers.
  24. I would like to see what she has. I'm flexible with my time. See if she wants me to contact her to make an appointment. I appreciate the trouble you've gone to for me.
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