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  1. I know it's the dry season so it's possible this is water rationing but I would like to be sure it's not just my problem. I have a separate water line with a faucet coming from the street. The water flow is very weak with no pressure. Anyone else experiencing this in Riberas lakeside? I can hear it running into the aljibe.
  2. Check the float (same as in toilet tank) in the aljibe. Crud builds up and it gets stuck in the up position. Move it up and down. Quick fix but good idea to replace with new one if that's the problem.
  3. My bill has always been between 250 and 350. Not even close to DAC. Usage still the same on the bill as previous months. Only this month cost bumped up to 650 for no reason.
  4. With the cost of oil going up, I expected the CFE bill to be more, but was surprised that it was double and usage amount almost the same. Anyone else?
  5. I moved here to get my husband away from sports on TV, the grandkids and Church twice on Sunday. He eventually went back to Texas so I guess I got rid of him too. 🤣
  6. If you still have the push mower, I would be happy to have it. I'm in Riberas, you picked up the boxes from my house. 331 319 1012.
  7. Try Carlos, his English is excellent and is highly recommended. I believe he is also trustworthy. 331 539 0409
  8. I have 6 good packing boxes. I'm in Riberas. Phone 331 319 1012
  9. I can definitely use 10 or more. I would need to make arrangements to transport. Where are you located? Phone 331 319 1012.
  10. I believe Mexico is trying to capture income tax from online workers living and working from here.
  11. Let's not forget where we are. If you hurt someone you will most likely go to jail while they figure it out. If or when you return home there will probably not be anything left to worry about or protect. Who you gonna call....the POLICE?
  12. I thought so too but it's labeled a paintball gun and supposedly not a lethal weapon. We'll see. I know from experience that my dogs will stand and fight. Precious bites and won't let go. First time she was only 7mo old. Just ask Sal the water guy. He didn't know I had a new pup and I didn't know she was a 7lb attack dog. Second time she grabbed the plumber when I was out. He had to yell for help. She wouldn't let go. Hopefully now she will have Abby for backup and her Mom will be beside them both. When I'm in Mama Bear mode, I'm a force with no fear. They will not stand alone.
  13. Hero Doesn't look threatening. This does. Only 19 left on Amazon.com. There were 20. Search paintball guns. Don't bother with the rubber balls or CO2 cartridge. If the threat doesn't make them run...firing balls won't either. Ships to Mexico.
  14. What was 10 years ago or up to now has no bearing on tomorrow. Times are changing. AMLO had hundreds of migrants bussed throughout the States of Mexico. These are hungry desperate people. An increase in crime has been following in their wake. I have seen them begging on the carretera. I have recently secured the doors and windows. The lights in the yard are on all night. My dogs sleep with me upstairs and I have often awoke to see Abby wide awake watching and listening. If we nap during the day she is sound asleep and Precious is on watch duty. Smart dogs. For my protection and theirs, I have a new very sharp machete upstairs and down along with a can of scorpion spray. I'm afraid someone coming in will have his own machete and rather than look like the Pirates of the Caribbean, I hope to blind him with the spray. I understand the mindset to ignore the troubles in the world today and live the carefree life we have enjoyed but hungry desperate people will do things they may not have thought they would ever do and troubles North and South of Mexico will follow us here. Just like Covid.
  15. I will happily wear a mask for the rest of my life. No illness, no flu, not even a cold for the last three years and I ride the bus. No meds of any kind for anything. I'm too fat probably because I don't wear a mask ALL the time.
  16. I've been taking my girls to Furry Friends in Mirasol for grooming and boarding for 7 years. Always happy. Abby can't wait to get in their door. They can hear her crying from across the carretera because we can't get there fast enough. But that's Abby. She's 40 lbs of high energy and all muscle. Both dogs are finished in 3 hrs. Never had a cut or burn on Precious and I have her shaved and clipped very short. I'm sorry you had such an upsetting experience.
  17. With the paperwhite you can read in the sun.
  18. It wasn't his Bancomer. It was BofA. I pay my rent with a check from BofA each month and my landlord received notice that he would pay a fee now for checks over $500. So now I write 2 checks each month. I think this is all coming from the bank trying to minimize the new reporting requirements.
  19. You would have to paint and seal it to hold water. Check out the Televeras stores East and West of SuperLake.
  20. I gave him Ramshorn snails this morning. They can produce more snails all by themselves. No need for both sexes. He has a large pool. I'm looking forward to the visit with you next week. I can home 4 or 5 males. Strictly a bachelor pad. He asked me why the white Mollie was following the black one so closely. I said they were gay. I'm not surprised, the black one is a beauty.
  21. I have snails 🐌. I'm in Riberas. I have 2 aquariums, one has large Upside-down catfish. Unusual and fun to see. I would love to see Fred's pond and fish but I don't have a car. If you would like company I would be happy to go along. I wear a mask. Fred and I are friends. He may still have a siphon hose for me. 331 319 1012.
  22. I found the broken spring. I'll try to find the replacement and it's an easy fix. Thanks everyone for replying.
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